Google “Safe Princess” work diary: from Monday to Friday

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The Translation Bureau is a compilation team of 36氪, focusing on science and technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas and new trends.Editor’s note: Is work and life balanced?This is a problem we often face.The main character of the article, Parisa Tabriz, was listed by Forbes magazine in 2012 as the most noteworthy 30-person list in the technology industry under 30 years old. Let us see how she handles work and business life, I hope you can gain something.This article was translated from The New York Times by Kate Conger, originally titled “The Work Diary of Parisa Tabriz, Google’s ‘Security Princess'”.Parisa Tabriz used to be a hacker, but now she is a “princess.”The 36-year-old Tabriz is Google’s engineering director, who manages the company’s Chrome browser and a security investigation team called Project Zero.A few years ago, when Google asked her to collect a business card, she chose the “safe princess” because the title did not seem so boring as her actual identity “information security engineer.”As the position of Tabriz continues to climb, this title has been retained – this reminds men of cybersecurity: women also belong to this field.Tabriz said: “I want them to know that “princesses” can also work in engineering and STEM.” (Note: STEM is science, technology, engineering, and math.)The acronym for the four disciplines) Chrome is the world’s most widely used web browser, with more than one billion people accessing the web every day.At times, Tablez’s work at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., requires studying furniture design (she said that round chairs and felt baskets help to stimulate the curvilinear design of the Chrome label); at other times, she learns weird research.paper.A recent challenge is to try to figure out how to keep the privacy of search queries and other data, even if multiple users share a mobile phone for Internet access (as is often the case in developing countries).In general, Tabriz must figure out how to pass complex concepts such as encrypted content through pictographic patterns so that users around the world can understand them.When a user accesses a website through an encrypted connection, Chrome displays a green lock icon to indicate “safe”, while a red lock indicates that the connection may not be private.But some users mistake the shape of these locks for small wallets.On Twitter, Tabriz called himself a “female trainer” of the “zero plan.”The organization searches for unknown vulnerabilities in products produced by Google and its competitors and then publicly discloses its findings.The organization’s work has found widespread vulnerabilities, such as Meltdown and Spectre; the most recent was on August 29, when it discovered several security vulnerabilities in Apple’s mobile operating system.We got a week of contact with her in mid-June: Monday at 6 am.My super powers may be reflected in my ability to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning without an alarm clock.My cat, Darwin and Grace, heard my cry and immediately began to bark in their room, have breakfast and enjoy freedom.My husband sleeps very lightly, so we used two locked doors to separate them from our bedroom.They are named after Charles Darwin and computer science pioneer Grace Hopper.I just built a new house for them.We plan to build a container house for ourselves with prefabricated materials in a faster, more environmentally friendly way, but this is a long process.To some extent, I bought and built a cat house to make me feel like I am making progress.7:30 in the morning.Everyday work begins with drinking coffee and soda.After cleaning up my inbox, I had virtual office hours.My team consists of 375 people and is distributed in 12 Google offices around the world. Anyone can make an appointment to talk face to face.Today, I interviewed an engineer from Mountain View, another engineer in Munich, and a product manager in Seattle.11 am.I had a one-on-one walk with Ben, who was the head of the Zero Plan team.I try to use the mild weather conditions in the San Francisco Bay Area to hold a walking session and let myself be active. Otherwise, there may be many people sitting indoors and not exercising.We will discuss his upcoming speech at the security conference “Black Hat”, which will cover five years of work, making zero-day attacks more difficult and enhancing public understanding of software development.(Note: In the computer world, zero-day vulnerabilities usually refer to security vulnerabilities that have not been patched, while zero-day attacks refer to attacks that exploit such vulnerabilities.) 4 pm.I met Jenna, a software engineering intern who joined Google this summer.12 years ago, I also worked as an intern at Google.I have been getting older, but the age of the intern has remained the same.7pm.I went home and exchanged opinions with my husband about the legacy of our weekend.He is a deputy sheriff who handles security issues and real-world users.I watched Netflix on the couch with the cat and ended the day’s work.I am an introvert and need to use the time away from the crowd to charge.Tuesday at 5:45 am.Get up in the morning, routine, wear a classic overalls: black shirt, jeans and sandals.Before going out, I spent some time cleaning it up with a sticky roller, otherwise I would be covered with hair.7:20 in the morning.Google Calendar seems to be closed.Yeah! I feel a little helpless.Although I have been trying to adjust or reduce the number of invited meetings, much of my work is driven by my schedule.I try to solve the problem by emailing or authorizing others as much as possible – to delegate decision-making power to engineers on the team who are closer to the problem and more aware of the meaning of the problem.Fortunately, my schedule is cached on my phone, so I can see that I plan to chat with Chrome’s chief designer Alex at 7:30 in