Focus Analysis | Double 11 “Three Kingdoms Kill”: Jingdong Ali is busy sinking, fighting a lot of busy

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This year’s double 11 is more lively than in previous years.Fighting more and Vipshop will join the news of prosecuting Tmall’s “two-choice one” camp, and this year’s double 11 is completely pushed to the climax.At this node of national consumer concern, three Tencent e-commerce companies are rare together.The problem of “two choices of one” is becoming more and more serious this year, and it is not unrelated to the increasingly tense competition of e-commerce.However, to a certain extent, this is still a battle for the stock market, competing for the brand to compete for users of the existing platform.The incremental space still comes from the sinking market, which is one of the important themes of this year’s Double 11.At the Jingdong Double 11 kick-off meeting, the theme of “sinking” almost passed through the audience.During the double 11 promotion period, Jingxi, the new on-line WeChat entrance, performed well, and the sales volume of the first day was less than one hour, which exceeded 1 million.In order to prepare for the double 11, the entire large-scale cost-effective business unit directly entered the state of preparation after the end of the cost-saving section.This year’s double 11, Ali offered a combination of “Tmall and Poly cost-effective” boxing, the “personalized custom” for the sinking market will continue to be used in the double 11 after the success of the 99 cost-effective experiment.In contrast, the rapid growth, the market value has been more than Jingdong’s fight is much lower this year.Until the evening of October 30, it was only after the fight that the double 11 game was played this year – the “10 billion subsidy plan”, and the local tyrants continued to change.The subsidy selection criteria are the best-selling models, including 3C apples, Huawei, millet, etc., as well as a large number of agricultural products.However, unlike and Ali, when everyone points their finger at the sinking market, the best way to deal with it is to use low-cost subsidies to do the upside.After stabilizing the highland of the sinking market, I hope that I will hope to get rid of my cheap labels and enhance the brand value through the nodes like Double 11.Jingdong: sinking, sinking, sinking just over half of October, Jingdong took the lead in holding the first start of the double 11 this year, the only theme of the meeting is: sinking.With the previous year, the CEO of the mall and the presidents of the three business groups have introduced their respective preparations. The biggest coffee of the Jingdong Double 11 kick-off meeting this year is the vice president of Jingdong and the general manager of the purchasing division, Han Rui.At the meeting, Han Rui revealed that Jingdong will officially launch the focus on the new social e-commerce platform of the sinking market, Jingxi.“Sinking the market is a very important direction for to develop in the future. We hope to deepen this market.” On November 1, Jingxi officially opened the WeChat level entrance, replacing the entrance of Jingdong Mall, the next one billion WeChatUsers open “WeChat shopping” will directly enter the Jingxi platform, this is the new format that Jingdong and Tencent began planning after 618 this year.A Jingdong insider once said to 36, “For the sinking market, the strategy conveyed by Jingdong’s internal meeting is that – “Jingxi” and “Jingdong” sink together.”On the first day of the Double 11 promotion, Jingxi broke through 1 million orders in less than an hour; among them, new users from the emerging markets of 3-6 lines accounted for 74% of the new users of Jingxi.In addition to Jingxi, Jingdong’s other community e-commerce project for the sinking market, Fenxiang, also appeared during the Double 11 period.This low-key project was established as early as June last year and officially launched in November this year.The mode of fragrance can be summarized as “B2K2C”, B represents the merchants on the Jingdong platform and platform, K is KOC (pushing hand), and C is consumer.K can invite C to enter the group to become its member, the member buys the group to push the goods, K can enjoy the commission.At the same time, C can also be transformed into K by inviting others to become fissile.Compared with MLM, Finnish members do not need to pay any membership fees, nor do they need to stock up, the cost is extremely low.Brands offer preferential products and sub-servicing subsidies. The Jingdong platform is responsible for selecting products and pushing the products to the WeChat group. After the consumers complete the purchase action in the small program through the link, they can get the sub-commission, the Jingdong platform, and the merchants.To profit.The reason why this is another weapon of the Jingdong sinking market is that all the products of the Finnish applet are from the Jingdong platform (mostly third-party products, a small number of self-operated products), enjoy the same as the main station.Logistics, distribution, after-sales service.And all trading orders, logistics information can also be found on the Jingdong App, the formation of GMV is also attributed to Jingdong.In addition to the “Fenxiang” for the pan-population (no clear shopping needs), the “Jing Xiao Ge” for express delivery brothers, the “Jing Xiaofu” apple program for Jingdong customer service, and the “Cloud Shop” apple program for the offline people of the brand.Also on the line.According to Liu Jiarui, the person in charge of the fragrance project, the total number of fragrance groups has reached 90,000, and the GMV has exceeded 600 million yuan.This year’s Jingdong Shuang 11’s “10 billion subsidies, 100 billion discounts”, Fenxiang small program will also fully participate, with the brand side to sink together, and on November 4 have their own independent brand special.Poly cost-effective: the custom model is carried out in the end, although the double 11 over the years is the home of Tmall, but the upgraded poly cost will play a very important role this year.Liu Bo, general manager of Alibaba’s marketing platform, said at the launch ceremony of the Double Eleven that the media will participate fully in this year and cooperate with Tmall.In the past 99 cost-effective festivals, the GMO budget of 58.5 billion was handed over, which is equivalent to more than 1/4 of the double 11 last year; the order volume from the sinking market (third-tier cities and below) reached 60%.