36氪Starting | Launched full-duplex full-scene AI call center, “Bamboo Smart” completed $45 million B+ round of financing


36氪 was informed that “Bamboo Intelligence” recently announced the completion of a $45 million B+ round of financing.This round is led by a major strategic partner, Yunhui Capital and Lingyu Capital, Kaisbo Investment, Zhongan Capital, Trend Capital, Puhua Capital, and Capital Capital.After this round of financing, Zhujian Intelligent will continue to make breakthroughs in NLP, emotional computing and multi-modal human-computer interaction technology. At the same time, R&D upgrades the Bot FactoryTM platform, promotes standardized products, builds ecological foundations, and accelerates AI solutions.Cross-industry landing.Since its inception, Bamboo has become an important partner of Huawei’s “1+8+N” ecosystem and has deep cooperation with Huawei’s various business units.Bamboo Smart was founded in 2015 by former Vice President of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute, Jian Renxian. He is dedicated to the development of natural language understanding, speech recognition, computer vision, multimodal emotional computing, etc. It is one of the few voices, semantics, andImage full scene human-computer interaction technology for enterprises.36氪 has detailed the technical application, business logic and core competitiveness of Bamboo Intelligent.Bamboo Smart currently has two product directions: First, a brain-like dialogue robot based on NLP technology, which mainly includes Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA), Virtual Enterprise Assistant (VEA), Smart Customer Contact Center, and Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA);It is a multi-modal emotion recognition system, which is applied to emotion recognition, facial expression recognition, impression analysis, advertisement effect analysis, call center quality inspection, classroom emotion analysis, and the like.It is worth mentioning that Bamboo Smart has also developed the full-duplex full-scenario AI system “AI Contact Center (AICC)”.Full duplex means that both sides of the communication can transmit and receive at the same time without switching the direction, eliminating the time delay caused by the switching operation, and the conversation experience is better; the full scene meansAICC integrates the full-scenario intelligent standardization products required by Bamboo Intelligent R&D Customer Contact Center, including intelligent IVR, voice quality inspection, agent assistance, customer portrait, outbound robot, training robot, and insight analysis system, covering the bank,Insurance, securities, retail, education, medical, smart terminals, RPA and other fields, but also rely on the Bot FactoryTM platform to provide customers with sufficient scalability.“Bot FactoryTM is a technology integration platform that meets customers’ customization and secondary development needs. AICC combines all the scene products of the complete call center solution with higher standardization and no secondary development for customers.” Jian Renxian said.Last year, Bamboo Smart launched the AI ​​smart platform Bot FactoryTM.Through this platform, customers can quickly customize smart robot products such as intelligent customer service, enterprise manpower, intelligent terminals, personal assistants, etc. according to the scene.The platform provides one-click training, interactive robots can be quickly launched, and high-customization of enterprise product functions without the need for code, greatly reducing the cost of acquiring AI capabilities for customers.The platform assists technology with the “private cloud + SaaS” approach, providing enterprises with a full-stack AI solution.Huawei, one of the benchmark customers in the bamboo industry, has built more than 100 interactive robots using the Bot FactoryTM platform to help employees solve dialogue problems such as reimbursement, shuttle inquiry, IT helpdesk and other sub-scenarios, providing employees with a fast, unified and timely dialogue.Channels, as well as thoughtful and meticulous service.Bamboo Smart CEO Jen Renxian told 36 氪 that Bot FactoryTM can achieve the above functions because it aggregates all the core technologies, algorithms and models of bamboo, and has been serving nearly 300 different industries and different scenarios from four years.Project standards are used to achieve openness and platformization.“Bamboo Smart successfully developed and introduced speech recognition technology (ASR and TTS) with practical scene accuracy exceeding the industry benchmark last year. It has also been integrated into Bot FactoryTM.” In the past year, based on the Bot FactoryTM platform, Bamboo was B.The end enterprise provides a new generation of AI voice assistants, thus implementing the business model to B to C.For example, the chattering robot service provided for Huawei speaker products enables the speaker to recognize, understand, adapt and express human emotions, to sense emotions from sounds, images, and conversations, and to engage in dialogue more naturally.Moreover, Bamboo’s intelligent self-built chat corpus ensures that the content of the chat is safe and controllable, and also supports the related personalization functions such as branding and custom chat, providing a more interesting interactive experience for Huawei speaker customers.On the customer side, Bamboo Smart has reached many industry benchmark customers, including Huawei, OPPO, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Ping An, Covos, Zhongzhi Guan Aitong, China Travel Express, Tongcheng Yilong, PacificInsurance, Huaxia Life Insurance, Tongfang Life Insurance, Bohai Life Insurance, Huatai Securities, Evergrande Real Estate, Vanke, Country Garden, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, Sany Heavy Industry, Ford Motor, Foxconn, Youbie, Vipshop, China Mobile, Changhong TV, Sanofi, Ang Li Education, etc.Jian Renxian also revealed that in the future, Bamboo will also exert its efforts in the development of NLP technology and commercial landing in English and other multilingual languages.About Investment Logic: Xiong Wei, co-founding partner of Yunhui Capital: Semantic recognition, as the most promising and explosive segment of the AI ​​field, has a technical threshold.As the most cutting-edge technology company in the field, Bamboo Smart has independently developed a full set of underlying technologies and has a number of independent intellectual property rights, which can build dialogues and realize AI empowerment across domains and scenarios.The founder, Jane, was the deputy dean of Microsoft’s Asian Engineering Institute before he founded Bamboo. His management team paid attention to the underlying technical capabilities, engineering capabilities and product landing capabilities, enabling the company to deepen the industry and win the head customer resources in the segment.Solid bottom-level technology, a team with both commercialization and engineering capabilities, and a clear business model are more concerned when Yunhui Capital invests in AI companies.Ling Ming Capital Partner Shu Ming: Leading Capital has high expectations for the future of Bamboo Smart, mainly based on the following aspects: First, Bamboo has a very good and dedicated team, the core members have unified goals and high personality.Complementing; Second, the company pays great attention to the underlying research and development. The intelligent full-stack AI platform has already been awarded to many leading enterprises, bringing about improved human efficiency and customer satisfaction. It is believed that the intelligent cross-industry AI platform can be used in more industries.Third, in the upcoming 5G era, NLP technology will play an important role in more and more human-computer interaction, institutional and personal interaction, and process intelligence in various organizations.The team is looking forward to working with the management team and other investors in the bamboo industry to pool resources and continue to innovate to create value for the company and industry.Related reading: 36氪 starting | Multi-modal emotion recognition makes the machine more “understand” humans, “Bamboo Intelligence” won the future speculation of the 30 million US dollars B round financing minority | “Speaking people” emotional robot, the future willContracting your search engine and App for three years, emphasizing the scale of commercial landing, Bamboo Intelligence is expected to achieve annual profit and loss in 2018. Bamboo Smart Jane Renxian: The expression recognition accuracy rate is 81.57%. Semantic understanding is the main commercial landing scene.