How can you reveal fingerprints than a scissors?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Netease H5” (ID: wangyih5), author Iris, 36 is authorized to publish.Recently, Weibo saw a news that was extremely scary: the camera will be stolen than the “scissors”!Some experts said, “The photo of the scissors hand taken within 1.5 meters can restore the fingerprint of the subject 100%. Only the photos taken more than 3 meters can hardly extract the fingerprints.” Turning over the self-portraits in the album, I am poor.Determine the keywords thrown by the experts to poke my pain points.In the new media era, are the output of experts so direct to the soul?What did the scissors hand do wrong??This netizen has given a solution: learn male stars inward than scissors, than chicken feet, than small boxing.Jokes are jokes, but is it really dangerous to take fingerprint information that may be leaked?In the microblog of professional trace inspection appraisers @ trace tester nine drops of water, we learned that: fingerprint recognition uses nine detailed features on the fingerprint, the shape, size, and two-dimensional coordinates of the detailed features are relatively fixed, which is alsoThe premise of doing fingerprint comparison.The tilt of the finger angle when taking a photo will result in a change in the position, size, and shape of the detail feature.If the details of a fingerprint are incorrect and the details are not visible, the fingerprint will be called a “waste fingerprint” and cannot be used in any field.Weibo @ Trace Inspector nine drops of water, not to mention my pixels and filters do not support fingerprint collection!Shooting distance of 0.5m, although you zoom in, you can see the fingerprint counted as a microblogging user comment, beauty in the hand is not inconspicuous, the photo will actually leak fingerprint information, many netizens open face information on the photoThere may also be deep concern that the brush face permissions may be used indiscriminately.In fact, the face recognition system such as FaceID uses a deep-sensing lens, which requires a three-dimensional outline.If you can open your phone and Alipay with just a 2D photo, face recognition won’t be widely used.So we don’t have to be too sensitive to security technologies that are legally guaranteed.But the right to portrait is not necessarily the case.With the rapid development of network technology, face-changing is no longer as rough as in previous TV series, and both photos and videos can be vivid.There are also people with bad minds who use advanced technology to do the inferior activities.According to the Australian media, Martin, a 22-year-old law school student, found on Google that his portrait was used in a martial arts movie without permission.

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Martin then contacted the publisher via email, but the publisher threatened to have several copies of his hand.If you want to delete a post, you can use your own true fruit photo or bitcoin to change.There are countless examples of this, and many domestic and foreign stars have been “changed” into indecent videos.The face-changing app “ZAO”, which was smashed immediately after the explosion, was also suspected of violating the public’s portrait rights with the overlord clause.Privacy leaks are not far from ordinary people.Recently, an artificial intelligence practitioner publicly sold “face data” on the Internet, with a total of 170,000 characters, including a portrait of 2,000 people.
Source: Beijing Youth Daily, in addition to the location of the face, there are 106 key points of the face, such as the outline information of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, eyebrows and so on.Not only that, but the data can even provide information such as gender, expression, mood, face value, and wearing glasses.And these people don’t know that their “face” is being sold online.
Image source: Beijing Youth Daily merchants said that some of the sales samples were taken from search engines and the other from a database of overseas software companies.At present, the purchase and sale of private interests and the privacy of others have risen from the external information such as ID cards and telephone numbers to the level of biological information.According to NBC, IBM grabbed nearly 1 million photos from the Flickr website to train face recognition algorithms, including some of the photographer’s face images and selfies, but they didn’t know about it.One of the Austrian photographers has more than 700 photos used to study facial recognition technology.Similar companies often use Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google and other websites and photo galleries to grab face images for free to feed algorithmic systems.These trainings are not just academic research, they will eventually be used to make money.As more and more companies start selling facial recognition technology, our faces are increasingly appearing in databases.So many people ridicule that we are in the “streaking” era.In the era of big data, we are willing to use some of the privacy exchange facilities to obtain personalized services. The large platform that is regulated by law also implements the user privacy confidentiality agreement.But sometimes, our defense of privacy exposure is not strong enough to identify the overlord clauses and scams in life.Therefore, in daily life, we must have a sense of privacy protection and reduce the risk of privacy leakage from our own.The terminal is the first barrier. Don’t let strangers use their mobile computers at will, and don’t enter passwords on unfamiliar computers.If you really need it, after you enter it, clear the record.If you are entering a password on your browser, remember to use stealth mode.Older phones store usage information, contacts, phone records, and even partial storage information.If you want to change your mobile phone, the old mobile phone is ready to be sold or replaced with a new one. Be sure to format and reset the network. The SIM card and external memory card must be removed.Carefully expose the personal information name, work unit, date of birth, ID number, etc. on the social network. Do not arbitrarily disclose it on social networking sites.Train tickets, airline tickets and other items with barcodes can easily get your ID information with special software.If you are in a circle of friends or Weibo, it is equal to telling others that you are not at home at the moment.If someone who knows your home address and is ill-fated is eyeing, the consequences are unimaginable.The names, photos and living information of family members (parents, children, and the elderly) should also be cautiously exposed. Many fraudsters use their family relationships to call and extort money.Beware of network information collection Many people like to connect to free WiFi, but the unknown WiFi can not only get the IMEI identification code of your mobile phone, but also get your login account and password. Account privacy (such as cookies) will be intercepted and stolen.Possible.Therefore, when using the public network, try to use the browser’s stealth mode to access the Internet, do not log in to the privacy account.Do not register websites with unknown sources, do not easily click on the links in the text messages and emails, and do not scan the QR codes and programs of unknown origin to avoid being phishing.In recent years, cloud storage has liberated the pressure on hard drives, but don’t rely too much on cloud synchronization.Some very private things are not reliable when uploaded to the cloud without encryption protection, especially for photos and confidential files.In addition, some small programs such as “internal testing” and “game testing” will require users to fill in ID card numbers, birthdays, contact numbers, etc., and think twice before filling in.Nowadays, the Internet is becoming more and more developed. In addition to enjoying convenience, we must constantly update our awareness of cybersecurity risks.The emphasis on personal privacy and cyber security issues should also enter the family, campus and enterprises, and become the necessary “basic self-defense skills” for everyone.