“Continue to sink with the brand; play the marketing cost efficiency and create a list of explosions”, this is the position of this year’s double 11, the general manager of the business of branded business operators.In the cost-effective section, the main product that helps brands reach the sinking market is custom.Brands including the Cotton Age, Perfect Diary, Supor, etc. all have a large number of users from third- and fourth-tier cities during the cost-saving period by launching personalized custom products.This year’s double 11, poly cost-effective intends to use this strategy and continue to upgrade.”Joining 1000 brands and jointly customizing 1000 explosion models” is the main goal of this year’s double 11-element.Compared with the 200 custom-made items in the cost-effective section, the double 11 period will increase by 5 times.For example, the domestic milk powder brand Feihe has created a very fresh milk powder from fresh milk to delivery on the 7th.Latex mattress brand Golden Oak also specializes in the production of a dedicated production line in Thailand, and developed a 500-yuan Tmall double 11 mattress.Because the custom model has higher requirements for rapid integration of the supply chain, Yunhao revealed that among the 1000 brands, the head brand will still be the main brand, 80% of which are new brands, and fast-moving and apparel brands.Will account for 70%.At present, in the core business block of Taobao App (ie “Six-squares”), the “Easy Treatment” enjoys “super treatment”, and nearly half of the pages are occupied by it, including poly-costing, panning, and daily sales.In this year’s Double 11, Yunxiao said that the cost-effective marketing portal will be further upgraded, and the user insights for the sinking market will be more in place.“A lot of customized products can only be seen by users in cities below 3 lines. This is called directional display crowd. The purpose is to make this product get more explosions and accurate explosions.” In the cost-effective section,Jialuo’s cost-effective trading scale, number of users, and number of linked brands are the three major indicators. This year’s double 11, Yunxiao put “the promotion of single product sales efficiency” in the most important position, “weI hope that the overall traffic will be tilted, the selection of goods will be more stringent, and the price will be more in line with the sinking market. The sales of the whole item can be greatly improved.” More and more: relying on low-cost subsidies, Ali and Jingdong are busy sinking and stable.Sitting in the sinking market is a lot of work but busy.At the time of the various marketing campaigns for the Big 11, the low-key fights were too much.Even a lot of employees revealed that this year’s Shanghai headquarters, there is no “decisive battle double eleven” banner, no press conference, no one shouted slogans, but the conference room is more difficult to grab than usual.It was not until the evening of October 30 that the company had announced its own double 11 marketing plan – still a familiar “billion-dollar subsidy”.I am familiar with it because during the 618 this year, I have already started this plan.However, unlike 618, there is not a lot of subsidies for the whole category during the double 11 period. The subsidy selection standard is only the best-selling model, and only 10,000 products for the head are implemented.For example, 3C category apples, Huawei, millet, etc., as well as high-frequency consumption of fresh.For the niche category, the fight is much more selective this time.The subsidy method is simple and rude, directly paying for money, and not playing tricks.Putting real money on the best-selling category, the marketing level is not high, but it works.Through each new iPhone subsidy of 500 yuan of play, in the past month, a lot of high-consumption people have been harvested, which is the value that you want to achieve.When everyone points their finger at the sinking market, the best way to deal with it is to use subsidies to make progress.The effect of subsidies is directly reflected in the increase in user purchasing power.During the 618 period this year, through the subsidy of 10 billion yuan, the average daily physical order of the multi-platform users exceeded 60 million.According to Huang Wei, in January of this year, the proportion of GMV users in the first- and second-tier cities of the platform was 37%. In September this year, the proportion increased to 48%, and the percentage increased by 11% in the first half.In the past two weeks, the market value of the fight has not only surpassed Jingdong, but also become the second largest e-commerce platform in China. Even the actual GMV paid is higher than Jingdong. It can be said that the big brother has been crushed in all directions.The latest news is that after being suppressed by Tmall for a long time, the fight for a lot of joint Vipshop will also join the prosecution of Tmall “two choices one”.Undoubtedly, I hope that through the “bus on the book” way, I will push my “upstream” plan to further..