After the first week of 5G commercial landing, we found these problems.


Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “CV intellectual” (ID: CVAI2019), Author: Zhang Xue, editor: Zhang Lijuan, 36 krypton release authorized.“Not many people have 5G packages.” Beijing customer service staff of the three major operators expressed their understanding of CV intelligence.Faster than you think, the first week of 5G commercial use, the contradiction between users and manufacturers has already emerged.On the one hand, operators and mobile phone manufacturers have entered an exciting period: on October 31, the three major operators “joined together” to jointly announce the official launch of 5G commercial, 5G package is introduced, and individual users can use 5G as soon as November 1Internet service.At the same time, Huawei, Samsung, vivo and other brands of 5G mobile phones also entered the opening period.This kind of action by major manufacturers seems to be sending a signal to the outside world – we are ready, everyone will use 5G.On the other hand, unlike the expectations of operators and mobile phone manufacturers, most of the tens of millions of 5G package booking users have chosen “in place” and the conversion rate is very small.Obviously, consumers have not been able to catch the surprise of 5G high-speed development.Volkswagen’s indifference to 5G and the enthusiasm of manufacturers for 5G formed a dazzling contrast.What is the true state of the market between this hot and cold?To this end, CV Intelligence visited a number of business halls and interviewed a number of 5G users or potential users.The package price-performance “dismissal” consumers are well known. November 1st, 2019 is a memorable day. On this day, the country officially entered the 5G era.However, the status quo is that only a small number of people have entered the threshold of this era, the so-called 5G commercial is now a short-lived revelry of thousands of people.At present, the three major operators have opened 5G services in 50 cities, but the cities are slightly different.From the official information point of view, the three major operators announced the minimum monthly rent of 5G packages from 128 yuan, up to 599 yuan.Of course, the difference between the three 5G package tariff standards is not big: China Unicom and China Telecom’s 5G personal package start price is 129 yuan, the highest is 599 yuan; China Mobile’s starting price is 128 yuan, the highest is 598 yuan.Among them, the minimum price of the 5G personal package is 128 yuan, and the package includes 30GB of traffic and 200 minutes of calls.Wang Zhiqin, vice president of China’s Xintong Institute, said that the China 5G package tariff standard is actually lower than the international mainstream level.Relevant industry insiders also mentioned that compared with the 5G package tariff of overseas operators, the unit price of Korean entry-level 5G package is 34 yuan/GB, while China is 4 yuan/GB; the US Verizon users need to spend at least 90 dollars per month.(about 635 yuan), in order to use 5G.The operator said that this is mainly due to the concept of “Internet speed is also sold as a product, low-cost low-speed, high-priced high-speed”, which is very similar to the current fixed-line broadband sales model.In other words, the more money you spend, the more expensive the package you choose, the better the quality of the network service, the faster the internet speed!But an indisputable fact is that among the factors that really impress consumers for 5G packages, the price/performance ratio is a key factor that cannot be ignored. Compared with the existing mainstream 4G packages, the 5G package is indeed high in price and low in traffic.In the post-4G era, consumers have developed an unlimited amount of traffic habits. If you upgrade the 5G package, you have to go back to the early 4G days, worrying that the traffic exceeds the high consumption, and consumers are not happy.of.In the 5G package, the lowest price is 128 yuan. Although the package includes 30GB of traffic and 200 minutes of calls, it does not have any application-free streaming service.Therefore, for a time, similarly, if the 4G traffic is not closed, the argument that “the house will be gone overnight” is swept again.Take China Unicom’s Dawang card package as an example. From the traffic comparison, the monthly rent is 19 yuan. The Tencent system is free of flow. At the same time, 1 yuan per day, 1 G, the whole month is 49 yuan, and the package is 30 yuan.There is also more free streaming of Tencent applications.It should be added that in the existing 5G package, the traffic portion exceeding the package needs to be charged by 3 yuan and 1 G.Compared with 4G, the three major characteristics of 5G are: enhanced mobile broadband, low latency, high reliability communication, and large-scale machine communication.In short, one thing is that traffic is much faster and faster.Of course, compared with the 4G package, the three operators have different membership rights for the package. Take China Mobile as an example. The 5G package enjoys the membership benefits, including the 6 rights package and 5G PLUS membership package: 6 rights packageCovers all aspects of video, music, reading, travel, life services, etc.; 5G PLUS members cover 5G terminal purchase coupons, Guoman (international roaming) big package 50% off for many days, mainstream video APP members 4 choose 1And so on.In the process of CV intellectuals and the three major operators’ customer service personnel, it is found that the specific play style of each family is not the same. For example, Unicom and Mobile will be the first to recommend the entry-level 5G package, while the telecom is different.The main push is the mid-range package of 199 yuan.China Telecom’s customer