At the forefront, Uber and Waymo are on the bar. The price paid this time is not ordinary.


After a year, Uber and Waymo are again confronted by proprietary technology issues.On the evening of November 7, according to foreign media reports, Uber said recently that the company may have to reach a license agreement with Waymo, otherwise it will choose to make costly modifications to its autopilot software.Earlier experts found that Uber is still using Waymo’s technology.The dispute began with a patent battle between Uber and Waymo two years ago.Waymo was originally an autopilot project that was incubated from GoogleX Labs. After more than a decade of development, Waymo has become a 100 billion-dollar company that has become the undisputed benchmark in this field.Uber is a technology company in Silicon Valley in the United States. It is also known as Waymo’s competitor in the field of autonomous driving because of its reputation for the same name.In February 2017, Waymo sued Uber, accusing senior engineer Anthony Levandowski and Uber of colluding to steal more than 14,000 secret documents, including enabling autopilots to “see” the surrounding environment.The lidar design claims compensation for nearly $1.9 billion in losses.However, Uber strongly refuted the complaint.Source: IC photo In February 2018, the two sides suddenly announced that they had reached an out-of-court settlement: Uber agreed to provide Waymo with a 0.34% stake as a compensation of approximately $245 million.However, according to the agreement, Uber will not be able to use the trade secret technology related to Waymo in the future.However, according to Sina Technology cited Reuters report, experts found that Uber is still using Waymo technology.Currently, Uber is still catching up with Waymo in developing autopilot software and hardware.Waymo said in a statement that the findings of the independent software experts “further confirmed Waymo’s allegations that Uber has stolen our software intellectual property. We will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure that our confidential information is not used by Uber.” NovemberOn the 5th, Uber stated in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that a problem encountered during the software development process “may limit or delay the production of our self-driving car technology.” According to reports, last year, UberCEO Dara Cosro Sassi has said that the company does not use Waymo’s proprietary information in hardware or software.But in April of this year, the first few weeks of the IPO (IPO), Uber disclosed that the results of the software experts were mixed.Undoubtedly, this time, whether it is to modify its autopilot software or be forced to sign a licensing agreement, Uber will pay a high price.