Sharing charging treasure counterattack: Wang Sicong is silent, Chen Ou has a bad breath


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Luo Chao Channel” (ID: luochaotmt), 36 is authorized to publish.The monopoly ability of the scene is the real core value of the shared charging treasure.On May 4, 2017, after Chen Ou announced that Street Electric had received 300 million yuan of financing from Jumei Premium, Wang Sicong posted in the circle of friends: “If you share the charging treasure, you can become a lover, and you can use it as a card.” Two years laterThe shared charging treasure has lived very well. In March 2019, the street electric COO He Shun told the reporter of Late LatePost that the head of the shared charging treasure industry has basically achieved profitability.Sharing the charging treasure has become a thing.Sharing the charging treasure’s counterattack in September, in the sound of a price increase, the shared charging treasure industry once again received attention.A number of media reports said that the shared charging treasure of the core business district of the first-tier cities has risen to 3-4 yuan / hour, and the users on Weibo have encountered a shared charging treasure of 8 yuan / hour or even 12 yuan / hour.This is not an exaggeration.Some time ago I went to a hospital in Guangzhou and found that the price of an unknown shared charging treasure has reached 4 yuan / 15 minutes, and the unit price of one hour is already 16 yuan.And the shared charging treasure takes a fixed design, you can only stand next to the pile to charge, you have to look at the carousel ads on the screen.I was vomiting at the time, and this TM was simply stealing money.It seems that it is not just this hospital. Mobile charging is like pork. It used to be a daily consumption, but it became extravagant overnight.They are all “unmanned” economies with the name of “sharing”. The fate of the two industries of sharing bicycles and sharing charging treasures is far from the same.In 2017, Wang Sicong was not optimistic about sharing the charging treasure, it was the most crazy time to share the bicycle subsidy war, at that time, both the ofo and the Moby bicycle were in the high light moment.At the 2017 Boao Forum for Asia, the founder of ofo, Dai Weicheng, the youngest entrepreneur, and his temperament, set up a FLAG at the time: no one will buy a bicycle in 2020.In June, Ma Huateng and Zhu Xiaohu argued in the circle of friends that Mobai and ofo were the first and who had a better business model. At the time, sharing bicycles was the hottest track in the Internet industry.By the end of the year, the situation had turned sharply, and the problems of theo and Mobye bicycles were urgent, and the deposits were difficult to retreat.In April 2018, Moby was acquired by the US group to find the next home. The less foro was on the difficult road of self-help.Although today’s shared bicycle market has players such as Green Orange and Harbin, the industry is suffering and the endgame is difficult.Sharing bicycles in the same year, but the capital is good, the phenomenon level track, Ali Tencent two giants re-note, multiple players shouted the goal of growing into a billion US dollars, today the market is slightly embarrassing, the industry is confused, the overall trendreason.Sharing charging treasures have never been optimistic until today’s climate, Trustdata provides data, as of June this year, the domestic charging treasure market users have reached 133 million, the average monthly user number of 2018 has exceeded 100 million,”Three electric and one beast” four points in the world: street market share of 28.6%, small electricity 27.0%, monster charging 25.1%, calls 15.6%.The acquisition of Mobike bicycles to relocate the shared bicycle track is also preparing to restart the shared charging treasure project nationwide. This is the third time that the US Mission launched the project, and the US Mission has made new judgments on the market.Sharing the charging treasure is likely to become the biggest winner in the unpopular “shared” economy.Why do we overestimate shared bikes and underestimate shared charging treasures?Why can the shared charging treasure be countered?How did the shared charging treasure become?At the beginning, people were not optimistic about the reasons for sharing charging treasures. They were as follows: First, mobile phone life is getting longer, people’s demand for charging treasures will only become weaker. Second, even if you need to charge treasure, buy a tens of dollars.You can carry it with you. Why do you have to spend money?Third; even if you want to use the charging treasure, who is willing to give the deposit a leeks?Once bitten, twice shy.However, the market has smashed the gorgeous data on the face of the singer. People overestimated the speed of the mobile phone’s battery life, but underestimated the user’s laziness.At the press conference, the mobile phone company will emphasize the improvement of new product life. For example, the recent iPhone 11 conference, Apple