the morning.7:30 in the morning.Alex and I discussed a new feature that our team is considering.People always complain to us about how many tags they open, and Alex wants to try some new ways to group and display them.We discuss whether we should build a rough prototype, show it to users in a focus group, or actually build a more complete model that all Chrome users can experience.He also asked some suggestions for dealing with interpersonal conflicts in the team, and we discussed some things to try.As the saying goes, the project is very simple, but people’s problems are difficult.11 am.Four hours of brainstorming and discussion about Chrome Maps next year.3 pm.I received a message directly from the user @SwiftOnSecurity on Twitter, a computer security expert using a pseudonym and an influential figure who pretended to be Taylor Swift.He gave feedback on a new Chrome extension that we launched earlier, which helps users report suspicious websites.I received a lot of advice about Chrome security from everywhere: Twitter, work and personal email, Snap, Chrome bug reports, phone calls from family and friends.I sometimes even receive physical letters! I also received a lot of hate emails, complaints, work requests and some strange requests.I tried to answer as many respectful queries as possible, but in the end I still had to ignore a lot.18:00.I drove to dinner, and when the news was frustrating, I listened to the National Public Radio (NPR) while listening to the Top 40. I really like Billy Avery now.All works by Billie Eilish.At the dinner, Chrome leaders from around the world gathered to attend a large planning meeting.We sat around the table and shared our favorite sin and happy website for the warmth.I spent a lot of time on to browse modern architecture and find inspiration for my container interior design.Wednesday morning at 7:30.Bring my iPhone and Windows laptop.They are not my main devices, but I like to use them on Wednesdays.On Thursday, I tried to use my Mac as much as possible, and the rest of the time I used a Chromebook or Android phone.I am responsible for all Chrome operating systems, so I try to use all the different Chromes every week to capture subtle and important differences, and if something goes wrong, I will give feedback or bug reports.noon.I saw that they served Persian food for lunch. I wanted to try it, but I insisted on going to the salad bar.Compared with the dishes my mother made, the Persian dishes offered by the work are always disappointing.My mom is a Polish American, but she learned how to cook traditional Persian food from my grandmother from Iran.Except for cooking, they don’t have a common language, but after spending a few years in the kitchen, my mother made a great persian herb stew (ghormeh sabzi) and persian omelet (kuku sabzi).4:30 pm.I arranged my own private working hours so that no one could arrange a meeting with me.Then I browsed through two design documents, browsed a project promotion platform, then walked on campus, snacked, and thought about problems.I need to make a decision on a tricky upgrade that will slightly improve security, but at the cost of a shorter battery life.Chrome can run on everything from low-end phones to high-end desktops, so a big part of my job is to absorb a lot of technical details and remember; consider the trade-offs in performance, security, and usability; consider the numberHundreds of people and billions of users will be affected by any decision; then make a decision.Therefore, I often have time pressure.8pm.I ate cereal for dinner.My favorite now is Kashi’s peanut butter crispy cereal.I am not too embarrassed to admit that many weekend meals and dinners are porridge.Google’s lunch and snacks have given me enough vegetables and food, and I don’t like cooking.Thursday at 6:30 am.At the recommendation of a colleague, I tried a new pigmentation shampoo to brighten my pink hair.Unfortunately, my hair is not born pink, so I need to do some ongoing work and shower cleaning; most of my towels are stained with pink.10 o’clock in the morning.Meet with an executive to discuss the new security features of the Google branded laptop chromebook.We are considering a feature that can help lock down the hacker’s operating system and change the security boot.4:10 PM.Meet with my assistant Brea every week to check everything and prepare for next week.Brea has always mastered the schedule, sorted out my schedule, left room for me to think undisturbed, booked trips and meetings, reminded me to complete tasks, or helped me and answered questions on my behalf.She helped me stay awake and efficient at work, and because she worked as a yoga teacher part-time, she also gave me free stretching exercises and health advice.17:00.Read some of the latest user research from India.According to some research reports published last year, many women in South Asia want to share mobile phones with children or male family members, which has led to a series of privacy issues and policy implementation.I don’t share my personal phone with anyone, so the needs of these users and their behavior really surprised me.18:00.Handle more message classifications.I have to work late, because I have to take a vacation on Friday and stay with my three girlfriends I have known for more than ten years.In fact, at Google, we receive email alerts about vacations, and I have received these email alerts since I took a lot of vacations.Friday morning at 7:30.Go to the local climbing gym Planet Granite.After resting for a long time on the shoulder injury, I was trying to restore the size of the rock climbing.After 90 minutes of training with my husband’s bouldering, my forearm began to cramp, it was dusty, and the skin on my fingers was sore and swollen, so we went home.9:00.Handle email classifications.Strictly speaking, I am on vacation today, but during this break, I will still check my inbox to see if I can handle some things.When it comes to retreats, I am a bad role model.Translator: Yoyo_J.