Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Chinese business strategy” (ID: hstl8888), the author of the Chinese business, slightly produced Bi Yajun, 36 氪 authorized to release.The original title “Special Feature 丨 Ali Makes” Ali’s values ​​are not empty slogans or ethical declarations.It is the “mother” of all the systems and norms of Ali, and the ruler of the decision-making and behavior of the Ali people outside the system and norms.It is a touchstone, testing and standardizing the Ali people; it is a sharpening stone, grinding and shaping the Ali people; it is a magnet, condensing the people who share the same path with Ali.It allows Ali to avoid getting lost in the ever-changing development.1. Good will be like a wave. When Alibaba is star-studded, he is a 60-year-old Cai Chongxin, a doctor of law at Yale Law School, and is currently the executive vice-chairman of Alibaba’s board of directors.Twenty years ago, he gave up his position as a senior executive of a foreign company with a salary of one million dollars. He traveled to Hangzhou to follow Ma Yun, and let the world have no hard-to-do business. He took a low salary of 500 yuan per month.▲In December 2002, the company achieved the goal of making a profit for the whole year. Wu Hao and Cai Chongxin (left) put the first dollar in the financial office. Ma Yun said that his most grateful person is Cai Chongxin.”What is courage? What is action? What is the real dream? Cai Chongxin is an example.” He is the 70-year-old Zhang Yong (Xiaoyao), the current CEO of Alibaba, tomorrow (September 10), he willHe succeeded Ma Yun as the chairman of Alibaba’s board of directors and led Ali from more than 100,000 employees in more than 70 countries and regions.Twelve years ago, he joined Alibaba as the CFO (CFO) of Taobao, and then became the chief operating officer of Taobao and the general manager of Taobao Mall, the president of Tmall, and the chief operating officer of Alibaba.In 2015, he founded the “Double Eleven Shopping Festival” and became the CEO (CEO) of Alibaba.Ma Yun later said: “Speaking, I used to say that I am not afraid of fear, I am afraid that CFO is the CEO, and Xiaoyao is a CFO. This is a beautiful mistake.” In Ali, Zhang Yong became not only the CEO.It is also a creator.He is a post-85 Jiang Fan, graduated from the Computer Science Department of Fudan University, and is currently President of Taobao and President of Tmall.Now he is in charge of more than two trillion transactions a year.In 2013, he sold his own League of Friends to Ali and entered Ali.Since then, he has promoted mobile phone Taobao, serving as president of Taobao and concurrently as president of Tmall.Zhang Yong commented on him, “always keep the entrepreneur’s impulse, with keen consumer insight and product insight.”When talking about Ali’s new leadership group, Ma Yun said: “Zhang Yong is not alone today. He has a team and a team. Today, Zhang Yong has a group of people supporting him on the side.” Ali’s latest financial report, only partnersIt has been as many as 38 people.They come from all corners of the country and have a wide range of backgrounds. 90% of them work in Ali for more than 10 years, 80% of which are after 70s and 80s.Most of them are famous in the professional and industry fields.In addition to them, Ali also has dozens of tenured professors and the great technology gods of the world.They let Aliliang be like a wave and a star.Zhang Yong, Peng Lei, Jing Xiandong, Jiang Fan, Fan Luyuan, Tong Wenhong… Open your fingers, China’s tonnage-rich enterprises, regardless of state-owned private, can count so many loud names, who else?The younger stars who have excelled in many fields and have taken on the heavy responsibility have also risen.At present, Ali’s managers “80” have already accounted for 80%, and “post-90s” managers have more than 2,000.Of the 38 partners, 4 are after 80.Open the list of global trillion-scale companies, one by one, and which company dares to send young people like this, and has such a young management team?This also makes Ma Yun talk about the handover class. He is full of enthusiasm: “Alibaba company is most proud of not the business model, but today our talent team, organization and culture development… If I count the first generation,We are now building the echelon of the fifth generation of leaders. “2, renewed the coquettish 102 years of teachers with a heart and heart can not regenerate children at the age of 80.Ma Yun used this metaphor to find that the founders’ assignments should be early.Why are you early?First, 80-year-old wants to live, and most of them are not good. Second, even if they are born, they may not be able to take it with them.The translation is that the founders don’t wait until they can’t move before they hand in: First, there is a risk of not being good, and second, if the person who picks up is not good enough, you can’t do anything about it.This is also Ma Yun’s long-term emphasis: to repair the roof on sunny days.In 2009, Ma Yun had considered the issue