The front line is the “female curfew” = sex discrimination?


On November 6th, Drips and Windmills went online in seven cities such as Beijing and Harbin, and did not attract as much attention as they imagined.What I didn’t expect was that, on the contrary, one of the rules about the availability of services for female passengers only at 5:00-20:00 triggered public debate.To this end, the president of Didi Liu Qing also specifically defended.The public’s point of view is divided into two factions.Some users will equate the “female curfew” and gender discrimination.A feminist KOL wrote on Weibo: “The logic of Didi is that if women are unsafe at night, it is forbidden for women to use. According to this logic, if women are not safe at night, women are prohibited from travelling.If women are insecure in entertainment, it is forbidden for women to entertain.” There are also users who stand up to defend Drip and think that it is difficult for a company to take risks at the bottom of the society. “It is not unreasonable, it is behind it.There are too many difficulties and limitations.”In this regard, Liu Qing, president of Didi Travel, said that as a senior female white-collar worker, I feel that the current product of the shuttle is not very useful for female students.Didi has also responded 36 times before, “the future official launch of the program will continue to improve according to the feedback of all parties in the community.” The focus behind this debate is actually, Didi as a matching service enterprise, security responsibility boundaryHow to delineate the problem.The public’s questioning points mainly come from the fact that in the last two security incidents, there were loopholes in the connection with the police and the emergency handling of customer service personnel.In addition, the drop of the windmill was not originally a public interest attribute, and the commercial attribute made the drop in the public opinion.This year, Didi has done a lot of reflection.According to 36氪, in terms of product positioning, the improved Drip Windmill does not set a KPI for growth or profit, which is a true return to the “shared economy” and does not charge information service fees during the trial operation.In the specific details, Zhang Rui, the person in charge of the ride, revealed that the product has been iterated over a dozen years in the product line, and optimized 226 functions. The rectification is around the real smooth journey and real identity verification.And the whole process of peace of mind to protect three points for polishing.If the future of the drip is really returning to the public good, the platform is responsible for the users and the passengers, although it is necessary to fulfill its due security obligations, but this obligation is not unlimited.It is not difficult to imagine the reason from the point of view of the Didi: two security incidents have already destroyed the most promising downwind of the drip, and can not withstand any security risks, so it is better to “overcorrect.”In order to be on the go, Drip made trade-offs at the product level, including the convenience of product use, and even privacy. Previously, the recording function for the safe launch of the line also triggered a small discussion about the privacy of the two parties.Just as Liu Qing said in Weibo afterwards, now the drip of the drip “is still in the trial of thin ice on the safety issue.”Drip’s approach to the “feminine curfew” obviously has room for improvement. More importantly, women’s safety is not only the responsibility of a company, but also the responsibility of the whole society.