Yang Haoyong, CEO of Cheda Group: The end of the commercial war in the Internet world is a big one.

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[Location 17 Leading Strategy Chinese Enterprise Practice Enlightenment] The company is located outside the Beijing Fifth Ring Road.The park where it is located is a bit dull, and once it enters the building, it is also very Internet.Such a huge contrast can be clearly felt when the Internet penetrates the automotive industry.”In the next five years and ten years, the biggest trend is still that the Internet penetrates into every industry. The ultimate core is to digitize the entire industry and reconstruct the industry with big data.” Yang Haoyong, CEO of the car, judged.At the end of 2015, he stepped down to the 58th Celebrity Joint CEO and pursued the “Good Cars” for 60 million US dollars. Later, he changed the name of “Good Cars” to “Second-handed Cars”, based on “no middlemen earning difference”Differentiating the value, set off a lightning-like “mind grab battle”, so that the long-lost second-hand car market was caught off guard.After that, he set up a car group to expand from a single used car business to a number of business lines such as new cars and auto aftermarket. In February 2019, Cheyue Group won a $1.5 billion D round of investment from Softbank Vision Fund.Over $9 billion.Why are there so many cars to rise quickly?The answer given by Yang Haoyong is that first of all, there is a position of “without middlemen making a difference”, which is worth billions of dollars. The seeds can quickly enter the user’s mind, accumulate huge potential energy, and then carry out all the activities around the core of this strategy.Strategic upgrades, such as providing “guaranteed sales” services, using the “accurate pricing” given by the “branch brain” and other strategic matching, let the seeds can quickly and open the gap, build industry barriers, and firmly stand in the industryOne location.He believes that in the Internet world, the scale effect and the network effect will lead all competition to a final stage – a single big one.Standing in the first place in the industry, whether in capital, talent, or strategy, there is a very large depth of space to gain greater potential.”It’s like rowing on the sea, the opponent is not pushing, and you have waves pushing, this time your muscles don’t need to be particularly strong, and you will be faster than your opponent.”In the video interview, “There is no other way for your competitors to avoid the frontal battlefield to find a smaller living space to break through.” “Positioning is a top-ranking project,” Yang Haoyong concluded, “in China.In the new business development, positioning is a very important theory. Every entrepreneur and entrepreneur should understand and apply to their own strategy.” The following is this video: Trent’s global president Deng Delong commented:The used car is a complex industry with deep water and high waves. The supply and demand of the industry is extremely scattered, the information is opaque, the user experience is poor, the transaction cost is high, and the competitive situation is a mess.However, the melon-owned car was only a three-year-old business, and it became a leading force in this trillion industry. This is a textbook-level entrepreneurship.In my opinion, the biggest inspiration for the entrepreneurial practice of melon seeds to Chinese entrepreneurs is to prompt us to think about, what is the responsibility of the founder of the company, the top leader?We can sum up a rule from the entrepreneurial process of melon seeds and other partners. An excellent enterprise leader should focus on “finding, finding people, and finding money”.When Mr. Yang Haoyong founded the melon seeds, there were already many strong competitors in the market.However, when Hao Yong found his own unique strategic positioning (“straight selling”) in this homogenized competition in the Red Sea, he was able to create distinctive values ​​for users (“no middleman makes a difference”)., a variety of outstanding talents, investors’ funds will continue to gather around him.The strategic positioning of the seeds is like a magnet, attracting all the resources in the market.Just this Tuesday, Mr. Ma Yun stepped down as the chairman of Alibaba. The most important asset he left for Alibaba was the “new six-pulse sword”, which is Ali’s values.The first sword of the new six-pulse sword is “customer first, employee second, shareholder third”.Mr. Ren Zhengfei of Huawei also often said that the most basic value of Huawei is “customer-centered and strive-oriented”.They all took the same order: the external customers ranked first, then the employees, and the third was the capital.This is consistent with the view of melon seeds: you have established a presence in the hearts of customers, and they really exist, and talents and capital naturally come one after another.The history of melon seed business once again vividly illustrates this point.36氪 Chief Content Officer Li Yang Comments: In the past few years, used car e-commerce has become an