of shifting work, gradually fading out of daily operations and using more energy to train a new generation of leaders.To this end, he deliberately asked himself to not be able to make a decision for the new generation.In 2012, Ma Yun published an open letter, “Change Today to Win in the Future,” emphasizing that Ali’s biggest challenge is competition for outstanding young people, and competition for organizational cultural capabilities and talent development mechanisms.At the 10th anniversary of Taobao in the following year, he stepped down as CEO of Ali and slammed his knees: “I believe that young people will do better than us.” In 2015, Zhang Yong took over as the CEO of the group, and the president of the first-line business was all in the 70s.Ma Yun also published an internal letter “This is the age of young people!!”, with two exclamation marks to emphasize the initiative to transform “young company.”Since then, Ma Yun has begun to prepare for the complete handover. He has persuaded Zhang Yong for almost two years in a row and mobilized Xiaoyao as the chairman of Ali.Promoting the development of Ali has evolved from relying on personal traits to corporate systems that rely on organizational mechanisms and rely on talent culture.Business handover, “communication” is not the focus, the key point is that someone can “connect” and “connect” well.Ma Yun’s emphasis on people and “successors” began when Ali was born.At the end of 2018, when Ali re-adjusted his core strategy and organizational structure around “talent, organization, and future”, Zhang Yong explained: “’Organization, talent’ is the top priority of business, not HR” “any businessDesign pattern innovation must be top-down organizational design.” This is also the spirit of Ma Yun’s entrepreneurship.▲In November 1998, the first batch of returning tourists left Beijing and started to start their own business. In 1999, the company’s entrepreneurial team took a group photo at the lakeside garden, and then moved to the Huaxing Technology Building in the fifth day of 1999. Ma Yun held an important meeting at home to giveAt that time, Alibaba, which had only more than 10 people, established three goals: First, Alibaba should continue to develop for 80 years; Second, it must become one of the top ten websites in the world; Third, it should be used by people all over the world to use Alibaba.Later, these three articles were changed to make the world no hard-to-do business, the world’s greatest Internet company, and develop for 102 years.In 102 years, it was because Ma Yunling had a new meaning: let Alibaba span three centuries.He pointed to the minimum value of achieving the goal, from 1999 to 2101, and lived until 102 years.How to achieve it?Ma Yun’s answer is to rely on people, relying on Ali to have talents, and renewing the coquettish for 102 years.Ma Yun attributed his importance to people as a teacher: “When a teacher is most important, he chooses students, trains students, and trains students.” The most time he spends in Ali is to find talents, train talents, and train talents.Every newcomer personally interviews him, and when people come in, they bring people to heart.In the cold winter of the Internet in 2001, Ali’s solution to the challenge was to train people: when the book funds were only enough for five months, they took out 1 million and launched an ambitious employee training program: a hundred years of Ali.In 2003, Ali implemented a succession training program for each position. Each level of manager was required to train the person who took over the class, and the training results were included in the assessment with the same weight as the business.”See if you have an organization that thinks and builds for the future, whether there is a talent echelon building, a talent development plan, whether you have defended the company’s values ​​and culture, and whether you have really cultivated and empowered others.” This allowed Ali to take over.And inheritance, become the first-level training level, the first level to the first level, the first level to the first level, from the top to the grassroots level, daily and happening every day, so that the Ali level has both a dry and a spare tire, and the moreImportant organizations, the higher the requirements for spare tires, the more important it is to reserve younger and more powerful people.The second generation of an entrepreneur who continued to thrive in a family once described this to me as the management of her father’s risk: “The average person is going to make a few nails in addition to the routine. My father has a nail and a barb.”In the wave of Ali’s growth, the good-looking one-generation generation is its nails, and it is still beside the nails, with one or more nails.3. Establish a talent echelon. Everyone should ask themselves “Where is the successor?” Ma Yun said: “Only by establishing a system, forming a unique culture, cultivating and training a successor system of a large number of talents can be solved.The enterprise inherits the