Gree mobile phone dreams


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Technology New Knowledge” (ID: kejixinzhi), the author of the East, 36, authorized to release.On the evening of October 30, Gree Electric announced the third quarter of this year’s financial report. The financial report showed that Gree’s third quarter revenue was 57.742 billion yuan, a slight increase of 0.03% year-on-year; net profit was 8.367 billion yuan, an increase of 0.66%.At the same time, Gree also disclosed a “Articles of Association Amendment.”Gree’s proposed company charter has adjusted the company’s business scope, adding the contents of “research and development, manufacturing, sales of new energy power generation products, energy storage systems and charging piles”, and deleted “operating telecom services and value-added telecommunications”.business”.The outside world has speculated that Gree’s move means that Gree is about to give up the mobile phone business. Then Gree Electric responded that “no mobile phone is not used” and said that it will explain it to the shareholders’ meeting on November 18.But whether or not Gree intends to abandon the mobile phone business, the mobile phone business is tantamount to today’s Gree, and it is the kind of “no taste, no waste”.Gree dance sword, IOT said that Gree’s mobile phone business, Miss Dong has been a man who can’t get around.Gree mobile phone entered the public for the first time. In March 2015, Ms. Dong said at the Davos Forum and the two sessions that year. “If I do a mobile phone, I will let the consumer not change the mobile phone for 3 years, and the minute will exceed the millet.”.At that time, some people thought that this was just the mouth of the Iron Maiden. More people thought that Miss Dong’s madness was related to Lei’s “Billion Gambling” in 2013, but no one thought of this iron.The lady really wants to be a mobile phone, and she is still ironic.A week later, when Miss Dong attended the lecture of “Successful Growth of Traditional Enterprises” at the Boshan University Lecture Hall of Sun Yat-sen University, she suddenly talked about Gree mobile phones.Then she asked her secretary to send a mobile phone, and then told everyone that “disclosed that Gree’s mobile phone has come out, I have already used it.” At this point, everyone realized that Miss Dong is really going to enter the mobile phone market.In 2015, the Gree mobile phone was launched, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, Android 4.4, and the camera used 8 megapixels + 2 megapixel front-end camera, priced at 1599 yuan.I have to say that compared with no one believes that Miss Dong will enter the mobile phone market, the Gree mobile phone is so amazingly configured. The moving price is the most shocking to everyone. Some netizens bluntly said, “I didn’t expect anyone to put 500 yuan.The mobile phone sold for 1,500 yuan.”However, Miss Dong does not think that there is any problem with Gree mobile phones. Not only is it frequent for Gree mobile phone platforms, but even at regular intervals, it is necessary to use the “bright words and clear words” to create momentum for Gree mobile phones.”You can throw away the mobile phone on your hand and buy a Gree mobile phone.” “Gree mobile phone is the world’s number one, selling 50 million units is no problem, and selling 100 million units in the future is not a problem.” “Gree mobile phone quality is very good, it is a bit expensive.You don’t know the goods, whoever uses them to say good.” “My mobile phone is to sell expensive because it is made of the best materials in the world.”…. 2016 Gree mobile phone second generation,I found the “big bull” in the industry to help with research and development, and Gree also built its own mobile phone assembly line.Driven by R&D costs and production costs, the price of Gree’s second-generation mobile phones has also increased to 3,599 yuan.However, the high price of R&D and self-built assembly lines still failed to bring the distance between Gree and consumers closer, but it was counterproductive.From the design concept to the material, the second generation of Gree mobile phone is a remote control with a mobile phone function.Consistently low configuration and high price, the fate of Gree’s second-generation mobile phone is no different from that of its predecessors. The sales volume of normal channels is almost negligible. The final inventory has become the “welfare” of employees at the end of the year, and each employee has one.In 2017, after the second generation, Gree launched a small-screen version of the second-generation mobile phone “color world”, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 5.5-inch Sharp full HD screen, the main POCA color purification algorithm, priced at 3200yuan.This year, the industry also reported that Gree launched three generations of mobile