important driving force for the development of the used car market.With the increase in the number of domestic vehicles, this is undoubtedly a trillion-level market.However, it is also a track that has not yet completed market education and is killing.Before the emergence of second-hand car e-commerce companies such as melon cars and Renren cars, many offline car dealers cut different geographical markets, but no one has been able to establish a nationwide user trust without trust, second-hand car business.The scale of this is impossible to talk about.The difference between melon seeds and other used car trading platforms is that at the beginning of the business, the “direct selling” position and the differentiated value of “no middlemen earning the difference” were determined, so that the used cars of melon seeds accumulated rapidly in just half a year.Starting energy, occupying the user’s mind.At the same time, melon seeds are also very clear about their strategic advantages – through data precipitation and analysis to improve pricing accuracy, and then charge a more transparent service fee, which in turn helps the seeds to kill a bloody road in the fierce and brutal used car campaign.Video text recording car a lot of group CEO, melon seeds used car, Maodou new car founder Yang Haoyong: In China’s new business development, positioning is a very important theory.Every entrepreneur and entrepreneur should understand and apply to their own strategy.Many people say that it is a waste of melon seeds to play so many advertisements a year?In fact, it depends on whether you are a big account or a small account – a big account, advertising is the leader in acquiring potential energy, and in order to gain capital, talent, strategic advantages, constantly open the gap, letThe opponent is very difficult to marry.Therefore, in the early stages of an industry, more investment is worthwhile.In the early stage of competition, we emphasized the speed, the blitzkrieg, and emphasized that it is very important to open the gap at all costs.How does the positioning of the “sell” of used cars of melon seeds come out?First of all, this industry has received special attention from capital in the past few years.Because the number of new cars in China has reached a certain scale, its stock market will become larger and larger, and more and more new cars will enter the second-hand circulation, which is a trillion-level market.Before we entered, there were already hundreds of millions of dollars and billions of dollars in the industry, and its volume has reached a certain scale.How to differentiate from their competition?Our answer is to connect individual sellers and individual buyers directly. We use it as a C2C platform to help consumers save money.When the seeds came out, we had a very deep and intense discussion with Trout, and finally condensed such a sentence – “There is no middleman to make a difference.”This is a sentence worth hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars, it helps us find the right position, and quickly follow the gap.Positioning is actually a top-ranking project. It is not a matter for the company’s marketing department to solve. It is a big development direction around the whole company. All of them work together to build their own strategies based on their understanding.Matching.We worked very well with Trout, they have a good position, and we performed it thoroughly.For example, after this positioning, our first wave of advertisements went out, and the whole industry immediately looked at the new brand.Within six months, we quickly established our potential energy. On this basis, we continue to iterate. For example, around “no middlemen,” we put forward “industry-leading” and made this position deeper and deeper.To this day, it is no exaggeration to say that in the used car industry, we have fully achieved the expected goal. Regardless of market share or the company’s development scale, we have firmly stood the position of the industry leader.What strategic allocation does the company make with “no middlemen earning the difference”?In fact, the biggest trend in the next five years and ten years is that the Internet penetrates into every industry. The ultimate core is to digitize the entire industry and reconstruct the industry with big data.The positioning of our melon seeds used cars is “there is no middleman to make a difference.”The so-called “do not make a difference” is actually to make the price transparent, so that people who sell cars and people who buy cars can see the price we set, so as to gain the trust of buyers and sellers, and let them believe that the platform is transparent.Service fee.At this time, how to price becomes very important.In a non-standard industry, you can have big data, and you can analyze all the transaction data in history, which is the key.Specifically, the model, the car’s condition, including the historical date of the transaction, the month, and even the weather… All of this data goes into our “branch brain” and we can predict the transaction time of a car on the platform based on the