boasted that iPhone11 battery life is one hour longer than iPhoneXR, iPhone11Pro increased by 4 hours, and ProMax increased by 5 hours.If you make a statistic on Apple’s battery that has been blown by the battery life, you will find that the iPhone has been running for more than three days today, but in fact, smartphones are basically inevitable for one day, and the iPhone is no exception. You will use 4G outside.With GPS, it will brighten the screen, you will always use the mobile phone, the power will be brushed down at a speed visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, when the mobile phone has 50% of electricity, it will start to appear “continuation anxiety”.Charging treasure is just needed, before the new technology after the lithium battery comes out, it will still be just needed.However, more and more users are reluctant to take the charging treasure out.Smartphones have been trying to get rid of user wallets and keys, replacing bank cards, replacing bus cards, replacing ID cards, replacing keys, since wallet keys are not willing to bring, who would like to bring a heavy charging treasure?Girls will bring bags when they go out, but they will always be full of stuff in the bag, generally there is no place to charge treasure; boys do not bring bags, and packs are too lazy to bring charging treasure.Come home with a charging treasure and make up the electricity, trouble.You see that the face payment is spreading at a high speed. People with mobile phones are too lazy to take out the mobile phone to display the QR code. Even the mobile phones are too lazy to unlock. The technology is to cultivate people’s inertia and make lazy people lazy.This speed and extent is beyond what you expected.You are lazy than you think, and the cake of the lazy economy is bigger than you think.And the shared charging treasure is lowering the threshold.The popularity of WeChat and Alipay applet eliminates the trouble of users installing App. The popularity of Alipay credit points makes the deposit free of charge the standard of shared charging treasure, according to Trustdata in “2019 China Shared Charging Industry Development Analysis Brief”According to the data, in 2019, the proportion of shared charge-free credit-free deposit orders has reached 95.4%, and WeChat payment is also accelerating the pace of credit payment.The usage threshold for shared charging treasure is reduced, and users do not have to worry about becoming a leek.In my own case, I thought that I could not be the target user of the shared charging treasure. I used to go out with a charging treasure.A friend sent me a shared charging treasure value card with a face value of 200 yuan. I was so aggressive at the time: Does the goods still need a stored value card?At that time, many of the shared charging treasures were free for the previous hour. Can I run out of the monkey year?Later, I experienced a feeling: really incense!Sharing the charging treasure has become my habit. Sometimes the car is in the parking lot of the mall. I am too lazy to take the charging treasure in the car.Now that the stored value card has been used up, I am now spending money on “high price electricity.”Users have just needed, use the threshold to reduce these two qualities on the shared bicycle, why share the charging treasure can unscrupulously increase the price, why share the charging treasure can be the first to achieve profitability, why the sharing charging treasure industry can counterattack?What is the counter-attack bicycle?The surface reasons are easy to find.Sharing bicycle hardware costs more, wind and rain are easy to break, users will be placed on the ground will affect public transportation, the platform needs to invest a lot of manpower and resources to operate offline and operate, so it is difficult to make a profit.In contrast, shared charging treasures basically require only one-time hardware and deployment investment, and as long as there is proper pricing and sufficient orders, it can be profitable in the product cycle.But at a deeper level, the reasons are not limited to this.In the operation system of shared charging treasure, all agents, merchants and platforms are common interests, agents and merchants will participate in the revenue sharing of shared charging treasure. For merchants, sharing charging treasure is the service capability.Sub-items are therefore generally not excluded.It is precisely because of this operating system that the platform becomes lighter, the agents play the role of extension and maintenance, and the merchants are responsible for the care, and the market investment and maintenance costs are much lower.Sharing a bicycle is a test of the quality of the user. Whether it destroys the bicycle, whether it is locked in the car, whether it is not in accordance with the specifications, the platform is difficult to constrain the user, which increases the risk cost of the platform.There is no such problem with shared charging treasures, because it is placed in places where people are staring, such as