It’s time to see the new global business landscape!


Imagine if it was a great opportunity to do the following things?Dialogue with China, overseas, the best and most international entrepreneurs, investors and people in the circle, through their eyes to examine the underlying logic of the business world to record the rise of giants in emerging markets, make up for not seeing Alibaba, Tencent all the wayThe development path regrets the valuable information, reveals the highlight moment hidden in the details, precipitates into a proud work, and exerts influence on the venture capital industry to explore business logic. At the same time, explore the similarity of the model behind the “human” variable.Going out to sea, the above is your daily routine.who am I?Where do I come from?Where are you going?36氪The sea is going through the lens of the media to piece together the new global business landscape and present it to China’s Internet people who are eager to “far”.To do this, we first take the lens away and Zoom out to see the whole world.Subsequently, by dialogue with star entrepreneurs and investors in various destination markets, Zoom in focuses on the details of overseas markets and provides actionable insights.Regarding our readers, these are the keywords that people often think of when they mention this group of people: determine their own Vision and bet on the future “gamblers”, the pioneers of the wild market, the leaders of new businesses, and the “far-distance”Internet people and so on.It is not difficult to see from our name that we are relying on China’s leading new commercial media 36氪.The company that accompanied China’s venture capital eco-traversal cycle has already started its own international journey.The 36-year-old overseas station is expanding its reach to the world through 36-inch sea (ID: wow36krchuhai), English station KrASIA, Japan station 36Kr Japan, India station 36Kr India and content partners all over the world.Now, we expect friends who like 36氪 and pay attention to overseas markets to join us.Currently open positions include full-time journalists and operations.Reporters 36 reporters who went out to sea, we hope that you are like this: Experience: Venture capital or venture capital related work experience for 1-2 years, understand the logic of China’s Internet ecology, and be curious about business, venture capital and overseas marketsHeart; if you have just graduated and feel that you are suitable for us, then I hope that you have at least 2 internships related to venture capital, can learn the logic of an Internet segmentation industry, and have the skills of writing works:Chat – guide different types of interviewees to talk and grasp the rhythm of interviews; English – can be used as a working language, interview entrepreneurs around the world, have a better overseas study background; writing – compared to the gorgeous words, weIt is considered that accurate judgment, clear logical context and informative content are more valuable plus points: long-term reading 36氪, 36氪 going to sea; long-term attention to overseas technology media; own recognition of works; there are already eager to go to sea related topics36氪 Daily Report of the Sea Reporter: Research: Actively study the internationalization of Chinese companies, the overseas destination market, and be able to learn quicklyKnowledge from different industries, form their own judgment interviews: discover, contact, and dialogue with outstanding entrepreneurs and investors on the sea track, absorb opinions, and replace readers to “dig” their brain writing: tracking news hotspots, reporting star projects, interviewing industryPlayers, explore the depth of the topic network: expand the reach of 36 氪 sea, close to the venture capital circle, build a network operation to obtain information and opinions 36 氪 sea operations, we hope that you are like this: experience: WeChat public account operating experience for 1 yearAbove, I am responsible for the operation and fan growth skills of the WeChat public account of the venture capital/commercial media/content company: WeChat public number growth and operation; at a glance, discerning high-quality content, changing the title, planning the topic, and mastering the content; English reading, compilingObstacles plus points: long-term focus on venture capital/technical/commercial media; English technology media with frequent attention; will play small programs and operate the community 36氪 Daily operations of the sea: Exploring: as a link between the content of the link and the reader, need to take the initiativeExploring the needs of readers and exploring mature operating methods to maximize the value of 36 氪Letter: Data analysis and content release of the public number; Operation and expansion of the WeChat community: Selecting the relevant UGC content of the sea; Responsible for the two fixed columns of the Daily Report and the Venture Capital Weekly, although you cannot guarantee that you will enter the gold (in accordance withThe current price of gold is about more than 60 million daily!!), but we provide competitive salary in the industry.Your future work partners will include: super-strong Alpha males with brainwashing, literary young women with stories, rigorous “old cadres” of KOL transformation media in the legal profession, and super-strong eloquents who have not been singularly singularly… In addition, weIt is the 36-most international team, and colleagues from 10 countries can help you learn the English accent of each country.Office coordinates East Third Ring.We offer beer, coffee, snacks, breakfast, lunch, fruit… Most importantly, like other styled companies, we have cats.If you are like us, curious about the new global business landscape, and passionate about understanding emerging markets, please send your resume to our beautiful HR mailbox: [email protected], copy [email protected] name your email and resume as: Applicant / Operations + Name.Please attach your most satisfying work to the reporter. Please tell us the name of the public number and the number of fans you have operated.In short, I look forward to seeing you soon..