data.And the probability of a transaction.This is a very important core for us to “do not make a difference”. It is also in turn helping us to achieve positioning and let consumers trust us.It can be said that without AI, no big data, “there is no middleman to make a difference” is difficult to complete, they are a complementary relationship.We have a research and development team of thousands of people who spent more than two years researching to achieve “no middlemen to make a difference” and how to price.At the same time, based on big data and AI, they are constantly optimizing and improving the efficiency of the pricing system.At the same time, in the past three years, we have worked with Trout to make a lot of iterative upgrades around the company’s strategic upgrade, the company’s development stage and competition.For example, our front-end services to consumers are constantly upgrading. We go online to open stores and provide consumers with a price-for-price service.However, all the upgrades are constantly upgraded, matched, and landed around the core concept of “no middlemen earning the difference”.What do you think of the strategic synergy between the “new soybeans” and the “cars used]?Edamame is a new brand that we launched two years later.We have seen a very good opportunity in the new car sector – the market for car financing leasing.This market is very large in the United States, accounting for about 30%-40% of the entire new car sales market.In China, we have also seen the continuous development of auto finance. Therefore, we use a new brand to enter this market and form a differentiated positioning with 4S stores. Such a location can also be very large with the used cars.Synergistic effect.At present, nearly half of the traffic of edamame comes from melon seeds. The offline car buyers switch between the two brands. The pricing ability of melon seeds also provides very good support for financial leasing.After two or three years, the edamame’s vehicles will become used cars, which will be circulated through melon seeds, which will enhance the scale and core competitiveness of the seeds, so they complement each other.What do you think about the company’s strategy and potential?I have been in business for almost ten years.We used to do classified information, which is a highly competitive field.After ten years of playing, we still need to face a stronger competitor than ours – 58 cities. How to catch up and even catch up as the second place is one of the biggest problems we face.Based on such an experience, when we talk about melon seeds, we can play a role in positioning, how to develop a company’s strategy and corresponding matching of capital, talents and technology around our positioning. We know more than other entrepreneurs.More profound.In the business world, when the two companies compete, there must be a final situation – the size effect of the Internet company and the network effect.Who can get the first place, whether in capital, talent, or strategy, has a very large depth of space, and has the opportunity to gain greater potential.It’s like rowing on the sea, the opponent doesn’t push the waves, and you have a wave pushing, this time your muscles don’t need to be particularly strong, and you will be faster than your opponent.The so-called wave is actually what we call potential energy, and it will make it easy for you to gain an advantage in the competition.If you can master the potential energy and let it continue to be a virtuous circle between capital, team and strategy, your competitors have no other way than to avoid the frontal battlefield and find a smaller living space to break through.Of course, this also means that once you become the second place, you are very passive.How to evaluate the Trout team?Our contact with the Trout team has been more than five years.From the earliest communication with Trout, including General Deng, until now, the two sides have entered a very tacit state. The positioning process of melon seeds and edamame, including the continuous strategic upgrade in the later period, is an in-depth discussion and deep involvement of both parties.process.Because of mutual trust, the tacit understanding of both sides is getting stronger and stronger.We are fortunate to have such a strategic partner. Now he has become our shareholder and entrepreneurial partner. Together, we can go further in the next ten or twenty years.Moreover, the two sides went together to do a very interesting thing, to transform the automobile industry, affect more families to buy a car, and eventually form a huge upgrade of the industry.The theory of blessing positioning given to the 50th anniversary of the birth of positioning theory may be one of the lowest levels of theory in business.Such a theory, every entrepreneur and entrepreneur must have a deep understanding of the application implementation.I also hope that this theory can help more outstanding entrepreneurs in China, truly grasp the minds of consumers, stand out in the industry, gain the leading position they want, and create a better experience for consumers..