service staff told CV that “the current 5G package, in addition to some basic elements such as traffic and talk time, is also equipped with different membership rights. China Telecom’s 199 yuan package discounts and benefits are the most cost-effective.”When asked about the specific membership rights, the customer service said, “There are six ecological rights, including iQiyi, Youku video, Tencent video, QQ music, cool dog music, and all the privileged members of the national karaoke.”But the customer service also stressed that “after the 5G package, these membership rights have only one month of trial period, and will expire by the end of December.” On the one hand, on the one hand, operators bear the cost and pressure of building 5G network.In the scope of their own capabilities, the rationalization package was introduced. On the other hand, consumers’ consumption view on traffic is still in the 4G stage, and it is temporarily unable to adapt to the 5G package pricing model.Both sides have their own reasons and considerations, and based on such contradictions, ordinary consumers still choose to wait and see.However, some experts agree with this, saying that “ordinary users now have no sense of adopting 5G.”The number of users has yet to continue to rise. “Now the three have not announced the specific situation, and everyone should not look good on the number of 5G users.” A carrier staff said.In the first week of official commercial use of 5G, CV Intelligence once asked the relevant responsible persons of the three major operators about the number and growth trend of current 5G users, but the three responded in unison that there is no official statistics.CV Intelligence also observed that, unlike the operator’s launch of the 5G package appointment, the enthusiasm of the number of users is constantly “contrast”, and the operator’s publicity focus on November 1st is the first 5G user in XX.This also reflects that the first 5G users may be more likely to grow than the number of users.In addition, there is an objective factor in the current number of 5G users: the upgrade and replacement of the package is required to complete the application in the previous month, and the official change will be completed in the next month.Coincidentally, the time when the three major operators announced the 5G commercial use was on October 31, that is, if they did not make a decision to replace the 5G package on the 31st, but applied in November, then this group of people is the earliest.The 5G network can only be used in December.There are several 5G potential users around CV Intelligence who missed the opportunity because they didn’t apply for the first time.”Awaiting another month is too damaging to the user’s enthusiasm.” A person who applied for a 5G package on the 3rd said so.Therefore, it is really up to the objective data of 5G commercial users to wait until early December to get more objective data.Of course, the 5G package is on the one hand, after all, there is no 5G mobile phone, and the 5G network is not used.In contrast, the current 5G mobile phone types are slightly less, the price is higher, and the consumer’s choice space is limited.According to IDC’s latest data, in the 2019 China Q3 China 5G mobile phone market, the total shipment of 5G mobile phones is about 485,000, of which vivo has gained more than half of the market share – 54.3%, followed by Samsung with 29% market share;Huawei and Xiaomi ranked third and fourth respectively.At the same time, the China Information and Communication Research Institute data also showed that in August 2019, there were 9 5G mobile phones listed, with sales of only 219,000.Overall, 5G mobile phones have not caused too much splash in the entire mobile phone market, and the models available for selection have increased, but the acceptance of users still needs time training.Another set of data from IDC, the relationship between 5G mobile phone price and market share, can also be seen that the market is quite fancy for the price of 5G mobile phones.Vivo’s iQOO Pro 5G version is the first 5G mobile phone in China to be priced below 4,000 yuan. Once it is listed, it has occupied the top three in the sales list. Its market share and mobile phone pricing are still inseparable.The person in charge of the operator terminal company said that “price-friendly people are an important catalyst for the increase of 5G penetration rate. It is expected that the 5G terminal will drop to the level of 2,000 yuan in the second half of next year, which will promote the penetration of 5G.” On the other hand, 5GAs a necessary condition for personal use of the mobile phone, the mobile phone shipments are only 485,000. From this, it can be seen that the number of 5G users in China is still far from the scheduled number of thousands of people.So when a person solves the 5G package and the 5G phone problem, can you easily enjoy the 5G network?Obviously not.In the early days of 5G, continuous network coverage was still a threshold that must be taken.Earlier, Chen Yixiong, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the 5G commercial process has accelerated, and urban areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou have achieved contiguous coverage. It is expected that more than 130,000 5G base stations will be opened nationwide by the end of the year.Recently, Lin Lehu, director of the Beijing Municipal Communications Administration, said that as of the end of October this year, Beijing had built a total of 13,499 5G base stations and opened 11,356 5G base stations, which had already exceeded the target of building 10,000 5G base stations throughout the year.When the operators announced the package, they also made clear that they would provide 5G network commercial services for the first 50 cities in China.At the same time, China Mobile also said that it will open 5G networks in all 340 prefecture-level cities nationwide next year. China Unicom and China Telecom will continue to promote joint construction and sharing, and achieve coverage scale matching with mobile.As previously expected, due to construction funds, urban personnel composition and other factors, 5G commercials are still in order.A user of a 5G mobile phone told CV that “even in Beijing, the first batch of key cities in the layout, there will still be many blind spots in the 5G signal. The more optimistic is that the blind zone is gradually decreasing.” Visible, although threeBig operators have announced that 5G will be officially commercialized, but the current 5G is not mature enough in terms of tariffs, mobile premiums or coverage.