Silicon Valley has long known the special edition of the third season, S3E33: escaping, meditation, seeing a psychiatrist, how to deal with workplace pressure

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The anchor of the martial arts, Ma Rui, Garry, and the audience, post-production, Judi Capri Xin (the following text is just a little supplement to the audio program. “Silicon Valley has long known” as a “sound and lively” media program, every FridayWe update on time at 12 noon, so stay tuned.) Not long ago, “Silicon Valley knew” made a program about Facebook employees ending their lives because of work stress, and then we planned an offline event related to workplace stress.Talk”.This episode is based on live recordings of this San Francisco event.At the scene, we invited two guests to discuss from the perspectives of psychology and human resources industry: how to deal with workplace pressures.If you want to participate in the discussion of the program, you can add our small assistant “Sound Voice” WeChat shengfm1, join the “Silicon Valley knows” audience.In addition, “Sound and Lively” is planning a new podcast program – “Anti-trend Club”.In this program, we will get involved in fashion and fashion circles, and show the interesting and profound side behind it. We are collecting 111 supporters from around the world. If you are interested, you can support us on the following three crowdfunding platforms.And can get the corresponding rights.Domestic users “rushing” domestic users “love power generation” foreign user “patreon” Tao, the anchor of this issue, is the founder/producer of this event, Ma Rui, the anchor of “TechBuzz China”, Harvard Psychology Master Gary Xie, founder and CEO of “FlyHigh Group, Inc”, Franklin Education FoundationDirector, The Takeaway, a partner of Hong Kong Jinnuo Investment Co., Ltd.: In terms of decompression, there are some scientific methods that have proven to be more effective. I personally like it: the first is meditation, some people can do meditation for dozens of hours in a row;It is aerobic exercise, such as long-distance running and swimming; the third is writing, such as writing a diary.When you are under pressure, if you can’t dispose of it and you are very strict with yourself, it is to give yourself double pressure.The solution can be to think of yourself as your best friend.For example, ask yourself, if I am not comfortable today, I want to sleep for half an hour in bed, what will your best friend say?She certainly won’t say: Lazy pigs are up, why are you still asleep?She would say: Sleeping for another half an hour is no problem.So, try to think of yourself as your best friend. This is a simple and useful way.The main issues discussed in this issue are: how to spend the daily decompression when the pressure is particularly large, how to work overseas, how to avoid workplace oppression, interviews mentioned in the noun: H1B, the most important work visa category in the United States, it is mainly issued to the United StatesThe company employs – foreign nationals – employees with professional skills, who can hold H1B visas can work in the United States for three years, and then can be extended for another three years. If the identity of the visa holder has not been converted after the expiration of 6 years (green card)You must leave the United States.Related programs Silicon Valley has known that the third quarter, S3E29 suicide, expulsion, want to cover up, Facebook is the next “American factory”?How to recruit people we talk to the sea in overseas companies have stepped out of the pits and trip experience original article, author:? “Lively and dynamic sound.”