problem of development.” Ali’s history of talent cultivation is also a history of the creation and optimization of this system and culture.Ma Yun believes that no Internet company can rely on a certain business to continue to lead, the company must continue to develop, must constantly ask what the next wave is, and prepare in advance.To this end, he made a track strategy: B2B needs to be repaired, Taobao will be the first camp, then Tmall, then Alipay, then cloud computing, rookie, round and round… In recent years, he alsoPlus big entertainment and great health.”Forming echelon development, organic warfare, each company, one up, then retreating, and then another, forming a cycle.” Ali’s talent cultivation is the same as the business track, not only to focus on the present, but also to look to the future.In response to this, Ali has organized 13 categories and more than 600 courses for the four core groups: newcomers, leaders (leaders), global talents and professionals, and established a talent training system and system.Including: for the front-line staff and managers, “A Century of Ali – a compulsory course for new employees” and “Centre Lakeside, a cultural compulsory course for new managers”; mainly for the basic skills of the head, waist and leg managersClass training courses, as well as “Qing Qing Yang”, “Xiaoyao Subclass” and youth training camp related to leadership.At the same time, Ali also set up a professional university, strengthen the professional curriculum training system, and extend the content to the training of ecological partners and new business civilization, such as Taobao University, Lakeside University, Yungu School.▲ On March 27, 2015, at the first opening ceremony of Lakeside University, Ma Yun began to consider the individual “transfer” plan in 2009, and Ali also launched a partner system.In fact, this is also a high-level team of potential successors, and trains and evaluates them.The team of partners is seen as the highest group defending Ali’s core values ​​and culture.Ali also has special requirements for its operation: new entrants, after a considerable period of investigation, are supported by 75% of current partners.At the same time, neither the high and low equity is judged, and the elderly who are already in the list but not in the future are eliminated.In addition to the above, Ali will also be a member of the group directly under the M5 or P10, and set up a project called “Organization Department”, but it is not responsible for personnel arrangements, also for cultivating leaders.The Ali Organization Department holds various meetings to discuss issues throughout the year. Ma Yun is also often in the department’s nail group, sharing and listening at any time.Today, it has a size of more than 500 people, which is the most powerful force and nerve center of Ali.Moreover, it has no divisions.It has been proposed to be a branch in the United States and Beijing, but Ma Yun firmly denied: this part of people must be together forever.Active and continuous advancement of business and organizational change is also a major mechanism for Ali to develop talent.It not only gives the talented people who have been trained a greater opportunity to fully play, but also allows the training to produce benefits and work together to form a virtuous cycle of expansion of people, organizations and businesses.In 2006, Ali three-point Taobao; in 2012, Ali adjusted the subsidiary system into a business group system, forming seven business groups.In 2013, Alibaba established 25 business divisions in Hangzhou… In 2015, Ali launched the Group’s 2018 China-Taiwan strategy to build a “big, medium, and small front desk” organization and business mechanism that is more innovative and flexible in the DT era, and set up a medium-sized business.Group, from the “tree” to a more flexible network structure… Since 2017, Ali has set up an investment of more than 100 billion yuan in three years, fully investing in basic technology research and development of Dharma Institute, developmentPingtou brother of Hui semiconductor chip, as well as scientific and technological innovation organizations such as Luohantang and Alixing, laid out the future… In 2018, Ali once again promoted the adjustment of the group organization system.Including: upgrading the Alibaba Cloud business group to Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Business Group; newly establishing a new retail technology business group; upgrading Tmall to “Daitian Cat” to form Tmall Business Group, Tmall Supermarket Business Group, Tmall Import and ExportThe business sector has three major sections and so on.These organizational changes not only embrace the changes of the market and industry with rapid response, but also provide more space for the cultivation of higher-level talents and team building and expansion through continuous organizational restructuring.For example, one-third of Taobao, and the later seven business groups and 25 business divisions have more than doubled the general manager and president positions on the original basis, which can be used to inspire and cultivate entrepreneurship.Each time a larger business group is established, it provides a larger and higher space for the excellent managers in these positions.In August 2015, after the invitation to former Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman Michael Evans (Famous name: Bethune) as the Group’s president to focus on the globalization strategy, Ali also launched the global management echelon and established the “Alibaba Global Leadership Institute”, responsible for overseasManagement talent cultivation and echelon construction.Through these organizations and mechanisms, Ali has created a powerful system that continuously cultivates and delivers management talents, and has continuously reduced the partnership system so that people at all levels can be better discovered, trained, and managed at all levels.There are more potential successors, and even the posts at all levels are not kidnapped by someone.Through this system, Ali makes everyone important and makes a group more important: if you are suitable, you will continue to train and promote to let you play.4. How do adults “made in Alibaba”?What is the talent that Ali wants?Alibaba’s former CPO Peng Lei once shared a “eight-character” standard: smart, realistic, optimistic, and introspective.Cleverness is the IQ and EQ, the professional has two brushes; the skin can withstand the beat, can withstand the exercise, not proud; optimism is to understand the real situation rationally, still full of curiosity; introspection is often self-criticism and participate in the team review.On top of these, Ma Yun emphasized that “people who don’t need to be obedient, people who need to create tomorrow.” “Look for the best people, it is better to find the most suitable person.”He believes that creative people will come to Ali, and that Ali’s training will fulfill Ali’s mission, vision and values; the right people will be excellent.Therefore, he has always stressed that it is necessary to dig less people and cultivate more people.In 2018, when Ma Yun posted an internal open letter to Ali, he repeatedly emphasized with three exclamation marks: “We are not looking for more people, but we must find the right people from countless people!!! Please be sure to check”Oh!” “The success or failure of the Ali economy is in today’s recruiting!!… It must be remembered that the most dense trees that grow in other places are the most likely to die when they are moved. What we need isYoung trees, trees with potential for cultivation, they can make us a forest. Forests cannot be made by transplanting large trees outside!” Ma Yun said in the letter.▲ On May 1, 2005, Ma Yun spoke on the first Ali Day. Ma Yun did not worry that the people he trained would be dug away. He regarded it as a contribution to society.In the past few years, Ali has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for the society. It is called “Huangpu University” of China’s new economy: Divider founder Cheng Wei, former US COO Qian Jiawei, singer founder Chen Hua, founder of Tongcheng TourismWu Zhixiang, founder of Li Zhiguo, president of Chen Si, founder of Zhang Lianglun, founder of Mushroom Street Chen Qi… As of the first half of 2019, Ali alumni (worked in Ali) has exceeded 100,000, of which more than500 CEOs and more than 1,200 startups in more than 26 industry sectors.Ma Yun believes that the right person to enter Ali can be excellent and creative, because Ali has a complete talent training system, and because Ali has explored a methodology for cultivating people, it will spread the Western system and tools with the wisdom of the East for thousands of years.The combination of the formation of Ali is unique in bringing people and cultivating people.Ma Yun said: “Teachers always carry idealism and always hope that students will surpass themselves.” Many of Ali’s founders are also teachers, which makes Ali form a talent-cultivating feature: mentoring, and helping.Everyone who enters Ali will have a master, then become a master, and then become both a master and a student.Including the wind and the Qing class, the Xiaoyao class, are also the products of the mentoring system.The wind cleared the class, Ma Yun personally prepared lessons, personally taught; Xiaoyao Ziban, also Xiaoyao personally responsible.Professor’s subjects, including economic industry trends and political and economic insights, also include the West Point Military Academy study tour, Chibi look back on the ages, the burning of Cao Cao, Xiao Qiao first married, and discuss “Sun Tzu’s Art of War.”Ali stressed that by example, Ma Yun and Zhang Yong are so committed to being masters and apprentices. The “masters” at all levels of the group naturally do not dare to perfuse: they must work hard to teach apprentices and actively promote apprentices.Moreover, it is not just profession and management that Master wants to teach apprentices.After 80, the partner and ant Jinfu deputy CTO Hu Xi is the