The small red book in the WeChat “pocket”, the US group comment and the fight, can kill the bleeding road?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public number “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), author Li Xiaolei, 36 氪 authorized to release.As a huge-volume app with over one billion users and a daily life of billions, WeChat is constantly expanding its boundaries and capabilities.In addition to the basic instant messaging social networking, WeChat has also extended its reach to the scenes of food, clothing, housing, government, and finance.From the sway of the discovery page to the WeChat “Nine Palaces” symbolizing the huge flow of open access, and the small programs that developers flock to, WeChat is like a “pocket” with traffic. In the WeChat ecosystem, more and moreNew business forms have been cultivated.In March of this year, WeChat officially released the “good property circle”. The outside world explained that this is the key signal that the company has always been accused of “only social genes, no e-commerce gene”, and once again tested the water and electricity business.It seems that the object circle is the small red book of the grass community.Subsequently, WeChat measured the “nearby restaurant” in the Guangzhou area, and the location was located on the discovery page.Through this portal, users can quickly search for surrounding restaurant information and WeChat friends’ evaluation of the restaurant, which is similar to the public comment.The same is true, the important resources that both originally relied on were based on WeChat’s circle of friends.”Good Things Circle” relies on products, books, audio-visuals, etc. recommended by WeChat friends to carry out the business variety, “near restaurant” is based on location and friend evaluation for restaurant recommendation.WeChat is based on the WeChat ecosystem, allowing users to complete the closed-loop experience from grass farming to payment. This is a big business based on WeChat tools.The “Little Red Book” in the WeChat is very well hidden.The user needs to input “good object circle” from the search, or the WeChat search interface, and then search to enter the home page.Compared with the smaller program and the “Jiugongge”, which can be directly touched, there is no advantage in the convenience of the user.On March 28 this year, the Good Things Circle was officially announced on the line. WeChat’s position is to recommend “circles” based on social relationships.After several updates, the appearance of the good product circle has changed significantly. From the beginning, more based on the friends and friends of the circle of friends, expanded into a recommendation based on the circle of interest.From this perspective, the good object circle and the small red book are both interested in planting grass communities and undertake similar functions.But the difference is that Xiaohongshu relies more on strangers for content sharing and is a natural aggregation user. The over one billion users of WeChat can be the hidden target users of the good object circle.Huge amount of traffic.This is one of the reasons why many micro-business and marketing teams have settled in the good property circle.A person in charge of the MCN organization who has already “layout” the good object circle tells Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) that he is interested in the flow of WeChat search and the possibility of introducing a good object ring on a large scale.Despite the current view, the diversion effect and user opening rate are not satisfactory.However, some people have found a new marketing path. The above-mentioned person in charge said that he guessed that the most advanced resident in the real estate circle would be a micro-business. “But I did not guess that it is not a traditional micro-business, but instead sells tourist routes and acts as a ticket agent.The kind of micro-business is the first to enter.” Tech Planet noticed that in a good circle based on self-driving travel, the circle founder, that is, the good circle “ring master” is updating the travel route every day, and the number of circle members has also broken..So far, the Good Circle has 1908 circles of interest.Previously, the good circle Slogan has been replaced in order to “record the art of life.”According to the initial introduction, the good object recommendation button can be placed in multiple scenes such as the order list and the item details page, and the user can share the good things into the “circle” at any time.At the same time, WeChat is also guiding merchants, to create a good reputation for the good stuff, and let users “endorsement” for good things.At first, the good object circle relies on the relationship chain for recommendation. Now, with the interest circle, the recommendation relationship will be further improved.However, it is worth noting that the products recommended in the interest circle are basically without specific product links.But the friend’s item circle (that is, the good things recommended by WeChat friends), whether it is music, e-books or goods, has a specific link.In recent years, the cooperation between WeChat and Jianduo, Jingdong and Mushroom Street has accumulated the practical experience of the e-commerce platform.Some people in the industry believe that when the grass environment is formed and the content ecology is established, it is a matter of time before the good object circle is connected to the e-commerce.However, on the whole, the entrance of the good object circle is deep, the ecological content of the good things is not formed, and the circle of interest is first targeted by the micro-business. These are the problems that the good object circle needs to solve in the WeChat “Little Red Book”.WeChat’s “Meetings Review” WeChat always emphasizes the attributes of the tools. The food, clothing, housing and transportation are the most basic needs of users. The “near restaurant” launched by WeChat is aimed at eating.It is understood that as early as the beginning of January this year, WeChat was in the Guangzhou area to test “near restaurants.”At the deep entrance of the better object