U.S. Daily | Uber hopes in India and Africa; India’s “last mile” travel service provider Loca receives investment from Fuxing Ruizheng


PropertyGuru, a Southeast Asian Singapore real estate portal, canceled the Australian Stock Exchange’s IPO due to “market uncertainty”.According to DealStreetAsia, Property Guru sought to issue 8,450-93.3 million shares at an indicative price range of A$3.70-4.50 when filing an IPO.At the midpoint of its range, PropertyGuru will raise approximately A$362.6 million ($245 million).Its existing investors include private equity giants TPG Capital and KKR.Former Gojek CEO Nadiem Makarim is currently the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia.According to the 36-inch English station KrASIA, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said in his speech that the Ministry of Education led by Makarim will continue to make new breakthroughs in human resource development and train more experts in various fields.Singapore-based shared bicycle company Moov is licensed by LTA.According to the 36-inch English station KrASIA, the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) approved the application submitted by Moov at the beginning of the year, which can operate up to 10,000 bicycles under the license.Last month, LTA also approved another shared cycling company, SG Bike, to take over the Mobike license, and SG Bike users can now use Mobike’s 25,000 bicycles.India’s Ali Indian online supermarket BigBasket plans to “cultivate” its own brands in daily necessities and household products through the “BB Accelerate” program.According to the 36-inch English station KrASIA, in the year after the launch of the BB Accelerate program, 20-25 private brands such as Delight Foods, Kapiva and Vahdam Teas have been collaborated.It is reported that BB Accelerate is the incentive program for BigBasket to promote the popularity of young brands on its platform.It is worth mentioning that BigBasket’s competitor Grofers has also actively cultivated its own brand in recent years, and said that its current 40% of its revenue comes from its own brand.India’s “last mile” travel service provider Loca received an early investment of a million dollars.36氪 was informed that Loca, an Indian short-distance travel service provider, announced a $1 million early investment from Fosun Ruizheng and Stellaris Venture Partners.Loca has set up a travel fleet of small passenger cars and vans to create a city commuter service network, and through its self-developing algorithm, the waiting and walking time between the user reservation and the vehicle is reduced to less than 5 minutes.Latin American Didi travels in several cities in Colombia.According to 36 Xinhua News Agency, following the launch of services in Bogota, Colombia, in June, Didi Travel opened its services in several major cities in Colombia on the 22nd, covering more than 15 million urban residents.The cities where Didi is opened for service are Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga.These cities have heavy traffic congestion and public transportation services are relatively lagging behind.The Middle East UAE sovereign wealth fund Mubadala teamed up with Samsung to lead the US quantum computing startup IonQ for $55 million.According to Tencent Technology, IonQ raised $20 million in Series A financing in 2017.It is reported that the company’s valuation has not been disclosed.Founded in 2015, IonQ focuses on a quantum calculation method called “ion trap” that uses a laser beam to manipulate ions or charged atoms to activate quantum bits.Other Uber CEOs: The company’s hope for the next decade lies in India and Africa.According to 36氪, Sina Technology reported that Uber CEO Dara Cosrossa told reporters that India is a highly competitive market with high consumer demand, but its “profit potential” is also rising.Kosrosa West said: “If you want to see Uber’s growth trend in the next 10 years, it will be defined by markets such as India, Africa and the Middle East, not developed countries such as the US and Europe.” Softbank officially took over WeWork with a 9.5 billion bailout plan.According to DealStreetAsia, WeWork announced on Wednesday that it has accepted its largest investor, Softbank’s bailout plan, which will receive 80% of its shares.WeWork raised funds at a valuation of $47 billion in January this year, and its valuation has been less than $8 billion.Since the withdrawal of the IPO in September, the company has been working hard to cut costs and expects to lay off thousands of employees this month.It is reported that before the rescue plan was introduced, Softbank had invested more than 10 billion US dollars in the startup and owned about one-third of the company’s shares.Softbank paid 1.7 billion “severance payments” and sent away the founder of WeWork.According to 36, cited in Sina Finance, foreign media said that WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann, who has just resigned as CEO, will leave the company completely and give up his voting rights.The report quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Neumann would receive about $1.7 billion in compensation.Among them, Softbank will buy Neumann’s WeWork stock for $1 billion.In addition, Neumann will receive $185 million in consulting fees and $500 million in credit.36氪Going to the sea, we are backed by China’s leading new business media 36氪, always watching the emerging markets of India, Southeast Asian countries, Latin America and Africa.From the perspective of the media, we put together the new global business landscape and presented it to the Internet people who are eager to “far away” in China, and escort them to the distant side.We look forward to seeing friends who like 36氪 and pay attention to overseas markets to join us.Currently open positions include full-time journalists and operations.*For details, please see: It is time to see the new global business map!I recruit people’s text | Yunxiao @36氪出海; pot Shen @36氪出海编 | Zhao Xiaochun @36氪出海图 | Oriental IC.