Front line | Samsung Galaxy Fold is five months late, but the display is still defective


It has been five months since Galaxy Fold suddenly cancelled the original release plan.In September, the market finally ushered in Samsung’s first mass-produced folding phone, priced at $1980.The Galaxy Fold, which was unveiled again, is not the same as before.First, fix the screen protector under the frame to make it more difficult to remove.Samsung’s evaluation machine issued to the media had a black screen exception. Samsung explained that it was because the reporter had torn off the protective film.But the protective film of the original Galaxy Fold can be removed with a light lift, and Samsung did not emphasize in any manual that it could not be torn off.In addition, the new Galaxy Fold reduces the gap between the two screens when they are closed, and adds a cover to avoid foreign objects in the middle of the device when the device is broken.And, an invisible metal layer is added to the bottom of the display to reinforce the screen and make it harder to touch.More importantly, the new product is accompanied by a very detailed manual, comparable to the internal page reminder of over-the-counter drugs.Explain the writing path, the user should not make five kinds of behaviors for Galaxy Fold, including: 1. exert too much pressure on it; 2. leave foreign objects in the middle of the two screens before folding, such as keys, etc.; 3. expose it to waterOr dust; 4. Put your own protective film on top of the existing screen protector; 5. Place it near equipment that is prone to electromagnetic anomalies, such as credit cards or medical equipment.Image source: Samsung Galaxy Fold is so fragile, unlike electronic products in 2019, and not like a consumer product in a trouser pocket, it is more like a person who should be put in a glass glove and put in a glass dice waiting for appreciation.thing.Moreover, even so, the problem still exists.TechCrunch reporter Brian Heater found an unshaped spot in the middle of the screen after getting the new machine one day.The picture he showed showed that the spot was in the middle of the screen and was about 1 cm in diameter.Image source: TechCrunch Brian Heater Brian Heater emphasizes that he neither slammed his phone on the ground, immersed in liquid or stepped on his feet, and did not pinch foreign objects in the middle of the fold, and the protective film was not visible to the naked eye, but thisThe spot is there.He has now sent the phone back to Samsung, waiting for the other party to reply.This month, YouTube blogger @JerryRigEverything, which evaluated the durability of smart hardware, released a video that tested the phone’s ability to withstand hard objects, excessive bending and even fire, and came up with “Galaxy Fold’s screen hardness and Play Doh (Pellet colorful mud), wet bread or $2,000 chewing gum is quite “conclusion.”Because “even my nails can seriously damage the screen.”In the video, he used his fingernails across the screen, leaving a noticeable [email protected] Video screenshot Samsung is probably anticipating this problem, so it offers a chance to change the screen at a price of $149.However, it should be noted that this offer is only applicable to users who purchased before December 31, 2019.For users who have spent nearly $2,000 to buy a mobile phone, it will be a bit cruel to spend another $149 to repair the screen.But unexpectedly, the pre-sale of Galaxy Fold was very successful.This month, South Korea opened two pre-orders in succession, all of which were sold out in a short period of time.Inventories in the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, France and other regions have also been snapped up.The folding panel that Samsung had previously discontinued returned to the production line, and decided to produce 70,000 panels in September and 100,000 in October.The form of the smart machine in our hands has not changed much in many years. A foldable mobile phone is enough to arouse the curiosity and enthusiasm of the market.But whether this technology is really mature, but also a question mark.”The success of the Galaxy series is based on Samsung’s ten years of electronics manufacturing experience, but the foldable product is still an unknown area for everyone.They will experience many failures before they succeed.Brian Heater commented, but at least, Samsung is worthy of praise. After all, it is the first person to eat crabs. The source of the title: Samsung.