circle, the “near restaurant” is displayed directly on the discovery page, which is ranked after the “people nearby”, which has an advantage over the good object circle at the entrance.Of course, as of now, the “near restaurant” function only performs grayscale testing in Guangzhou, and users in other regions are temporarily unable to experience it.Transplanting the core function of Meituan Review, “Discovering Food” to WeChat, how does “near restaurant” perform?This function is simple, that is, users can rate the restaurant in the “Gourmet Circle” by “Impression”, write a review to recommend a favorite restaurant to a friend, or from the “Gourmet Circle”, based on distance, cuisine,Filter restaurants in the business district.According to the report of the new business intelligence NBT, WeChat adjusted the “near restaurant” function of the internal test, and then reorganized and reorganized the original “food circle”, “find restaurant” and “personal homepage”.Become the “Friends’ Food Circle” and “Near Food Circle” two major sections.At the same time, the search box, hot topics and want to go to the leaderboard are added.It can be said that the “near restaurant” is still constantly exploring the appropriate form of local life service products.Overall, the “near restaurant” is similar to a US group review based on the WeChat ecosystem.In fact, WeChat has always had an entrance for local living services. In the small program, there are nearby small programs – gourmet dining recommendations.But in the same way, the depth of the entrance to the small food program is also an obstacle to the expansion of the restaurant service. The habit of the user who chooses food in WeChat is not a one-off effort.The “near restaurant” entrance is obvious, covering the local service, and also has social functions embedded in it. It can be seen that in the current situation of the US and the public comment on the WeChat small program traffic, once this modeIt has been verified to be feasible, comprehensively promoted, and has formed a long-term effect. The public comment and the US group may all face impact.In the WeChat, the “multiple fights” and the use of WeChat ecology, social fission, and rapid rise to become the first e-commerce.Up to now, the fight has still occupied the position of WeChat “Nine Palaces”.In the past few years, Tencent has also been cooperating with e-commerce. WeChat pays for the third-party services. Among the 12 entrances, there are four e-commerce platform services including Jingdong Shopping, Fighting Lottery, Mushroom Street Women’s Wear and Vipshop.At the same time, WeChat is also blessing e-commerce through small program ecology.With more and more traffic to the APP, WeChat is building a new fight with its powerful traffic ecology.Judging from the current signals, Jingdong and WeChat will have new cooperation and new actions this year.Seeing that in the shadow of the giants, relying on the sinking market to counter the many attacks, the e-commerce platform also began to pay attention to the purchase business, Jingdong launched the “Jingdong fight”, Liu Qiangdong once mentioned in the earnings report, JingdongThe purchase is the strategic business of Jingdong this year.On May 21 this year, Jingdong Retail Group’s rotating CEO Xu Lei said at the 2019 Jingdong 618 Global Brand Summit that Jingdong will use the WeChat first-level portal and the massive users of WeChat market to create a new brand that is different from Jingdong’s existing scenes and models.Platform, this will be an important means for to deepen the WeChat market and expand users in the third to sixth tier cities. This business will be launched and optimized in the third quarter of this year.Han Rui, vice president of Jingdong and head of the shopping business, said in an interview with the media that “this social platform is still based on Jingdong’s purchase, and even the future brand is still called the purchase. Because the purchase is already in the industry, consumption.The understanding of Jingdong’s expansion of the sinking market is only a comprehensive upgrade of the gameplay.” According to Han Rui, Tencent’s opening of the first- and second-level traffic portals to will enable JD to create a new social e-commerce ecosystem, especially WeChat.The first-level shopping portal will be fully upgraded based on the buying model, so that the shopping portal will be closer to the social context, and JD will better transform social traffic.After the 3Q war in 2010, Tencent identified its own open strategy and supported ecological allies in a flow + capital model.Among them, WeChat’s massive mobile resources are the focus of competition. In the multi-share prospectus, WeChat’s traffic access point is counted as an intangible asset of 2.852 billion US dollars.WeChat “Jiu Gong Ge” players are constantly changing, and it also reflects the subtle changes in the relationship between Tencent and its allies.In the process of deepening cooperation with Tencent, the game is also constantly going on.Earlier, some media mentioned that at present, the reason why the US group can occupy two of the positions of WeChat “Jiu Gong Ge” is the result of the three-month consultation between the US group comment and Tencent.WeChat relies on giving the US group a review of a palace location, in exchange for the US group reviews no longer push their own payment services.The US group comment will not give up the basic payment business, and WeChat hopes that its desire to control the ecology will become stronger.Therefore, WeChat re-created “Little Red Book”, “Mei Tuan Comments” and “A lot of fights” in the ecology. It is not difficult to understand all kinds of explorations.The 1 billion-level traffic in WeChat will maximize the reuse, form the whole process of social, comment and transaction within WeChat, and provide more imagination for the future commercialization of WeChat.This is a further preparation by WeChat and Tencent after the WeChat social advertising growth expectations are under pressure.In the past, Tencent’s exploration of e-commerce and local life services all ended in failure. Will WeChat personally launch new business and finally succeed?.