Front line | Drip adjustment, operation time, male and female users

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In the two days when the ride was back on the line, Didi was in the dilemma of doing nothing wrong.But in the face of surging public opinion, change is always better than unchanged.After all, in the more than a year of the downline, the important conclusions are that the windmill can not be abandoned, regardless of the perspective of competition, corporate profitability, or user demand, the conclusion is the same.On the evening of November 6, it was less than 24 hours since the official announcement of the drop-off, and Liu Qing, the president of Didi, had to come forward to apologize for the difference between men and women in the running hours of the shuttle.According to the new drip service rules, male users can call the car at 5:00-23:00, while female users can only enjoy the service between 5:00-20:00.The article immediately drew the drops into the fierce controversy of “feminine curfews” and gender discrimination.After the accused day, Didi came up with a new solution: equal treatment for both male and female users, and the service time was shortened to 5:00-20:00.In the open letter, Didi explained the reason why the program tends to be conservative: According to the past safety complaint data, the number of complaints related to sex is between 20:00-23:00 and 23:00-5:00.5:00-20:00 is 45% higher and 465% higher, respectively.In the taxi and internet car industry, nighttime is also the peak time of criminal cases.When it comes to security issues, it is clear that it is difficult to have a so-called perfect solution in a short time.The dilemma of Didi will continue for a while.The following is the original letter of the Didi: The yesterday we announced the plan for the trial operation of the windmill, one of which is about the user night service rules (5-20 points for female users and 5-23 points for male users), which triggered discussion and criticism.Before the announcement of the plan, we did not comment on the rules for the public, and did not fully listen to the opinions of all parties.At the same time, we apologize for the lack of communication and improper communication.After listening to the opinions and suggestions of all parties, we decided to adjust this rule. During the small-scale trial operation, we will ensure the safety of trial service products to the greatest extent, and the time for all shuttle users to be adjusted to 5:00-20:00.During the trial operation (no information service fee), the product service rules may be iteratively optimized, and there will be various inconveniences in use. Please understand and give us suggestions.Once again, I sincerely apologize for the improper communication yesterday. Please believe us, and our security efforts in the past year. The original intention of Didi is also to hope that all users and drivers can travel beautifully and go home safely.However, in the face of complex safety problems in the smooth travel, we do have a lot of unsatisfactory and unprepared places. We will continue to improve in the days to come, listen to opinions, and go all out to make a trip.In addition, we also want to share with you our thoughts on the safety of the ride: In this trial operation plan, the windmill permanently offline all the sensitive information related to user privacy, such as personalized avatar, gender, and long article evaluation.Before the ride, the owner needs to pass the face recognition, and both parties need to carry out information verification before getting on the bus.In long-distance travel scenarios, the number of face recognitions of the owner of the vehicle is increased, the user is reminded to set an emergency contact, and the journey is automatically recorded.The shuttle user access link has now realized the full real name. The rider and the express train driver must perform the three-certification, background screening and face recognition, and the untrustworthy executor will not be able to register as a rider.According to the statistics of past safety complaints, we found that the number of complaints related to sex was 4:00-23:00 and 465-20:00 respectively between 20:00-23:00 and 23:00-5:00.%.According to data released by the China Judicial Big Data Research Institute in 2018, nighttime is also the peak period of criminal cases in the taxi and online car industry.In 2017, there were 52 criminal cases involving taxi drivers at night, accounting for 30% of the total crimes committed by taxi drivers, and 9 crimes involving net driver drivers at night.50%.We know that too many rules will hurt the car and passenger experience, but the platform still needs to fully guard against the uncertainties of human nature, and do everything possible to keep the security risks out.Since the shuttle is a private car ride, the owner and the passenger are mutually assisted and shared. The car belongs to the private space of the owner. It is impossible to force the installation of camera equipment like the express train and the offline safety training for the owner to improve the night trial operation time is adjusted to 5:00-20:00, which is definitely not the perfect solution, but it is indeed the choice we weigh under various conditions. We have also considered the unified adjustment to 23:00, but based on the aboveAs for the safety data, we still decided to choose a relatively conservative program, please understand.In addition, providing equal services to users is a principle that we should abide by. We should provide services in a unified manner during the same period of time or temporarily not provide services. We are not well thought out, and we make mistakes in decision-making.Thanks to all the friends who criticize, care for and help the drop-off, we will seriously study the opinions of everyone and do our utmost to provide safe, economical, smooth and comfortable travel services.*Data source: “Thematic Report on Judicial Big Data on Crimes in the Process of Network Cars and Traditional Taxi Services”, China Judicial Big Data Research Institute under the Supreme People’s Court, September 2018..