Zuckerberg is accused of being above the law, and the testimony lacks persuasiveness.


Editor’s Note: This article is from Tencent, Review: Jinlu, 36氪 authorized to release.According to foreign media reports, the US Congress today questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, criticizing his practices in cryptocurrency, privacy, encrypted communications, and operating large companies.Zuckerberg tried to ease their concerns, but he also said that Facebook will not stop inciting the society, and its news section will be released this week.At the hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, Zuckerberg renewed his commitment to launch the cryptocurrency Libra only after full approval from the US regulatory authorities.But given the doubts of lawmakers and the lack of persuasiveness of Zuckerberg and Libra project executive David Marcus, Libra now seems less likely to be launched in 2020.The following is a summary of important observations at the hearing: the hearing began in a tense atmosphere, and Financial Services Commission Chairman Maxine Waters declared: “Maybe you think you are above the law and it looks like you are activelyExpand the size of the company and be willing to go beyond anyone, including your competitors, women, people of color, your own users, or even our democracy, to get what you want. In fact, you have already started aWhether Facebook should be seriously discussed in the spin-off. However, some members of Congress use their question time to advocate the dominance of the United States, rather than promoting strict regulation.Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry said: “The question is whether we have to spend time trying to design a way for government planners to focus and control what innovators can innovate, when to innovate, and how to innovate.”With regard to Libra Zuckerberg’s attempt to use nationalist sentiments to transfer censorship, it has repeatedly emphasized that without the Libra project, the United States will lose its international leadership in the financial sector.However, Zuckerberg has not promised to block anonymous Libra wallets that may be convenient for money laundering, but said that Facebook’s own Calibra wallet will have strong authentication capabilities.Facebook assures regulators that Calibra’s data will be separated from the social network.But Facebook also said the same thing when it abandoned and integrated its data after acquiring WhatsApp.This time, Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez said: “We need to make sure that you should know that you should not lie.” When asked why Libra’s non-profit organization Libra Association is managing LibraWhen the founding members, such as Visa, Strible, and eBay, opt out, Zuckerberg acknowledged “I think this is a risky project and needs to face a lot of review.” I was asked if the Libra Currency Association chose other legal tenders.What happens when you join to support Libra and reduce the percentage of the dollar?Zuckerberg responded by saying: “I think that our regulators are trying to [implement] a restriction that it must be mainly supported by the US dollar, which is entirely reasonable.” As for why Libra is not 100% supportive of the US dollar,Keberg explained: “I think this may be much simpler from the perspective of US regulation. But since we are trying to build a global payment system that can be run elsewhere, if it is 100% in US dollarsThe foundation, then it may not be so popular elsewhere.” Although Zuckerberg claimed that Libra was designed to help people without bank accounts, he was criticized for trying to profit from it and might help with money laundering.Rep. Brad Sherman said: “The richest man in the world is here, hiding behind the world’s poorest people, saying that this is the one you really want to help. But actuallyYou are trying to help those drug dealers and terrorists.” Some members of Congress, such as Sherman, chose to use their entire time to publish monologues instead of asking Zuckerberg.Zuckerberg had the opportunity to clarify a major confusion in Marcus’s testimony, which had said that the Libras Association was in contact with the Swiss data regulator.But in fact, Zuckerberg explained today that the Libra Coin Association has been in contact with major Swiss financial market regulators.Throughout the testimony, Zuckerberg tried to keep himself and Facebook away from the decision-making process of the Libra Association.He said: “If the Libra Association decides to advance something we don’t like, we may be asked to quit.” This gives Facebook and Libra an opportunity to evade criticism because any member, even the newly appointed chairman.Neither the board nor the board of directors can unilaterally control or commit to their actions.About encryption, DeepFakes and pranks In addition to Libra, Rep. Ann Wagner accused Zuckerberg of saying: “You are not working hard enough” to prevent children from exploiting pictures online, even though Facebook has submitted millions of believes that Facebook’s full turn to encrypted messaging may prompt the child abuser to hide.In this regard, Zuckerberg just said: “I think we are working harder than any other company.”He failed to explain how Facebook will continue to improve detection through encryption.Zuckerberg directly explained his views on the vaccine, because Facebook tried to hide the vaccine prank and avoid recommending groups to spread unconfirmed information.Zuckerberg said: “I don’t think anyone can be 100% confident, but my understanding of the scientific consensus is that people get a vaccine is very important.” He decided to hide some of the content of Facebook.defend.On the issue of deep fake video (DeepFakes), Zuckerberg confirmed: “I think deep forgery video is obviously one of the emerging threats we need to face, and we need to develop a response policy as soon as possible. We need to distinguish those artificial intelligenceTools (such as DeepFakes) manipulate media that are intended to mislead people.” However, Facebook’s policy allows ads to mislead people and undermines confidence that Facebook will properly address this new issue.About the news service Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook will also launch more important products, which may lead people to question its social impact.He said: “We will actually hold a major press conference later this week, and we are about to launch a major initiative around the news. We are working with many people to develop a new product that supports high quality news.” Facebook ProgramLaunch a news section featuring headlines that converge on top media, but this requires a fee.Zuckerberg said: “I think Facebook has the opportunity to build a dedicated section in our service, targeting people who really want to see high-quality planning news, not just social content. I look forward to the next step.Discuss this issue in more detail in a few days. “This service will certainly lead to controversy, is Facebook enough to be trusted, can it be the official source of news?.