phones, still running my own “low with high price + enlarged version of the remote control”, the price is also 3,600 yuan.Gree also quietly put the phone on the official flagship store of each sales platform, the sales volume is only double digits, basically negligible.However, although the progress of Gree mobile phone is quite unsatisfactory, and the telecommunications business has been deleted in the charter, it seems that it has not given up the intention to make a mobile phone.According to Sky’s inspection, Gree recently applied for a new patent – folding screen, which has to be reminiscent of Samsung’s folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s MATE X.Is the Gree mobile phone going to fold the screen?Even Samsung, which has first-class panel technology, has suffered a big loss on the folding screen. At present, only Samsung, Huawei and Rouyu have launched folding screens. How much is Gree?If the Gree generation mobile phone is the decision of Miss Dong, the four mobile phones have also built their own assembly lines. Now they have applied for the folding screen technology. It can only show that Miss Dong is really serious.It is worth noting that at the China Manufacturing Summit Forum in 2015, Ms. Dong once said to Gree a mobile phone: “The future mobile phone must be connected with other home appliances. The advantage of Gree is that these appliances are in control.In my hand.” Gree Group said in the 2014 annual report that the mobile phone is to bear the carrier of linking and controlling smart home appliances, and to obtain smart home entrance.Therefore, Gree made the mobile phone into a “magnified version of the remote control”. Ms. Dong’s intention was not to make a mobile phone, but to use the mobile phone version of the “remote control” to enter the IOT field.Is mobile phone a good choice for Gree?Before answering whether Gree’s mobile phone is a good choice for Gree, let’s take a look at another reason why Gree is doing a mobile phone.In fact, compared with the use of mobile phones to do IOT imports and then incite the trillion-level market, another factor is more important for Gree.That is, Gree’s main business has encountered a bottleneck.On October 30, Gree Electric released the third quarter earnings report for 2019. According to the financial report, Gree’s revenue for the first three quarters of this year was 155.309 billion yuan, up 4.26% year-on-year; net profit was 22.117 billion yuan, up 4.73% year-on-year.In the third quarter, revenue was 57.742 billion yuan, net profit was 8.367 billion yuan, up 0.66% year-on-year, and net profit after deduction was 8.172 billion yuan, down 6.21% year-on-year.In 2018, Gree’s goal for 2019 was to achieve a revenue of 250 billion yuan. It seems that Gree is unlikely to achieve this goal.Lack of revenue growth and a decline in net profit are just a microcosm of many problems with Gree.The more important issue is that Gree, who has reached the “year of the year”, is still relying on the air-conditioning business for revenue to find the next growth engine.According to Gree’s 2018 and 2017 financial reports, the revenue of air-conditioning products has accounted for about 80% of total revenue.According to the data of Avi Cloud from January to September this year, the retail volume and retail sales of the air-conditioning industry began to decline on a quarterly basis. In the third quarter, the retail sales of the air-conditioning industry fell 9.7% year-on-year, and the retail volume fell 4.5.%.Although Gree is still the “king of air conditioning”, but in the face of the market near saturation, the United States, Oaks and other manufacturers continue to catch up, once the advantages of Gree air-conditioning business is not, and which business can support Gree’s revenue?Therefore, Gree has a diversified layout, and it is imperative to expand the category. The use of mobile phones to incite the IOT market is only one of the options.So is the mobile phone a good choice for Gree?Although Gree entered the mobile phone market a little late, it did not have no chance at all.The Gree mobile phone generation was launched in 2015. At this time, the domestic mobile phone market is in the reshuffle period of the conversion of functional machines to smart phones. The older generation of China Cool Alliance is at this time, and today’s Huami OV is here.It is also on the rise.In fact, not only Gree, Hisense, Konka, TCL and other home appliance manufacturers also realized that the mobile phone market has reached the reshuffle period, and they want to share a piece of cake.This shows that the general direction is correct, the problem lies in the operation.Gree’s mobile phone business has been frustrated. First of all, with Gree doing air conditioning, refrigerators and other hardware, everything can be different. It is necessary to do both hardware