apprentice of Cheng Li, one of the founders of Ant Financial Service CTO and Alipay Technology Platform.What he feels the most is: “Master’s perception and understanding of the problem will affect you a lot. He taught you an attitude of doing things.” Ali strengthens the “three hearts and four forces” of organization, mind and strength.Ma Yun proposed two actions and three views: to drive the people and the mission; the global outlook, the overall view and the future view are also the focus of the mentoring system and the band.Rotation is also a major feature of Ali cultivators.The water is not rotted, and the hub is not shackled.How to make people and organizations more active?Rotation is a good way.Ma Yun once said, “If the strategy is adjusted, the organization will not adjust, which is equal to the adjustment.” How to organize adjustments, rotation is also a good way.Ali advocates borrowing fakes and repairing people.Emphasize that “doing business and doing products is actually a fake. The main purpose of doing things is to make yourself, make the team stronger, and make yourself more distinctive.” Emphasizing the unity of people and things, doing things in the process of cultivating people, doingThe process of the matter trains people and opens up the second line of personnel.How can personnel be more united and more open?To a large extent, it is also a rotation.In Ali, people with potential are usually changed for three years.Many people even changed seven or eight departments and five or six leaders in three years.Ma Yun said that this is extremely painful, but it must be persisted.”You want to stay the same, then you will be forced to die by the changes outside, the organization must do the best efficiency.” The rotation reduces both the fatigue and makes the organization more active and attractive, without having to change jobs.You can go to different environments, challenge different opportunities, and open up new space for people’s self-realization, enabling people to transcend professionalism, background, continuous cross-border growth, innovation, breakthrough, and even bring innovation to the industry.These people surpass themselves and Ali will surpass themselves.Ali’s many cadres started from the front line and then grew up on various fronts.For example, Cai Jing of the undergraduate biology has become a technology god and partner; HR leader Peng Lei turned to Alipay; customer service Dai Shan became B2B president; Wang Jian, a psychology doctor, has worked as a CTO of Alibaba Group; Tong Wenhong from the executive frontGoing to CPO; Zhang Yong changed from CFO to CEO… Ma Yun is proud to say, “A great place for Ali can turn a person who can’t seem to be ‘O’ into a unique ‘O’!”Think of this as the advantage of Ali’s difference innovation: “If our Dr. Wang Jian is a programmer, then Ali’s CTO may be no different from any company’s CTO.” In 2009, Ma Yun proposed a talent inventory plan: “WeThe company is getting bigger and bigger. The assets of the table and chairs are repeated every day. Why not make it to the people? The people are also the assets of the group. So, do you have to look at it every year to see if people have any value?” HR’s work has also been upgraded.It has become a professional and refined force for data, intelligence, multi-dimensional inventory and activation of Ali talents. The apprenticeship and rotation are also more targeted.Regardless of the apprenticeship system or the rotation system, Ali emphasizes the adult self-discipline of respecting differences.Ali is now CPO Tong Yonghong recalled, when she was in 2017, she asked Ma Yun what expectations for HR?Ma Yun told her: First set the mission of HR, so that everyone who entered Ali became the best.How to be the best, what Ma Yun most often shares is, to be very clear “what do you want? What are you good at? What can you give up?” and encourage them to try and make a difference.Ali’s first job advertisement, the slogan is: If not now,when?If not me,who?(At this moment, it is none of me), there is a saying inside Ali that “employees are not to help the company not make mistakes”, but also encourage the courage to challenge and different spirits.Ma Yun said that teamwork is not collectivism, and teams complement each other and achieve success.Respecting the differences between different personalities, in order to allow different people to form an effective team, allowing everyone to appreciate each other, complement and achievement.Zhang Yong also stressed: “Leaders should be good at pulling people forward from the back row: Do we have the sincerity to cultivate people? We need to let a new generation of colleagues, young colleagues, potential colleagues as much as possible to take on greater responsibilities.At this time, we need a little ‘deliberately drop the talent’ thinking.” This kind of respect, tolerance and encouragement is also one of Ali’s attraction to people.Ali Vice President, the current Celebrity CTO of Celebrity and Youku COO Zhuang Zhuoran (Famous name: Nantian) recalled that he was responsible for the dual 11 technology for the first time in 2011. He had a series of problems due to the development of a new system to solve the problem of false discounts.It was not resolved until a few hours before the start, and almost let Xiaoyao stop the double 11 of the year.But at such a critical moment, he can also shout to the leaders of Xiaoyao who stood at the door: “Either you flash a little, go back to rest, you are standing at the door, we are nervous inside, and you can’t help.”Then, Xiaoyaozi left.It was such a big mistake to make such a mistake, but Nantian was still the head of the double 11 technology for the next two years.He also did not expect, from the 2011 plan to more than 2,300 in 2013 more than 2,300.Later, the hand-painted All in wireless strategy, Nantian, Jiang Fan, Qingyun three young people in the 30-year-old pick the big flag, Nantian heart is not at the end, call Xiaoyao: “Do you dare let me practice?” Xiaoyaozi moderateHe returned to his seven words: “It doesn’t matter, you can make it.” Later, Nantian was transferred to the big entertainment.When I met Ma Yun again, Ma Yunxian said: “I heard that you went to Beijing?” When Nantian talked about the “chaotic” of the big entertainment, “Mr. Ma’s first reaction is very good, indicating that we have a lot of space, you exercise well.a bit”.Nan Tian said that Ali has always talked about the mission of the leader and made everyone go. This is a good example.”One thing that leadership is very important is essentially an influence.” 5. Values ​​are upgraded, “because we believe it.” On September 10 this year, Ali will release the core values ​​called the new six-pulse sword.Hu Yuling, senior director of Ali Human Resources Department (flower name: Lengyue) participated in the whole process of upgrading the values ​​of the new six veins, and also witnessed the attention of Ma Yun, Xiaoyao Zi, Peng Lei and others.First, the human resources department took the lead, collected opinions, formed the first draft, and then submitted the manuscript to the Fengqing class, Xiaoyao subclass, and repeated discussions.After all the comments have been revised, they will be submitted to the organization department for collective discussion.Hu Yuling said that every discussion during the period lasted for several hours.”Five or six hours is at least. Some even a whole day, until midnight. Every sentence, every behavior description, repeated discussion.” After the new version of this process, human resources continue to lead optimization, revised version, “Lucy (Peng Lei), Tong Wenhong, kept in the room for 13 hours, one by one.”After this version was formed, the manuscript was submitted to the partner meeting for discussion and approval.”Mr. Ma is also there. He is facing a TV set with everyone. After another one, it has changed for more than ten hours…including how to evaluate it in the end. He also has a lot of his ideas.”After the final meeting of the meeting, Ali held a meeting of the organization department.”Further in combination with actual combat, like formal scoring, drills… How do I look at this value, how do I give points, and I will re-interpret and drill with everyone at the organization meeting, so this is the final draft.” SimpleIn a few words, Ali spent nearly a year, and has 16 drafts.From Ma Yun to Xiaoyaozi to the entire core management team, all of them are involved… so valued because it hides Ali, who respects differences, and creates the secret of organizing the Iron Army.An old employee of Alibaba, who also describes its importance with infrastructure, is bluntly related to the founder and is the key to Ma’s continued influence on Ali.”Mr. Ma is always the No. 1 employee of Alibaba… He is definitely far-reaching to Alibaba’s present and future, especially at the cultural level.” Clear corporate values ​​are also Ma Yun’s leadership of Ali from a group of Internet companies.The essential.At that time, Ma Yun invited Guan Mingsheng, who had worked in GM, to lead Ali through the Internet.Guan Mingsheng, who was infected by entrepreneurship and passion, felt that Ma Yun almost emphasized every day what kind of mission Ali had to do, what kind of spirit to use to do things, but did not have a unified calibre and program, so asked Ma Yun: “We talked about this.Have you written down your long-term goals, missions, and values?” Ma Yun replied, not yet, all in his head.Guan Mingsheng said: “That’s good, write it down now.” After careful combing, Ma Yun wrote three numbers: 80, 10 and 1, which he said to his friends at the Spring Festival in 1999.In 80 years, the world’s top ten websites, businessmen must use Ali.Guan Mingsheng asks again, what depends on it?Ma Yun said that values ​​are much more.So he immediately found Peng Lei and other partners to write one by one on the glass plate. In the end, he spent seven hours summarizing and extracting nine key words: innovation, passion, openness, teaching and learning, teamwork, quality, dedication, service.With