What is the feeling of Xiaoyao’s first day as the chairman of Ali?


Wearing a golden rivet jacket, and Ma Yun singing “You raise me up”, Alibaba’s 20th anniversary of a historic night, the next day, September 12, is Xiaoyao Zi (Zhang Yong) took over from Ma Yun, fromThe CEO of Alibaba Group became the first day of the board of directors.As a chairman of Alibaba, what kind of feeling is it?Ma Yun’s statement about his career as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ali in the past six years is: I think that being a poor CEO and being a chairman will be very leisurely. I didn’t expect it to be busier than before.The first day of Xiaoyao’s appointment as the chairman began at 9:30 am and ended at 11:00 in the middle of the night.Compared with just as a CEO, more government relations affairs, foreign affairs reception, and the first day of Xiaoyao’s new chairman is unusual and unusual.9:30-10:30 Hangzhou and Ali signed a new round of strategic agreement Location: Alibaba headquarters Xixi Park at 9 am, Xiaoyao prepared a shirt suit and light blue tie, arrived half an hour ahead of Alibaba in Hangzhou Xixi ParkOffice.Ali insiders said that he was very punctual and never late.The first guest was Zhou Jiangyong, secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee.He and Xiaoyao signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the Hangzhou Municipal Government and the most important local commercial enterprises.Alibaba has been invaded from Ma Yun Apartment 20 years ago. Today, it is another city card in addition to scenery and humanities in Hangzhou. It is also the biggest reward for Hangzhou’s inclusive and relaxed policy environment.”A city and a company to sign a comprehensive strategic agreement are the first in China and the world.” Xiaoyao said.On one side, he sat in front of Ant King’s chairman and CEO, Jing Xiandong, Ali Technical Committee Chairman Wang Jian, and Taobao Tmall President Jiang Fan.The last time the two sides signed such an agreement was five years ago.In the past five years, Alibaba’s most important project in Hangzhou has been “urban brain”, a complicated project that has many scenes and has been transformed into urban life.In the middle, Zhou Jiangyong and Xiaoyao Zi, such as “pay at most once”, Hangzhou citizens can use their face to verify their credits and clear all kinds of projects at one time.For example, “saving one hour a day”, in the tourist season, help visitors to scan the code for 20 seconds, and touch the face for 30 seconds.For example, the ambulance is all the way, the premise is to get through the hospital’s exit information and traffic information to achieve dynamic changes in traffic lights.In the new agreement, Ali is on the agenda for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hangzhou.Zhou Jiangyong also talked about a particular detail.The “Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center”, where the Ali’s annual meeting was held the day before, is the venue for the 2020 Asian Games. This stadium, which can accommodate 80,000 people, has not yet been operated normally.Ali has more than 110,000 employees, although only 60% of the lucky ones get tickets through the lottery, but the momentum is still huge.To this end, Hangzhou has mobilized a large number of public security and fire fighting forces.Ali employees laughed and said that they volunteered to help the Asian Games venues to “pressure test”.Zhou Jiangyong also went to the annual meeting.He said that when he got home and saw that there were almost no garbage in the photos of the stadium after the departure of 60,000 people, he felt very pleased.The Xiaoyao on the side also laughed.14:30-15:30 President of Kazakhstan Visiting Location: Alibaba Headquarters Xixi Park Xixi Park is a huge rectangle. The most familiar outside world is the “Guest Center” in Building 5 at the central location and entrance.Low, every day, there will be countless interviewers, trainers, business negotiators, and everyone will take photos and punch a circle of friends, just like visiting an attraction.On the southwest side, it is a low-rise building with a glass façade, on the verge of a small piece of Xixi waters, with its own mysterious temperament.Here is Hall 9, which is used to showcase the company’s history, business map and future strategy. It only accommodates guests who are important or have long-term appointments.At 2:30 in the afternoon, the second guest of the day, Kazakh President Tokayev, was also received by Xiaoyaozi.The former president who had studied in China for a short time and was interviewed in Chinese in the “News Network” not long ago was curious about the Chinese Internet.On the week of the 9th, there is a full-time staff responsible for explaining the company history, but this time, Xiaoyao personally took the microphone to respond to Mr. President’s questions at any time.He was amazed when he introduced the scan code payment without a wallet.A few months ago, Kazakh President Tokayev and Xiaoyao Zi received the African President Niger.As he becomes the chairman of the Ali Group, there will be more and more such foreign affairs meetings.With reference to what Ma Yun has done in the past six years, I can probably see a glimpse of it. In addition to taking charge of the company’s business, Xiaoyao, who is also the chairman of the board, must be in culture and institutions, talents and organizations, and various government social affairs and public services.In-depth participation.11:30-14:00 Business Meeting 15:30-18:30 Business Meeting Venue: All day at Alibaba’s headquarters in Xixi Park, Xiaoyaozi is walking between Hall 9 and other office buildings.Between the two meetings, he also participated in two business meetings, which lasted for five and a half hours.One topic is “global business focus”, which is related to whether Alibaba can grow longer; the other is “commercial operating system business needs focus”, and Xiaoyao proposed “commercial operating system” on Investor Day in 2018.The concept was interpreted as the highest program of action of Alibaba under his rule.September is usually the most intensive month for Alibaba’s large-scale activities in the year. From the beginning of the month to the end of the month, it is the Taobao Festival, the investor conference, and the Yunqi Conference.This year, we will catch up with the 20th anniversary of Daqing and the leadership level, and even the first “99 cost-effective festival” after the reorganization of the business.The company is busy all over the world, and many employees deliberately take a vacation in August to cope with the continuous work from September.In addition to the role of the chairman, Ali CEO Xiaoyaozi is just an important and mundane part of this high-speed rotating business.21:30-23:00 Festival of the Broken Bridge Show: At 9:30 in the evening, Xiaoyao arrives at the West Lake Broken Bridge, 15 kilometers away from Xixi Park.This sleek fashion show is the opening ceremony of the Taobao Festival.Since the first phase of the Taobao Creation Festival in 2016, it has shouldered the expectation that Xiaoyao will recreate a “super IP”.“The uniqueness of these stores represents the richness of Taobao,” he said.Also in that year, Xiaoyao announced that the Taobao team and the Taotao team had completed the merger, and Taobao wireless transformation was successful.Since then, Taobao, the cornerstone of Ali’s ecological flow, has been advancing the three strategies of “contentization, community and intelligence” set by Xiaoyao.Jiang Fan, the president of Taobao Tmall, grew up here.At this time last year, Ma Yun announced that he would step down as chairman. “In order to convince Zhang Yong to be the chairman, I have almost given him the right medicine in the past two years. He promised that I was very touched that day because I know when AlibabaThe chairman and CEO are very difficult, and it is not just dealing with business issues. There are many things in our company that are not considered by other companies. When the chairman really can’t sleep, there is no time to sleep. Zhang Yong is willing toAcceptance has this kind of responsibility.” Ma Yun once thought that Shanghai people only want to be professional managers, but Xiaoyao reversed this prejudice.At 11:45 on the evening of September 12, Shanghai’s Xiaoyao returned to his hometown and his family to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival.Since joining Alibaba in 2007, this dual-city life has lasted for 12 years..