Samsung front digging double-shot mid-range machine exposure, or the end of the S10 Lite fastest end


Editor’s Note: This article is from Tencent Technology, and 36 is authorized to reprint.The Samsung S10+’s front-drilled dual-camera design will not only be introduced by other brands, but Samsung’s own plan is also decentralized to the mid-range product area.According to the exclusive disclosure of the foreign website Androidupdated, a new patented design shows that Samsung’s new model has a front-slot double-camera design similar to the Samsung S10+, but since the back is only a vertical double-shot configuration, it should be orientedThe mid-end market model is likely to be the recently exposed Samsung S10Lite, which is expected to meet with us by the end of this year.The front-end boring double-pushing mid-range machine’s Samsung patent design has the following three major highlights: first, the position of the front-mounted double-shot is the same as that of the Samsung S10+; secondly, the new machine looks like a straight-screen appearance.Without a curved screen.Finally, the rear camera arrangement is similar to the Samsung S9+. The difference is that the LED flash replaces the fingerprint unlock button. It can be speculated that this should be Samsung’s product for the mid-end market.At the same time, it is precisely because of the above characteristics, this foreign website speculates that this may be the appearance of the recently exposed Samsung S10Lite.Compared to the S10e, which is slightly lower in price than the Samsung S10 series, it seems that the main changes are in the number of front-ends and the arrangement of the rear camera, and the display size and the capacity of the battery are increased.Supporting 45w fast charging technology. Previously, it was reported that Samsung S10Lite’s mobile phone model SM-G770F has already scored running scores, and confirmed in terms of specifications will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor and has 8GB of memory, pre-installed with Android10 system.At the same time, there is news that Samsung S10Lite is basically the same as Samsung A91 in the main hardware configuration, that is, it will be equipped with 6.7-inch AMOLED display and support FHD+ resolution, equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor and 8+128GB storage.combination.In addition, although the Samsung S10Lite is called the cheap version of the S10 series, but because it is a new model that appeared near the end of the year, it has been upgraded in some specifications, such as the 45W super acceleration charging function.Plus the machine is pre-installed with the Andoid10 system, which means that the system version may be directly upgraded to OneUI2.0.Including transition animation, gestures, charging animations and camera UI will bring new changes, and add 30 seconds long exposure, proactive slow-motion video and other functions.It is worth noting that the fastest end of the year is that Samsung did not seem to have the same hardware configuration for the A series and S series models. The same as the Samsung S10Lite and Samsung A91 specifications is just a rumor, so this exposure of Samsung beforeThe difference between the patented design of the digging hole and the rumor in the configuration of the camera may be the best explanation.As for when Samsung S10Lite is released, there is no exact news yet, but considering that the official version of Android10 of Samsung S10 series will be updated in December, and the machine has been certified in Brazil, it will be confirmed that it will be equipped with 4370 mAh.When the battery is installed, there is a greater possibility of official debut before the end of the year.It is reported that Samsung S10Lite will provide white, black, blue and other three color style choices, but whether it supports 5G technology, and the future launch of the national bank version has not yet been confirmed.