respect and simplicity.After that, Ali announced the value of the so-called “Duojiujian” to all employees, not only timely applied it to a series of training programs named after “100 years”: 60% of the time in training was taught “”Duo Gu Jiu Jian”, taught by Ma Yun and Guan Mingsheng personally, will also be included in the assessment of employees.In 2004, after four years of practice, Ali upgraded the “Duo Gu Jiu Jian” and proposed new values ​​– Six Pulses: Customer First, Teamwork, Embrace Change, Integrity, Passion, Dedication!And further refine the standards and norms of values ​​in employee assessment and training.And for the director and above managers, added three: vision, mind, beyond Bole, collectively known as “Jiuyang Zhenjing.”In order to bring the values ​​to the hearts of the people, every new employee who enters Ali will receive a 9-day course training – “A Century of Ali”.There was a time when the business was too busy, and the human resources department arbitrarily transferred the course to a five-day condensed version. After Ma Yun knew it, he immediately insisted on changing it.Ali pays attention to all family-style activities and emotional interactions. These emphasis on love also makes values ​​more integrated into the heart.For example, a five-year-old ceremony was held for employees who have been in employment for five years to hold a collective wedding for employees.These activities, Ma Yun is busy, will try to attend in person.▲In 2004, it was Ma Yun’s first five-year-old Chen.In addition to the ring in the five years of that year, he also received a hug from Ma Yun. On May 10, 2007, Alibaba Group’s collective wedding Hu Yuling said that Ali’s values ​​are not metaphysical, it is strongly related to business.There is a clear focus and direction behind the one, it can guide everyone to make the right decision.What Ali wants to carry forward, what to insist on, what to oppose, and what to abandon, rely on it to guide.Therefore, Ali’s values ​​are not empty slogans or declarations of morality.It is the “mother” of all the systems and norms of Ali, and the ruler of the decision-making and behavior of the Ali people outside the system and norms.It is a touchstone, testing and standardizing the Ali people; it is a sharpening stone, grinding and shaping the Ali people; it is a magnet, condensing the people who share the same with Ali, and rejecting different people.This also makes Ali’s values ​​not only instilled, but also cultivated and assessed.Each of the values ​​is accompanied by a specific code of conduct. Each employee’s assessment will be determined by 50% of the values ​​and the code of conduct. The director will review once a month, and the director will review it once every six months.Moreover, when the scorer is required to evaluate, he must give an example to explain why the score is given.Ali’s “smell smell” in selecting talents is also a value.Ma Yun said that the mission, vision and values ​​have given Ali two advantages: First, the communication cost is reduced, and everyone’s views on a problem are basically the same. Second, the management cost is reduced, and the bottom-up work is done.It became possible.Ali is considered to be the company with the most frequent organizational changes. In recent years, it has been reconfiguring itself almost every year, largely relying on the support of these two advantages.Mission, vision, and values ​​have greatly enhanced the appeal of Ali to retain talent.Ali’s remuneration package is not low. Since the listing, only the value of the expenditure for employee equity award has accumulated more than 80 billion yuan, but there are still many companies that will open a higher overweight for digging people.Failure, because everyone is attracted by the cohesiveness of the Ali people, and this is the result of the subtle influence of values ​​and culture.▲Ali partner attends the poverty alleviation fund ceremony. This is also the upgrade of the “New Six Pulses”, which is the reason for the big expenses from Ma Yun to Xiaoyao.Because the Ali system is so large, its value advantage can play a greater efficiency.Ma Yun has always emphasized the power of trust, emphasizing the belief in people and the power of people.He once said: “The company’s biggest asset is not how much money, not how many products, how many services, but your employees.” Believe.Believe in others, believe in yourself, believe that you can make the world a better place, because you believe and see.This is the power of Ma Yun and the power of Ali.It is Ma Yun’s values ​​and the values ​​of the Ali people.In a TV show on the scene in the early years, an audience asked Ma Yun to use the “business that is not difficult to do in the world”. The target of the fake sky is flickering. How do people believe it?Ma Yun replied: You think it is a fake big, I never thought about it.What I am talking about may be all wrong, but I believe it.In the past 20 years, he believed that he was seen step by step, and his belief was more powerful..