SAIC Ningde Base completed the project and planned 240,000 new energy vehicles


Editor’s note: This article is from Krypton 36 “Future Automotive Daily” (micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Zhang.Author | Zhang Yi editor | Liang Chen in the domestic auto market from the incremental market to the stock market, the sea has become the choice of car companies seeking business growth.The first batch of car companies that have enjoyed the dividends of the sea are speeding up the construction of global factories.On September 28th, the Ningde base of the SAIC Group passenger car, which was originally scheduled to be put into operation at the end of this year, was officially completed and put into production.This is the fourth largest factory of SAIC Passenger Vehicle Group and an important export base for SAIC passenger vehicles.The total land used by SAIC Ningde Base is 6,879 mu, and the total investment of the first phase is about 5 billion yuan.In April last year, the project was officially laid in the Ningde Sanyu Park, which took 17 months to complete and put into production.SAIC Ningde has the mixed production capacity of new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles. Currently, it is mainly based on the production of new energy vehicles. The planned annual production capacity is 240,000 units. The first off-line model is the plug-in hybrid MG eHS.The new energy and sea-going business are two major business segments of SAIC Group’s upward trend in the first half of the year.According to the financial report, the company sold 82,000 new energy vehicles in the first half of the year, up 42% year-on-year; the export business grew by 11.5%.Wang Xiaoqiu, president of SAIC Group, said in an interview with the media last month that SAIC plans to start overseas markets through new energy vehicles. The hometown of MG (MG) is a very important overseas market for SAIC.MG MG is a 95-year-old British car brand, acquired by Nanjing Automobile Group in July 2005.Two years later, with the acquisition of Nanjing Automobile Group by SAIC, the MG MG was included in SAIC.The downline MG eHS is the third new energy vehicle owned by MG MG, and the other two are MG 6 new energy, pure electric MG EZS.The data shows that since the opening of the reservation in the UK in May this year, MG has more than 2,000 orders in the first two months.According to the plan, the overseas sales target for 2019 is 350,000 units, which is about 26% higher than the previous year.SAIC’s establishment of a vehicle factory in Ningde’s headquarters in Ningde can reduce the unsafe factors of battery transportation. On the other hand, it can rely on the location advantage of the southeast coast of Ningde era to export to the UK and Southeast Asia through land and sea transportation.However, at present, the sales of new energy vehicles are still in their infancy and the market share is low.According to the data of the China Automobile Association, in the first eight months of this year, the sales of new energy vehicles were only 793,000, accounting for less than 6% of the total sales of passenger vehicles, of which A-class vehicles and the following models accounted for 87%.In addition, new energy vehicles that do not yet have economies of scale are still facing policy uncertainty, and the country’s subsidies for new energy vehicles have fallen back to the industry.This also means a certain cost pressure for car companies that deploy new energy vehicles.(I am Zhang Yi, the author of the 36th Future Auto Daily, focusing on the automotive field. My WeChat is ro20110723, please feel free to exchange, add WeChat, please note the name, position, company.)