Single charge, 5G change, future mode… Baidu network disk owner answers everything

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Editor’s note: This article comes from NetEase Technology, author Dingxi, 36氪 authorized to publish.In the mobile Internet category, Baidu’s network disk can be said to be one of the most direct products for users.It was born in the era of network warfare, and later stood out through the mature payment model. It can be said that it is the only choice for users to cross-platform network disk service, but this product has never been discussed.On October 23, announced that non-net disk member users can choose to pay for a single-day download acceleration service.The specific charging standard is: 00:00-20:00 accelerates five minutes to charge 1.9 yuan, 20:00-24:00 accelerates five minutes to charge 2.9 yuan, accelerates 24 hours to charge 5.9 yuan.The official said that the above pricing is “limited time offer”, and the service charge standard may be adjusted in the future.Once the news was released, it caused a hot discussion among netizens. The opinions were mixed. The supporters thought that spending money to buy services would be justified, so that the products could go on; people with disagreements thought that not only the speed limit, but also the law fees.All these kinds, Baidu network disk general manager Tang Lihua dialogue media, I hope to explain the original intention and concept of the network disk to the outside world, and said that there are misunderstandings in the outside world, but also talk about the future development trend of the network disk and 5G new technology for the network diskMore possibilities are coming.Why does Baidu’s network disk launch “single charge”?“The main reason is the feedback from frontline users,” Tang Lihua said.She believes that in the process of polishing products, we are more thinking about how to better serve users. Like the launch of single-day single-service, we have gradually received feedback from more and more users in the past two years, includingSome experts have suggested that the business model of the network disk has always been concerned by everyone.What kind of considerations are there based on the settings of “free time”, “busy time” and “5 minutes”?Bai Tian network product architect Wu Tianqi said that the business model of the network disk is generally divided into space payment and membership payment. Baidu network disk is a member payment, it is worth noting that it includes more than 20 privileges.”For high-frequency users, it is definitely more cost-effective to buy a member. For low-frequency users, you may have to spend 30 yuan to buy a member before downloading it. Now you only need five dollars, or even one piece can meet the demand.This is the choice of more yuan.” Wu Tianyi also explained that the reason for the “5 minutes” design is because most users’ files can be completed within this time, while free time and busy time are related to bandwidth cost logic.Bandwidth costs are higher.After the launch of the new payment model, the user’s reaction to “vote with the foot”, Tang Lihua said that you may think that the 5-minute charge is too expensive, but in fact, based on the actual purchase data, the 5-minute single-member is the most purchased.“This shows that our product design is really based on user needs.” Of course, the charging model also has the cost of the network disk. According to reports, in the process of operation, including transmission, scheduling, storage and other aspects are technical challenges.And cost pressure, “As long as the data is increasing, the cost is increasing, and the network disk transmission is like high speed, you need to pay the high-speed fee, and you need to switch the optimal scheduling when you encounter congestion.” The mobile network development trend of the network disk serviceAfter several years of development, the disk service has become increasingly mature and has become an indispensable tool.According to Tang Lihua, the development of the network disk is undergoing three major trends. First of all, it is mobile. Apart from some office scenarios, users are more active on the mobile side. Moreover, the mobileization here is not only specific to mobile phones, but also some.The extended terminal equipment, the capacity of the network disk may be on the speaker, smart TV, you can upload his data to the cloud anytime, anywhere, or get data on his terminal device.Secondly, the Baidu network disk team found that since the user put the data on the network disk, he did not want to download it, but directly operated and processed it.Based on these needs, we are considering whether the video player should be provided; the speed should be slower or faster; like an audio player, it is better to have a broadcast; therefore, this requires us to have the service capability of subsequent data consumption.Keep up.Third, they are thinking about the industry positioning of the network disk, and seeking more partners to see what role they play from an ecological perspective. We recently talked about the fact that the network disk will be an operating system in the 5G era, providing the underlying technology.Service capabilities, what applications and services are needed on top of this system, it is necessary to unite with more partners, such as services that have now accessed third-party document classes.What kind of spark will the 5G+ network disk collide?5G has taken a big step from concept to landing, and the launch of the carrier’s commercial package also indicates that a larger number of users are coming.The network disk can be said to be a product that is strongly related to 5G. Tang Lihua said that he is optimistic about the 5G development trend and will be prepared, but also believes that it takes some time for the real service to land.“Baidu is actually a 5G participant, together to promote the construction of 5G infrastructure capabilities throughout China. From an application perspective, there will be an evolutionary process at the application level, and we will continue to pay attention.In terms of the ability of the new infrastructure, in fact, it is not perfect enough now. It is not that the speed is getting up immediately. In fact, it is not so balanced, and how the future needs and behavior patterns will change. What new services will be provided?Now, we can’t accurately predict, we will continue to pay attention and explore.” For the direct impact of Baidu’s network disk, Wu Tianxuan added that 5G will be popularized by smart devices, new devices will generate new data, such as AR, VR devices.It will be popular. Now video can be 1G, 2G in one hour. Afterwards, VR video may be several G in 1 minute. He also needs storage, online consumption and use. This is the opportunity and challenge of the network disk.The future of digital assets in the future of web and personal cloud services will become more and more important, and it will be the most important life mark for everyone.Nowadays, almost every Internet company is involved in the cloud business. There are more cloud services for enterprise users, and personal cloud services such as network disk or mobile phone manufacturers have broad prospects.Tang Lihua believes that not only mobile phone manufacturers, but everyone is doing it. It may have been a local service. Later, it discovered the delay, computing power, and transmission capacity. After many capabilities are integrated, the service may naturally grow in the cloud.At this time, each service provider may need to have the ability of the cloud.”Like mobile phone manufacturers because their device terminals are connected with Yuntong, the service experience will be better. In addition, Ali and Tencent’s cloud service capabilities are also increasing. It is the difference between each entry point. I believe that smart device manufacturers will definitely be in the future.To provide cloud service capabilities, they may be self-built or may cooperate with the network disk.” Each company has its own strategic choices, cloud service capabilities will be standard in the future, Tang Lihua said..