restaurants, shopping malls, etc. These points are a community of interests. At this time, it is difficult for users to destroy.In the shared bicycle operating system, there is only one common interest in the shared bicycle platform, which is the city manager.Shared bicycles are an effective supplement to urban public transportation, but they bring some traffic problems, such as the problem of random and illegal parking. It is precisely because of this that more and more cities have adopted access and bidding systems for shared bicycles.Higher maintenance requirements further increase platform costs.It can be seen that the shared charging treasure is not only better financial model, but also has a lighter operating system and a better profit base.After the market education matured, the head platforms began to have a tacit agreement to raise prices together. Agents and businesses that are the community of their interests are naturally supported, but consumers have no choice but to share the treasure.Will enter the scale of profit stage.For the price boom of the shared charging treasure industry, a plausible explanation is CPI. What can be raised at a price increase?However, this is not the case. Although the shared charging treasure is currently a four-point world of “three electrics and one beast”, in essence, each family has realized a monopoly of a specific space.You will find that a shopping mall, a restaurant, a floor, and often only one shared charging treasure brand exists, a brand gets a point of access, if you can, naturally hope to exclude, so users can only use their own charging treasureAnd, in fact, they have pricing power.Why do I see a shared charge of 4 yuan / 15 minutes in a hospital in Guangzhou, but only 2 yuan / hour in the shopping mall across the road?Because a shared charging treasure monopolizes a place, it has mastered the pricing power.Some people say that you don’t need to raise the price, but as I said before, you use the shared charging treasure to make it convenient. If the mobile phone has no power, let you go through a street to use a cheaper treasure. Is it convenient??Note: Pricing power is not an infinite price increase, but an appropriate pricing model to maximize the benefits of the platform.Sharing charging treasures to 8 yuan / hour, there are certainly many people will not use, but the platform is so priced, based on big data to analyze, based on the location of the flow of people, consumption levels, user history behavior synthesisPricing to maximize platform benefits.The platform will not pay attention to your own decision logic, only to see the overall optimal.The shared charging treasure of a shopping mall is 8 yuan / hour, but the next-door restaurant may only be 4 yuan / hour, which is the power of data.The business model based on the monopoly of the scene space is not the first one to share the charging treasure.In a good restaurant, you can buy a can of Coca-Cola for 5 yuan; in a five-star hotel refrigerator, a can of Coca-Cola costs 20 yuan; in the high-end bar, you can order a can of Coca-Cola for 50 yuan.The same is a cup of Coke, different prices in different places, because the scene is different, the price is different, the shared charging treasure can raise the price is the same, speaking more straightforward, this is the “sit from the ground”.If it involves public services, it is wrong to “sit on the ground”. Once I read the news, the copying cost of a real estate transaction center in a city is as high as 20 yuan / piece, and the market price is only 1 yuan / piece. This is the public resource in the city.On the basis of nature, it is unreasonable. Similarly, if it is in a public place such as a hospital or a station, the price of the shared charging treasure is more than ten yuan/hour, and the price department may not sit idly by.Sharing bicycles, but do not have such a monopoly ability of the scene, a place is unlikely to have only one color shared bicycle, after all, shared bicycles carry the role of urban public transportation, sharing bicycles is difficult to “sit on the ground”, and its price returns to reasonableThe level has already caused a bunch of spit, and consumers have a choice, it is difficult to set a high price.The monopoly ability of the scene is the real core value of the shared charging treasure.Judging from the shared charging treasure counter-attack sharing bicycle, the judgment of capital, the judgment of the giant, and the judgment of Daxie are not necessarily correct, and the market is the only ultimate referee.The story of sharing the charging treasure is not as sexy as the “connecting city life” and “the last mile of the city trip”. The shared charging treasure has no core value similar to the mobile payment portal for the giants. However, it can make money on the ground., is a very good business.Perhaps it is to see this, the US group with 5.9 million annual active business resources, it is necessary to restart the shared charging treasure business for the third time.As for whether it can be done, it is a matter of words..