The front line | Apple surround screen patent exposure, millet MIX α encounters enemies


On November 2nd, Patently Apple exposed Apple’s latest patented surround screen, which looks like MIX’s previously released by Xiaomi.Its production seems to be more complicated. The front and back screens of MIX α have camera blocking. Apple’s concept product can’t see the camera. It consists of a transparent shell that completely wraps the front and back sides and a curved screen. The whole mobile phone is curved.Allows the user to use the device from any angle.The screen is wrapped in a transparent enclosure that wraps around the board.The picture from the Patently Apple Apple to do the folding screen has been rumored for many years, and now people can see a trace of it – although it is just a paper plan.Moreover, it seems that this phone will not be used on the iPhone 12.According to the information currently exposed, the iPhone 12 will use a normal full screen with a 120Hz high refresh rate.At present, it seems that the mass production of a screen bent to such a curvature is extremely difficult, and the process is not too mature.In the case of Xiaomi MIX α, it will be mass-produced in December, with a price of up to 19999 yuan, which is obviously just a concept machine, which is only suitable for technology enthusiasts or early developers.Mix α, the picture comes from the Oriental ic but perhaps Apple will be more urgent, just released canalys data shows that in the third quarter of 2019, the global smartphone shipments increased for the first time in a few years, although only 1%.However, even with the iPhone 11 selling in China, Apple is still falling at a rate of 7%.It really needs to come up with a product that can surprise the world.After the full screen, mobile phone manufacturers are laying out the next generation of interactive methods.Both Huawei and Samsung have launched a folding screen mobile phone that can be mass-produced. Although Apple does not have a folding screen product, the patent for this exposure can also be seen that Apple is stepping up research and development.At the same time, Samsung also has a patent for surround screen similar to MIX α.The downside is that even if mass production is available, folding screen phones still need to be cautious in use, and the strength has not yet reached the needs of daily life.Plus, whether it is Galaxy Fold or Huawei’s Mate X, the price is very expensive, so that ordinary users are discouraged.Of course, if the future folding screen yield rate is increased, the price is lowered, and the intensity can satisfy the “barbaric” use, the mobile phone industry will usher in a new innovation.However, it is not known whether the apples in the era of smart phones will be picked up at the time.