The front line | glory to open new millet products, TV mobile phones are not missed


The public opinion battle between glory and Xiaomi has been endless, mostly in the field of mobile phones.Since the release of the wisdom screen into the television industry, the television has become a battleground between the two sides.On November 5th, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi TV 5 series, including the Xiaomi TV 5 and 5 Pro models. The whole series supports 8K decoding. Xiao Xiaoshuang, general manager of Xiaomi TV Department, said that this may be the best quality Xiaomi TV.Just two days later, Xiong Junmin, vice president (product) of the glory business department, opened on Weibo, saying that the video decoding capability of glory is more powerful. The reason why the 8K decoding is not used for publicity is because the current film source is limited.On the technical level, Xiong Junmin said that the “the gap is very obvious”, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro only supports USB2.0 interface, “How to broadcast high-rate video?” In contrast, Glory Smart Screen supports USB3.0.interface.In addition, he also pointed out: “The dozens of TVs of Friends of the company, only one support this technology, the new 2999 yuan product (Millet TV 5) also has no MEMC (Dynamic Picture Compensation Technology), ‘all high-end’ trueIt is not a shouting slogan.” It is worth mentioning that, previously, Xiong Junmin once said on Weibo that MEMC is a watershed for high-end and low-end products. Currently, products that do not support MEMC technology on the market are basically low-end machines.Glory demolished the platform of Xiaomi TV, but the situation of glory and wisdom screen is not very good.Although it has adopted a number of eye-catching new technologies, the price has dropped by 800 yuan and fell below 3,000 yuan in two months.Previously, there have been disputes between the two categories of television.At the beginning of the glory wisdom screen, in addition to the Hongmeng system, the most attractive thing is nothing more than no switch advertising.This feature was quickly welcomed by many users, and some manufacturers expressed their willingness to follow up.However, Xiaomi, which currently has the largest domestic TV shipments, has made it clear that it will not follow suit.Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of Redmi brand, said in an interview that this is the marketing package of glory.”Glory has stolen the concept, and the wake-up of the interest screen is turned into a boot. The glory of the smart screen boot is 24 seconds. Are we looking at a logo, or is it good to watch an advertisement?” Li Xiaoshuang, the head of Xiaomi TV, said more directly: “Glory is inThe TV industry is a new player. Glory said that I don’t have an advertisement. In fact, because the advertisement requires the user, and the glory is now no user. If I am a new brand, I will say that there is no boot advertisement.” After finishing the Xiaomi TV, Xiong Junmin also did not let Xiaomi mobile phone.In addition to TV, the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro also released the industry’s first 100 million pixel mobile phone Xiaomi CC9 Pro.On the authoritative camera evaluation site DxOMark, the CC9 Pro exclusive version of the rear camera level and Mate30 Pro tied for first, both 121 points.Xiong Junmin forwarded a microblog, which said that the 100 million pixels of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro are overstated. The gimmick is larger than the actual one. Because of the four-in-one pixel Bayer array, the daily use is actually 27 million pixels.In the forwarded message, Xiong Junmin wrote: “The mobile phone circle circulated a word this year. ‘Pixels are not as high as possible. The more the lens is, the better.’ I agree that the number is not equal to the experience. The experience is really good.The direction is wrong. The faster you run, the more disaster it will be.” A new pot of cold water was poured into Xiaomi’s new machine.In many respects, both glory and Xiaomi are direct competitors. The historical battles between the two sides have never stopped. This may be part of their marketing strategy. In essence, they are trying to step on each other to raise themselves.But from this we can also see the cruelty of competition between mobile phone giants.The two sides have different choices at the product level. On the one hand, there are restrictions on the technology and strength of the manufacturers. Xiaomi uses a 100 million-pixel camera as an example.Xiaomi’s algorithm is not as powerful as Huawei. In order to catch up with Huawei on the camera, Xiaomi uses a higher-pixel lens to achieve the same score as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro on the rear camera.Although glory ridicule Xiaomi “pixels are not as high as possible, the lens is not as good as possible”, but in fact, Huawei is also using the same way to catch up with Samsung and Apple.Although the world’s top camera phone, Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max has only three rear cameras, the main camera is only 12 million pixels, compared to Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro rear four camera, the main camera is 40 million pixels.The reason for this difference is that Huawei’s algorithm is not as good as Apple’s and needs to be complemented by hardware.On the other hand, there are also different routes, and there is no such thing as a high score.Xiaomi pursues the ultimate efficiency in production, supply and marketing, thus achieving a high cost performance and opening the market.Since the pursuit of cost-effective, it is difficult to give up such an important piece of revenue from the start-up advertising.The glory wisdom screen is positioned in the middle and high end, and I want to break into the TV market.In fact, Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers who have the right to speak on high-end TVs have no high-end products.At the same time, as a newcomer to the TV industry, glory needs to give some highlights that make the user experience significantly better, and at the same time easy to promote.The picture is from glory.