Focus analysis | The karaoke small program that is going to be on the line, can you borrow the power of the gods to become a burst?


Sitting on the vibrato of 320 million live users, I did a 10-month small program, but I haven’t made any explosions yet.The unwilling vibrato app will be launched on the K-small program called “Shaking”.Holding the vibrato of many Divine Comedy, can you have the first explosion program?The core function of “Shaking” is asynchronous chorus: After the music genius releases the chorus MV video to “Shaking”, fans can add their own voices and performances to the chorus MV and make a new MV video.And released again, complete a “song of the same screen.”The screenshot of the small program given in the “Voice” MV video collection book is the product of the second online small program of the byte hopping. The vibrato has issued the ticket entry for the cat’s eye small program in the video stream last December.In February of this year, the first small game “Yue Yue Ball” was released, and the small program was officially announced.But as of now, the vibrato applet has a lack of performance in terms of user activity and product maturity.Byte Beat’s headlines and volcano videos have also been launched in November last year and September this year, and there is no splash.It’s worth noting that Apple users and Android users are treated differently: On Apple phones, the vibrato applet is placed under the “Features” bar, which only has an application for the ball, while the Android terminal is named directly.For the “small program”, the content is also richer.Today’s headline Apple client directly cancels the applet entry, while the Android client can be easily found on the “My–discovery” page.Android version of the vibrato applet entry Apple version of the vibrato applet entry left for the Apple version of today’s headlines, no small program entry; the right side of the Android version of today’s headlines, you can enter from “my–discover–view all”The small program interface released “Shaking” this time. Choosing music as the entry point for the growth of small programs may be the choice of vibrating the sound.After all, the properties of the vibrating short video audio and video synchronization make it a natural advantage in promoting popular music.This ability has been certified several times: the vibrato has won many songs such as “Take You to Travel”, “Paper Short Love”, “Future Life”, “Meng Kind”, etc., and also help “Answer” “You used to be a teenager”Old songs such as the Devil from Heaven are red again.Cool dog music insiders told 36 氪, on the cool dog platform, the data of “Shaking the Divine Comedy” is exceptionally good: after hearing the relevant hot song on the vibrato, the user will search for cool dog music.Small programs are the only way for Internet giants to expand their business and dig deeper into user value.According to QuestMobile data, in the first half of this year, domestic mobile Internet users reached a peak, maintaining at around 1.334 billion; this also led to the end of the platform’s user growth, and WeChat even experienced monthly negative growth.User increments peaked, giants turned and began to explore the value of stock: Tencent’s WeChat, QQ, Ali’s Alipay, Taobao, Baidu have laid out small programs, and nine major mobile phone manufacturers have jointly launched “fast application” in mobile phones.Give the applet entry on the desktop.Powerful small program, can byte jump be the latecomer?In the small program battlefield, bytebeat is a latecomer.As early as two years ago, on January 9, 2017, WeChat first launched a small program and got the right to define the small program.36氪 Previously, WeChat was successful in the concept output. The logic of “use-and-go”, “operating system” and “social fission” was generally accepted by the public to measure the appearance of small programs.According to QuestMobile’s data, as of June 2019, on the WeChat platform with 1.1 billion monthly users, the total number of small programs reached 700 million, and the number of small programs with MAU exceeding 5 million reached 180.This means that the penetration rate of the WeChat applet has exceeded 60%, and the growing ceiling is coming.The follow-up momentum of the latecomers is fierce: “The White Paper on the Development of Small Programs in the First Half of 2019″ shows that the number of accumulated users of the Alipay applet under the offline scene has exceeded 650 million, the daily life is 230 million, and the number of small programs exceeds 200,000;Baidu’s small program, which borrows the power of search function, has a monthly life of 180 million and a small program of more than 100,000.They have found their own areas of strength. According to 36 reports, in the Alipay applet, 53% of the applications belong to the life service category; in the Baidu applet, more are search-related services.Byte Beat has not yet disclosed the relevant data of the small program, but successfully grabbed the headline of user time from Tencent, and has certain natural advantages in the pan-entertainment applet: the user is large enough and the stay time is long enough.The habit of use is also relatively high frequency.”China Mobile Internet 2018 Semi-annual Report” gives such data: Tencent accounted for 47.7% of the Internet users’ attention, and byte jump (10.1%) followed, ranking in Baidu.