Technology God Reply | Ma Yun: I used to have no interest in making money. Now I am not interested. Sabinin can’t help but laugh.


Henan’s 100 billion richest man, 20,000 monthly salary to recruit famous students to raise pigs; Gan Wei first made a sound after divorcing Jia Yueting: I believe that happiness always has more suffering… Reviewing recent technology news and netizens’ replies not to be missed.117 points, iPhone 11 Pro Max DxOMark camera rating released on November 7th news, well-known camera evaluation agency DxOMark announced the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera score, the rear three camera system’s comprehensive score of 117 points.Among them, the static photo portion obtained 124 points, and the dynamic video portion obtained 102 points.The total score is ranked third in the mobile phone camera list, followed by the Huawei Mate30 Pro and Xiaomi CC9 Pro exclusive version with 121 points, and the Samsung Note10+ 5G side by [email protected]尹三刀: dxo: How does Apple suggest that I will not give me money for so [email protected] my mind into my heart: I always thought that Apple and Google algorithms are very bullish!DXO’s own algorithm is even [email protected] your dreams: I feel that this dxo doesn’t mean anything, I know that many people want to spray me, a little embarrassing.Ma Yun: I was not interested in making money. I am not interested in the Yunfeng Fund Global Investors Conference yesterday. Ma Yun said that I hope to spend more time on matters of interest in the next five years.He said, “I have no interest in making money before, and now I am not interested, because all companies should make money, and making money is a result.” @爱睡睡的兔子66: I was not interested in eating, but now I am less interested.Because I just had enough to [email protected]乱了2046: If I have tens of billions, I hate to make money, very annoying, Jane until the point of [email protected]火锅: Sa Beining couldn’t help but smile… Gan Wei first made a sound after divorcing Jia Yueting: I believe that joy always has more suffering than 36. I was informed that Gan Wei released Weibo today: “Children, believe,There is always more darkness in this world, more joy than joy, and many things that deserve to be as faithful as ever. Your efforts and persistence will be rewarded. When you are at the top of the mountain, you will see it.The scenery is infinitely good.” It was reported that Jia Yueting and his wife Gan Wei applied for divorce on October 11, 2019 in the Jinjiang District People’s Court in Chengdu, [email protected]老赖: There are a few who want to take over, the formation is [email protected]浅蓝blue98: Are they not strategic [email protected]散钱 is also called change: his wife and children are comfortable, Jia always stunned.Henan, the richest man in the 100 billion, opened a 20,000-month salary to recruit famous students to raise pigs?On the 2019 Forbes China Rich List, the Qin Yinglin family, the head of the company, ranked ninth with a wealth of 117.38 billion.The stock price of Makino shares also rose from 28.7 yuan at the beginning of the year to 95.68 yuan, an increase of 233.4%, and the wealth of the Qin Yinglin family also rose.It is worth noting that Muyuan shares have issued a large monthly salary for well-known colleges and universities.The salary of the stock of Makino is several grades: 20,000 yuan/month for undergraduate students, 22,000 yuan/month for masters, and 24,000 yuan/month for [email protected]勇者丶 Lucky: The happiness of rich people is often so simple and [email protected]天蓝1112: So I know the importance of [email protected]: First of all, if you are a prestigious school, then you can raise a pig.What are the hot events in the tech circle today? Do you want to vomit?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below, the excellent God reply will appear in the next article~