and software.Both the Apple and Android camp vendors are highly valued in the underlying operating system and are also an important competitive player. They have experienced verification and optimization of multiple mature products in the system customization and user experience, and Gree is in these soft.The hardware combination level is obviously at a disadvantage.From the experience of Gree mobile phone users, Gree did not realize his disadvantage.Users who have been educated by other big companies naturally can’t find any reason to buy Gree mobile phones.Secondly, although mobile phones and home appliances are all assembly machines, Gree’s supply chain advantage in the field of home appliances does not cover mobile phones.In other words, Gree, the “king of air conditioning”, has a very high voice in the field of home appliance manufacturing, but has no control over the entire mobile phone supply chain.In general, suppliers are giving priority to customers with large sales volume. In the field of air conditioning, Gree naturally enjoys this treatment, but in the field of mobile phones, only large manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Huami OV have such treatment.In turn, manufacturers with small sales have no right to speak at the supplier, and they are also weak in the price of parts, which also increases the cost of Gree.It can be said that the Gree mobile phone has been dropped by the big manufacturers in the supply chain before it is sold.In addition, the time point for Gree to enter the mobile phone is 2015. At this time, the domestic mobile phone market has experienced an initial round of reshuffle. The cottage manufacturers have no place, and the days when they have been branded without selling are gone.It is.Another consequence of the initial shuffling is that consumers are becoming more aware of the brand.It is reasonable to say that Gree, who is a newcomer, does not have the opportunity to establish a new brand like Jiajia, but I don’t know whether Gree is intentional or unintentional. I continue to use the old method in brand building – deep bound with Miss Dong.This has precedents in Gree’s home appliance business, such as the Jinghong refrigerator that can’t be done.Dong Mingzhu’s contribution to Gree is nothing but management, but now she has become the spokesperson for Gree products.This situation is more obvious on the Gree mobile phone. On the boot screen of Gree’s first generation mobile phone, the reality is Miss Dong’s photo and message and her signature.Ms. Dong’s experience is inspirational and her performance is obvious to all, but it is not enough to make her “out of the circle”, and it is not enough to undertake the endorsement task that should be responsible for the traffic stars.One of the same type of products is endorsed by Miss Dong, and the other one is endorsed by Yi Qian and you will choose who?Another point that has to be mentioned is that Gree, which has always been advertised as “mastering core technology,” does not have any core technology on the mobile phone.Take Gree’s “Color World” in 2017 as an example. The processor is still the Snapdragon 820 in 2015. The graphics processor is Adreno. The screen is Sharp’s 5.5-inch 1080p screen. The audio core comes from Qualcomm.Although other big manufacturers are also assembled, each has its own core technology, MIUI of Xiaomi, Huawei’s chip, OPPO’s 650,000 fast charge, etc., and from Gree’s mobile phone, it does not master the mobile phone field.The core technology.In general, the sluggish sales of Gree’s mobile phone may indicate its ending when Gree’s other diversified businesses are stagnant.In conclusion, it is also feasible to cut into the IOT through the mobile phone. It is only the focus of Gree’s IOT entry that should be placed on the software rather than the hardware.Some industry insiders said that “If the smart home can get up, the operating system is the core, and the terminal products need to be connected to the operating system to be valuable, instead of being a mobile phone to operate their own home products.” From this point of view, DongAlthough the young lady won the gamble, Rebs has taken the lead.At present, in addition to TCL’s divestiture of terminal business, Hisense, Konka and other established home appliance manufacturers still have mobile phone business, but most of them are low-end models that do not make money.According to the public data, the cumulative sales of Gree mobile phones is less than 200,000 units, not to mention the difference of 50 million made by Miss Dong, even the cost can not be covered.Despite this, the loss of the mobile phone business for Gree, the king of air conditioning, is still within the tolerable range. However, as the main business grows weaker and the chasers are getting closer, Gree can withstand it.A few “phone business failures”?.