(7.4%) and Ali (6.4%) before.Aladdin founder Shi Wenlu once said that the scenes of vibrato, the fun of tonality and the ability to gather big V provide a natural soil for content, pan-entertainment, games and e-commerce.In addition, algorithmic distribution based on interest tags and geography can also ensure the distribution and realisation efficiency of applets.Byte beats also attach great importance to small programs. According to 36氪, the small program is a project that Zhang Yiming personally stares at.The vibrato, the headlines, and the volcano video mini-program share a set of codes, which also saves the cost of the developer’s technical transformation.At present, the small program is more like a function extension of information flow for the vibrato, rather than a separate section, and the entrance is deeper.For example, on an Apple mobile phone, only the specific movie name being searched for is being searched, and the small program link of the cat’s eye movie will pop up, and the user cannot directly find the entrance of the cat’s eye movie applet.On the Apple mobile phone, the entrance to the cat’s eye movie applet is only low-key when you search for a specific movie name to find a small video of a volcano. You must enter it by clicking on “Personal avatar – my – my little program”.The small programs that are on the line at this stage are mainly small games.The Apple version of today’s headlines can’t even find the entry point of the small program interface, only found on the Android version.The volcano small video applet interface is compared with the WeChat applet, which can be accessed by simply sliding down on the interface. The vibrato and headline applet are used to browse the recommended logic and integrate with the information flow.With the help of small programs, tapping the “singing” of the user’s music demand is not only a small force of the small program, but also an attempt to mine the user’s music needs.Chorus function, music video, is not new to short video products.Last year, the fast-player launched the K-song function, users can release solo and chorus videos; fast-handed Yuetai and live music are also in the experiment.In addition, the fast hand also launched the “Quick Musician Program” to increase the support for original musicians.At present, the certified musicians in the fast-handed are mostly grassroots.The fast-handed K-song function and the fast-handed Yuetai interface are on the other side, and the “Shaking the Divine Comedy” is the default category of pop music.According to the music first report, as early as the beginning of the establishment, Vibrato and Warner cooperated with Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” to launch the “People’s Hand Shake” challenge, which is the vibrating voice of the song through the challenge of the whole people.beginning.Previously, Wang Lihong also chose to shake the sound as the new song “Nanjing, Nanjing” full network exclusive starting platform.Under the line, the vibrato also acts frequently, and cooperates with performance brands such as Strawberry Music Festival and Wheat Field Music Festival.At the user level, listening to songs with video has gradually become a new habit.According to the 2018 Music Consumer Insight Report released by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, 86% of the world’s users listen to music through audio and video streaming, and 52% of them listen to music through video.The short video platform develops online music, and the online music platform also actively combines with short video.NetEase Cloud Music launched the “Short Video Cash Incentive Program” last year, and music live broadcast has increasingly become the revenue pillar of Cool Dog Music.With these beddings, it is a good time to mix the user’s music needs with the small program.In the “Wreathing” MV video collection book, the official gives four selection directions: in line with the personal singularity of the person, the public is easy to sing, the recent enthusiasm, easy to form a viral spreadof.It is not difficult to see from the direction of the selection of the songs that the vibrato has certain expectations for the ability to divert the “shaking”.In the duration of the singing, “Shaking” is also recommended to control around 15-30 seconds.This design may be due to the consideration of communication efficiency: in the first place, everyone in the song climax can slap two sentences, reducing the threshold for user participation; second, let the user repeatedly touch the most familiar melody, and also help the songFurther spread.It’s like “riding on my beloved little motorbike, it’s never going to jam”, “You look so good, like spring flowers”, it has become the text of the brainwashing melody.Small programs are increasingly becoming new battlefields. Whether “shaking” can help headline small programs form differentiated strengths and catch up, waiting for time to test.The cover image is from pexels.