“5G will not really mature until the next year.” An internal employee of the operator also agreed.5G mobile phone can only be faster than speed?”I only know that 5G is faster than 4G.” CV Intelligence interviewed a few non-professionals randomly. When asked about 5G, 90% of them answered this question.Indeed, for most consumers, if it is not for the pursuit of extremely fast download speed, in order to watch online video more smoothly, at this stage, there is no need to entangle whether to buy 4G or 5G mobile phones, the current 4G network speed is completelyCan meet daily needs.For example, under the 4G network, it is easy to watch 1080P resolution video online with a mobile phone, and the 4K and 8K video brought by 5G does not make any sense on the small screen of the mobile phone.In other words, if it is only for network speed, the current 4G network is the best choice in terms of speed and network coverage.Recently, Wang Jianzhou, the former chairman of China Mobile, at the Global Intelligent Logistics Summit in 2019, also said that because of the lack of special applications for mobile phones, anyone who uses 5G mobile phones is testing 5G speed.”Everyone is comparing, you see where I measured the speed.” In this regard, many experts also expressed their approval for the lack of “killer” applications in 5G, especially for ordinary users, there is no one now.A milestone application that can greatly enhance its experience.”The market is looking forward to the killer application of individual users, but no one can say what kind of application this application will appear.” A device vendor said to CV Intelligence.Pan Feng, deputy director of the China Institute of Information and Communications and Radio Research Center, believes that “many projects provide a universal solution for all industries by providing an integrated network solution. The number of applications such as VR/AR, drone, and HD video is also outstanding.5G future focus on general-purpose applications.”Ding Wei, the managing director of Huawei and the operator of BG, also said in public: “What is the best 5G?For consumers, the best 5G means that everyone uses it better than 4G. For the government and industry, the best 5G is to promote the development of China’s digital economy and enable high-speed development.Engine; for operators, it is a commercial success that can promote the prosperity of the 5G industry.”The best 5G must also be targeted at commercial success,” Ding said. “2C’s commercial success is the foundation of 5G’s overall business success.” In fact, as early as 5G began to explore the application, CV intellectuals wereWhen many industry people exchanged, everyone reached a consensus on “the initial service innovation of 5G will be based on individual users.” Zhang Zhiwei, chief market officer of Ericsson Northeast Asia, once said, “In the 4G era, the main users of operatorsIt is an individual. In the 5G era, the first user to use 5G network is also an individual user. The reason is that the user’s education cost is low, and it is easy to form a scale. However, in the initial stage, technical preparations can bring new applications.”Now, for individual users, ultra-high-definition video and VR (virtual reality) are seen as two hot areas. Users can watch 5G ultra-high-definition video through terminals such as TV, mobile phone, VR, etc. connected to 5G network.Real 4K live broadcast and VR interactive live broadcast, while cloud VR, 5G fast game has also become a popular experience. It can be seen that operators launched the 5G family package simultaneously while launching the personal 5G package, emphasizing the high-definition integration with broadband services.For video applications, the high speed of 5G will support 4K/8K ultra HD video, VR/AR live broadcast, video ring back tone and other rich mobile experience. There is an interesting view in the industry, that is, China 5G commercial to see Beijing. Undoubtedly, Beijing 5GThe construction has demonstration and first-class significance. The number of base stations accounts for one-eighth of the national total. At the same time, the Beijing area lacks neither high-end users nor user needs. However, at present, the effect is not obvious. However, the 5G popularity is alsoAnxious. The Chinese Academy of Engineering academician He Hezhen has publicly stated that the real mass popularization of 5G will take six or seven years. Many industry insiders and experts are alsoAccording to the interview, 5G has a long way to go from formal commercialization to real popularity. Of course, more people in the industry are still optimistic, as Chen Jinqiao, deputy chief engineer of China’s ICT, said, “Based on the current 5G.In terms of the number of subscribers and conversion rates for commercial packages, it is expected that by the end of this year, the overall scale of 5G users in 50 commercial cities in China will reach 6 million to 8 million by the end of the year, and may even impact 10 million.The cover image is from pexels.