48 hours 5G depth experience, why don’t I recommend you use 5G now?


Editor’s note: This article is from Zhiwei. The author Tong Si Si, 36氪 is authorized to publish.5G promotion activities on the streets of Shenzhen, photo / Zhiwei technology.On the last day of October, the three major operators launched the price list of the 5G package.In order to eat crabs, we replaced the 5G package on the night of October 31. As one of the senior users of Unicom, we can enjoy a 30% discount for half a year.We have abandoned the low-cost 5G package of 129 yuan, 159 yuan, 199 yuan, not that we are not short of money.It is forced by the speed limit.China Unicom’s 5G package below 199 yuan can only enjoy the “excellent (500Mbps) network service, while the package above 199 can enjoy the “fast 1Gbps” network service. To better experience 5G, we have to spend more than 7 thousandYuan) purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note10+5G mobile phone. Although the media has been exposed before, 5G is currently unable to achieve the maximum peak speed of 500Mbps, 1Gbps, but there are rumors that consumers can enjoy 20-100 times faster than 4GHowever, the test was carried out in Futian District, where the Shenzhen CBD, which covers 5G, has been tested. The test results are surprising. November 1st is a special day, the first entrepreneur day in Shenzhen, and the day of the Western Halloween atmosphere.The first day of the official commercial use of the 5G package. We are very excited, carrying 5G mobile phones almost across most of Futian District, Shenzhen, the network speed is almost at 10Mbp. This is a regrettable speed, regret the problem lies inWhere? We excluded 5G coverage, 5G equipment, 5G packages, etc. Futian District of Shenzhen is a key demonstration area of ​​5G. Futian Station and Huaqiang North Station in the jurisdiction have also opened 5G many times.The 5G mobile phone that the Samsung Galaxy Note10+5G mobile phone we have used has been tested overseas, the 5G package of 399 yuan is also purchased in real money, and even the 5G logo that appears in the upper right corner of the mobile phone is clearly visible.Only 5G network speed, great disappointment. 5G package: Look at the difference, the actual offline service of the three major operators of the mystery machine, photo / know the technology. I do not know the subscription of millions of 5G package, whether it is like usProactively replacing the 5G official package on October 31? We know that operators in the 5G era are no longer wooing consumers. Pushing forward a few years, the previous 4G replacement 3G scene is completely different from today. At that time, major operationsShangyu is striving to attract consumers with low-cost packages, launching customized 4G packages such as a certain king card and a rice noodle card, and jointly launching contract machines with major mobile phone manufacturers. On October 31 this year, the three majorOperators launched 5G packages that are not “grounded”, and netizens have also called “expensive.” China Mobile’s 5G package tariff map. From China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom officially announced the 5G package price range,The starting price of the 5G packages of the three major operators is close. The traffic is 30GB, the voice is 500 minutes, the mobile is 128 yuan (RMB, the same below), China Unicom is 129 yuan, and the telecom is 129 yuan. China Unicom 5G package tariff map. Three operators outside the packageThe voices are all 0.15 yuan / minute, the traffic outside the package is more complicated, after 5 yuan 1G, after 15 yuan, according to 3 yuan 1G for billing, China Unicom, telecommunications is directly beyond the 3 yuan 1G. In addition, the three major operationsThe merchants have preferentially and speed-divided the speed of the network. The peak rate of the service is 500 Mbps, and the peak speed of the service is 1 Gbps. Unlike the low-cost strategy of 4G, the 5G packages offered by the three operators are priced.More similar.From the point of view of traffic and corresponding price, 30GB corresponds to 128 yuan, 129 yuan does not seem to be high, but after one afternoon of testing, we have consumed 11GB of traffic.In addition, we have to mention that the highest peak speed of the network speed in all of our tests is 500Mbps, which is equivalent to the highest peak of Unicom’s enjoyment.But in fact, what we bought is China Unicom’s extremely fast 1Gbps network service package worth 399 yuan / month, which means that I did not enjoy the equivalent network service in the actual experience.In summary, consumers who are accustomed to 4G unlimited traffic may be stuck in the 5G era.At the same time, the current 5G network speed situation does not guarantee that you can enjoy the equivalent network service of the 5G package.Measured 5G: Coverage is small, unstable, and the experience is not as good as 4G coverage of 4G Unicom in Shenzhen. The screenshots