Technology God Reply | Lu Weibing returns to Yu Chengdong, Chang Cheng: Don’t fight, no


Exposure: iPhone will cut Liu Haier next year; Yu Minhong: When your salary is less than half of your classmates, it proves that life has been wasted half… In the evening, look back at some of the technology news and netizens’ replies that should not be missed.Lu Weibing returns to Yu Chengdong: The foreign car license plate sells more than 10,000 on the mobile phone. It is practical value. On September 26, Huawei released the Mate 30 series products in China, referring to the newly released Xiaomi 5G surround screen MIX Aphla concept machine, @余承东The evaluation is just a concept phone and has no practical value.In this regard, Xiaomi @卢伟冰发微博 said that if there is no “practical value” around the screen, then what is the “practical value” of selling a foreign license plate on the mobile phone and selling 10,000 pieces [email protected]下午茶食乜好: There is one to say one, [email protected]猪 shouts you: There is no practical value in the mouth, turned over the head of Huawei Swarovski mobile phone case, 499 [email protected]歪闷4: Looked at Lu Benwei.Yu Minhong: When your salary is less than half of your classmates, it proves that life has been wasted half. Recently, Yu Minhong said at the “China University Students Self-Strengthening Star” sharing meeting that money is a person’s ability proof. When your salary is less than half of your classmates, yourLife has been wasted half.Everyone has only 24 hours, but some people can add time to make themselves a more free [email protected]: For their public relations, a tear of [email protected] Onlookers Mr. Zhang: Your assets are less than one tenth of Ma Yun, and you have wasted most of your [email protected]汤米饭215: Scientists shed tears and worship entrepreneurs.Exposure: Will the iPhone be cut Liu Haier next year?Can I still retain facial recognition [email protected] Twitter said that Apple has designed a 6.7-inch screen iPhone without “Liu Haier”. The original deep-sensing lens for face recognition will be reduced and placed in the frame above the display.Geskin made a diagram to illustrate the so-called future iPhone, and he said that Apple plans to release the product in [email protected]我是彬彬吖: I haven’t touched even 11 yet, and you started to study [email protected]笙箫一曲唱元璞: Isn’t this [email protected] advised myself not to test: I looked at the One Plus 7 pro in my hand and felt a bit like [email protected]博越: The biggest problem for Apple now is not the ugly front, but the uglier behind.The Apple logo can be used for notifications on future iPhones. The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent on Thursday. In the future, iPhones can use electronically controlled decorative elements on the back of the phone case, allowing users to further change the color of the Apple logo.Customize your smartphone and alert your device owner to notifications or other events.It shows that Apple seems to be considering giving users more choices by adding color-changing elements to the back of the user [email protected]我 is no longer Sharker: the hammer can’t be done, Apple is coming.Mr. @Van: It is well known that RGB can improve performance by 200%[email protected]妙警贼探探叮铛: It seems that a cottage machine has done this a decade ago.At that time, not only the logo behind, but also the frame of the whole machine can run the lantern.What are the hot events in the tech circle today? Do you want to vomit?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below, the excellent God reply will appear in the next article~