Going to the sea daily | Xiaomi confirmed to enter Japan next year; India’s SaaS unicorn Freshworks raised $150 million, or listed on NASDAQ


WeWork in Southeast Asia will open two new shared office areas in Vietnam.According to DealStreetAsia, a company spokesperson said that WeWork will open two new shared office areas in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by the end of this year.It is reported that WeWork has been cutting costs since the IPO was cancelled in September.According to the report, in the context of the rapid development of the local start-up ecosystem in Vietnam, the demand for shared office is increasing.Malaysia allowed Gojek to start a trial operation of the network of Jomo.According to DealStreetAsia, the Malaysian Minister of Transportation stated that Malaysia will allow Gojek to start operating the business of Jomo in the prescribed range from January 2020 for a period of six months.It is reported that participating in the pilot program is also the local network car company in Malaysia.In addition, the pilot program will allow governments and participating companies to collect data and assess demand for services.Indonesian P2P lending platform KoinWorks raised $1.4 million in the B2 round and raised $13.6 million in the B round.According to the 36-inch English station KrASIA, the investor in this round of financing is the Japanese consumer finance company Credit Saison.It is reported that the company’s venture capital division Saison Capital created a $55 million fund in October, mainly for start-ups in India and Southeast Asia.Founded in 2015, KoinWorks is a P2P lending platform licensed by the Indonesian Monetary Authority.The platform uses its own machine learning technology to match borrowers with potential lenders, focusing on the financing needs of low- and middle-income individuals and small and micro enterprises.India’s Google, Sequoia and Accel led the Indian SaaS unicorn Freshworks $150 million financing, which plans to go on the Nasdaq.According to Inc42, after the round of financing, Freshworks was valued at $3.5 billion.A person familiar with the matter said that this round of financing is Freshworks’ pre-IPO.Prior to this round of financing, the company had raised $250 million from investors such as Tiger Global and Sequoia.Freshworks plans to conduct an IPO in 2021 and plans to list on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, which is based in New York.Indian Internet company Times Internet invested in India’s exam preparation platform Gradeup $7 million in Series A financing.According to ET Tech, this is the second fundraising of the startup, which has so far raised a total of $10 million.It is reported that Gradeup helps candidates prepare for the exam.In addition to online courses, the platform also provides an introduction to the exam, online registration, and an exam area dedicated to teachers and candidates.In addition, according to a joint report by Google and KPMG, the online education market in India is expected to grow to more than $1.96 billion by 2021.Facebook India’s revenue increased by 71% in FY19 and net profit increased by 84%.According to ET Tech, Facebook reported that its net profit jumped 84 in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019.Indian business revenue increased by 71%.According to people familiar with the matter, the increase in revenue and profits this time is because Facebook began to follow the Indian advertising marketing model in October 2018.Latin America’s Brazilian insurance technology startup Pitzi has a market capitalization of more than $100 million.According to Techcrunch, the latest round of financing led by US investment firm QED Investors has not been disclosed.Pitzi has raised $20 million from previous investors.It is reported that Pitzi was established in 2012, hoping to provide a better experience for consumers who need to replace equipment, while playing the role of insurance dealer.In addition, Pitzi hopes to plan parts inventory more efficiently through data analysis and machine learning, reducing handset repair time from the previous 4 weeks to an average of about 10 days.Africa’s “non-process innovation” won the strategic investment of Gobi Venture Capital and Voice Holdings.The positioning of Africa’s first China-Africa incubator, the non-process innovation has gained strategic investment in Gobi Venture Capital and Voice Holdings.According to reports, this round of financing will be used for project incubation support, office space construction and enterprise service business construction.Research and study, corporate services and early investment are the three current business segments of Fact Innovation.The research and research focuses on the team that is still thinking about “where to land” in the service industry, and the enterprise service is more targeted at the “how to land” enterprises, and to do the local resources, fiscal taxes, licenses and other aspects of Africa.Other Xiaomi Yu Zhiyuan responded that “Millet entered the Japanese smartphone market in 2020”: Yes.36氪 was informed that according to the Nikkei News, Xiaomi will enter the Japanese smartphone market in 2020.In this regard, Xiaomi mobile phone product marketing director Qi Zhiyuan forwarded the news on Weibo and confirmed that Xiaomi will enter the Japanese smartphone market in 2020.Lotte said that the investment in Lyft lost more than $1 billion.According to 36, cited by Sina Finance, Japanese e-commerce Rakuten said on Tuesday that it expects to include a loss of 103 billion yen (about 947 million US dollars) related to its investment in Lyft in the second quarter ending in September.Lotte’s announcement on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Tuesday said that the expense was included in the “significant decline” in Lyft’s share price.Lotte is the largest shareholder of Lyft and holds more than 11% of the shares.The company will release its latest earnings report on Thursday.In the first fiscal quarter ending in June, Lotte has included a loss of 28.4 billion yen ($260 million) related to Lyft’s investment.文 | 云晞@36氪出海编 | Zhao Xiaochun @36氪出海图 | Oriental IC.