are from Unicom’s official application.We used the Unicom mobile phone business app to check the coverage of 5G and found that the coverage of Shenzhen 5G did not reach the official publicity and the expected results of the public.From the official application point of view, Shenzhen’s 5G signal coverage is dominated by point-like distribution, and large-area coverage has not been achieved.In the case of Futian District, which we mainly tested, although some areas can retrieve 5G signals, the actual network speed is less than 4G.We searched for 5G signals across most of Futian District, and finally determined that the area where the 5G stable signal was successfully connected is still Huaqiangbei Electronic Street.Huaqiang North is China’s first electronic street, also a 5G experience demonstration street, and it is also a place where we experienced 5G a month ago.Test point of Shenzhen Huaqiang North OPPO super flagship store, photo / Zhiwei technology.At the beginning of October, 5G has not been officially commercialized. We used the OPPO Reno 5G version (this 5G version is not sold) on the OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship Store on the streets of Huaqiang North.At that time, the Reno 5G experience machine used Reno 5G to download and install large-scale games under the 5G network of China Telecom. The peak of the network download was about 60MB/s, the download speed was between 30-60 MB/s, and the download time was about 30 seconds..Under China Unicom’s 5G network, use Samsung Galaxy Note10+5G mobile phone speed measurement, drawing / knowing technology.After a lapse of January, 5G was officially commercialized.We conducted the same game download test at the same location. Under China Unicom’s 5G network, we downloaded the Samsung Galaxy Note10+5G mobile phone. The peak of the network download is about 67MB/s, and the download speed is between 40 and 67 MB/s.The 5G test at the same location in Huaqiang North basically shows that the 5G stable download peak is about 60MB/s.In fact, there are also large gaps in the stability and speed of 5G in different locations on the streets of Huaqiang North.In the Huaqiang Electronic World Plaza, which is a few steps away from the OPPO Super Flagship Store, we experienced a situation where the 5G signal is unstable.Test points of Huaqiang electronic world multiple speed results, mapping / knowing technology.We used Speed ​​Test software for multiple speed measurements at Huaqiang Electronics World Plaza. The download bandwidth was 216 Mbps (download speed about 27 mb/s), 296 Mbps (about 37 mb/s), and 506 Mbps (about 63 mb/s).The above indicates that the 5G signal in the area is extremely unstable, and even in the course of our test, there is even a case where the 5G signal cannot be retrieved for a period of time.In addition, when the mobile phone loses 5G signal, it will automatically switch to the 4G network, but the switching process is not smooth.In the actual experience process, there will be a situation in which neither 5G nor 4G can be connected.Compared with the switching between Wi-Fi and 4G, the switching between 5G and 4G is obviously stuck.When we actually use the payment software of the 5G mobile phone, the mobile phone QR code has failed to be refreshed due to the network speed problem, which causes the payment to fail.Aside from the speed of the network, 5G is nothing?China Unicom launched the 5G ecological application, drawing / knowing technology.This is an era of running into 5G.However, we must also admit that the current 5G coverage is not high, and the construction period of 5G base stations in many small and medium-sized cities has been extended to 2021.Even Shenzhen, the first-tier city we tested, did not achieve large-scale coverage, and there was also a phenomenon of extremely unstable signals.At present, the most intuitive speed advantage of 5G is not reflected in real life.Perhaps in a few years, the 5G signal and network speed advantage can be strongly guaranteed, but 5G faces more serious ecological problems.4G has spawned a smooth visual experience such as short video and webcast, but the rushed 5G has not released 5G derivative applications and ecological services in time.The majority of netizens are also immersed in the 4G unlimited traffic package and the popularity of Wi-Fi.”The features I want, almost 4G are now available.I can hardly imagine what kind of changes can 5G bring?”There may be a better 4k mobile phone and a higher HD 4k video in the future. It will definitely be a special card with 4G network.””China’s Unicom launched the “Wo Video” 5G experience zone, the 5G development direction revealed to us is also the video 4K, AR popularization, and there is no more fresh gameplay. A few years later must be a 5G popular era, but aboutThe current proposal to purchase 5G mobile phones and 5G packages, our nearly 10,000 yuan “cost” experience is condensed into a word “time is not yet.”