One year to acquire three technology companies, Golden Arch does not do burger diversion artificial intelligence?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Big Data Digest” (ID: BigDataDigest), author Wei Zimin, Cao Peixin, 36 氪 authorized to release.McDonald’s just acquired an AI voice company, the third technology company that the fast food giant invested this year.After the $300 million acquisition of big data company Dynamic Yield, McDonald’s announced on Tuesday that it has completed the acquisition of artificial intelligence voice company Apprente, and once again announced its determination to advance into the technology field.Apprente announced on the official website that the “combination” with McDonald’s is McDonald’s third technology company acquisition this year. At present, McDonald’s has not disclosed the specific transaction amount.In March of this year, McDonald’s acquired Dynamic Yield, a company specializing in personalization and decision logic, and subsequently acquired a 10% stake in its application provider Plexure.Buy three in a year!Why is McDonald’s technical ambition to acquire a voice company?The McDonald’s team said that voice recognition technology can make fast food more “fast” and help companies get customers in a timely manner.McDonald’s demand for voice technology dates back to the “drive through” culture of the United States.Known as “the country on the wheel”, almost all American families have cars. Many fast-food restaurants are accustomed to opening channels on some sides of the building. Customers drive and stop, do not need to get off the train, communicate with the staff through the walkie-talkie, order, and takeTo the food.For some late-night fast food restaurants operating in remote locations or 24×7, the manpower requirements of window service personnel are a great test.Apprente’s voice technology fits well with the need to “order”.For the past two years, Apprente has been developing technologies that understand “sorting of complex, multilingual, multi-accent, and multi-item conversations.”The acquisition is expected to accelerate McDonald’s “drive through” customers’ buying experience, resulting in faster, simpler, and more accurate orders, and significantly reducing labor costs.In order to embrace the technology wave, McDonald’s even set up a new internal team called McD Tech Labs, which said it will expand its operations in Silicon Valley and begin to recruit a large number of relevant engineers, data scientists and technical experts.“Building our technology infrastructure and digital capabilities… enables us to meet our customers’ growing expectations while making service staff more comfortable and enjoyable.” McDonald’s President and CEO Steve Easterbrook is in aSaid in the statement.In addition to Apprente, the layout of Golden Arch in the technical field has been rolled out this year.Dynamic Yield: The largest acquisition of fast food restaurants in the past 20 years, the $300 million layout of Dynamic Yield is a technology company dedicated to the field of personalized recommendation. It generally cooperates with brands such as e-commerce, tourism, finance and media, and has created a kind ofA personalized online experience called Amazonian style.The Dynamic Yield website has shown this news McDonald’s said it will use the technology to create a more personalized menu that can be customized to weather, current restaurant traffic and trend menu items.When the customer starts to purchase the meal, the display can also recommend other items based on what you have selected.The company also said it had been tested in several locations in the United States in 2018 and plans to start promoting it across the United States in 2019 and then roll it out to the international market.McDonald’s also plans to integrate the technology into other digital products, such as kiosks and McDonald’s mobile apps.McDonald’s is working hard to improve its services with the most advanced AI technology.After the acquisition of Dynamic Yield, McDonald’s quickly put its technology into more than 8,000 stores, creating dynamic menus based on different times of the day or the weather at the time, thus increasing customers’ desire to buy.McDonald’s said that by the end of the year, the technology will be integrated into almost all US and Australian tickets.”Technology is a key element of our growth program called “velocity” and can enhance the experience of our customers,” McDonald’s President and CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a statement.“With this acquisition, we are expanding our vision for future technology and data, as well as the vision to create more personalized experiences for our customers.” Pleshure: $5.4 million to acquire a 10% stake, hoping to interact more with customersPersonalized Pleshure is an application provider for McDonald’s, which uses the app in 48 countries to offer discount coupons and offers to McDonald’s customers.At the end of March this year, McDonald’s spent $5 million to acquire a 10% stake in Plexure.Since its first listing on NZX’s small NZAX securities market in 2012, Plexure’s market capitalization has shrunk by 80%.A year ago, it won the title of “Best High-Tech Startup” at the Hi-Tech Awards.But after McDonald’s announced that it would acquire 10% of the company’s shares for $5.4 million, its share price soared by more than a third in half a day to a high of 44 cents.As part of the acquisition, Plexure will be banned from serving some of the McDonald’s fast food industry competitors, and Plexure previously offered 7-11 convenience stores.McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said that mobile applications play a key role in the company’s business: “Allow customers to interact with us in a personalized, customized way.” Technology acquisitions bring real benefits to McDonald’s 2019, McDonald’s stock priceIt rose by 20.5%, roughly the same as the S&P 500 index so far this year.But last year, McDonald’s shares rose nearly 35%, leading the market.In July of this year, Bob Derrington of Telsey Advisory Group reiterated its overweight rating for McDonald’s and raised its stock price target by $20 to $230.Prior to this, the company’s second quarter performance was strong.In addition to raising the price target, Bob also raised its forecast for McDonald’s 2019 and 2020 earnings per share, higher than market expectations.The reason behind this is that Bob explained: “The company’s investment in technology will improve its system operation and further differentiate it from its fast-food counterparts.” In addition, technology investment and the launch of new products will bring McDonald’sSustainable sales growth, Bob said “this seems to lead the industry trend in the next few years.”Using technology to improve the operating model, not only McDonald’s, Domino Pizza and Starbucks catering companies are using big data people and artificial intelligence to help marketing, such as Starbucks launched mobile application “My Starbucks Barista”, can send voice commands or messagesOrder the virtual barista.Despite the nuances of each order, artificial intelligence systems can provide a differentiated customer experience.The influence of AI on the catering industry is becoming more and more obvious. The enterprises that have already taken the initiative have already started to act. The big acquisition of McDonald’s has already yielded results. I wonder if the future global restaurant chain will have a big round under the influence of AI.Shuffle?Related reports: