Front line | iPhone’s strongest “Jailbreak” tool was born?

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The iPhone “Jailbreak” suddenly changed from history to reality.According to the latest report by the Verge, a security researcher who has long been committed to cracking the iOS system with the network name ID “axi0mX” said on the overseas social media that he developed a jailbreak tool Checkm8 – meaning in chess.”General” means that all iPhone models from iPhone 4s to iPhone X can be cracked, and “Jailbreak” for Apple hardware devices such as iPad and iPod Touch is also supported.According to axi0mX, Checkm8 will “cannot be blocked by software” and Apple will not be able to fix the system by developing patches.Developers discovered and exploited the vulnerability of Bootrom in Apple’s original code to develop Checkm8.This original code is a central program for system startup. It was released in 2010 with the iOS 4.0 operating system and iPhone 4, and it has not been modified.So this tool is “permanent.”If Checkm8 is practical enough, it is expected to affect hundreds of millions of Apple hardware terminals.The iPhone “Jailbreak” is the normal state of the iPhone used nearly 10 years ago.In 2008, Apple launched the App Store, which allows third-party apps to be displayed, downloaded, and installed through the App Store.However, when the App Store was first launched, it required high requirements for third-party software, and it was expensive.This has forced users to install jailbreak tools to make some common apps available on iPhones, often including free pirated apps.In addition, the iPhone before iOS 3.0 lacks some simple functions like “copy” and “paste”, which is also one of the motivations for iPhone users to jailbreak.Jailbreak development to the back, you only need to download the installation tool on the PC side, and then connect to the iOS system with a data cable.This is actually a breakthrough in the user’s restrictions on the use of terminals such as the iPhone, and it also brings about the security of the iPhone.Apple has three solutions for this solution: on the one hand, the security of the iOS system has been strengthened, on the other hand, the third-party applications of the App Store have been continuously enriched, and iOS has introduced more functions, making the iPhone more and more convenient;The third is to reduce the application fee for the App Store.User demand for jailbreak is also decreasing.However, the behavior of jailbreak will not disappear, because cracking the iOS system is always a hot topic in the IT circle.Some geeks are very persistent in jailbreaking, both as a security challenge for iOS systems and as a full control of Apple hardware terminals.This also contributed to Apple’s continuous update and enhancement of the iOS system.In this sense, the development of Checkm8 does not bring real benefits to most iPhone users.In addition, its use process is complicated.The Verge and cnBeta said that the application of Checkm8 jailbreak, need to meet quite complicated conditions, such as each jailbreak requires a computer to start, can not be remotely executed, and can only be done via USB.There have been no cases of jailbreaking with Checkm8.Finally, Checkm8 is actually a profitable business.Apple just increased the vulnerability bounty from $200,000 to $1 million in August.Discovering iOS system vulnerabilities and making them public is a profitable thing for technical geeks.