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Text | Secret Cong Editing | Cui Weidong “Only one photo, starred in the world.”For the face of App ZAO, this slogan is a slogan, and its good play seems to be deductive.Not long ago, ZAO was chased and blocked by more than 10 VCs. Today, it was blocked by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and WeChat friends. The roller coaster-like story went from the end to the end, no more than four days before and after.The reason is related to the red line that touches the user’s privacy.ZAO is not the first AI product to be controlled for privacy concerns. FaceApp earlier this year and the Deepfakes technology behind the face-changing app have been blocked.Domestic users began to explore the boundary issue of face recognition technology for privacy encroachment, but if you sing the face recognition technology, or because of privacy issues, it would be too much to negate the technology.In addition to brush face payment, face recognition technology and more general computer vision technology are accumulating their own points in many areas.Security field.Face recognition technology is a powerful tool for arresting prisoners and combating trafficking. For example, in the concert of Zhang Xueyou in the past two years, there have been more than one case of fugitives caught by this technology.In addition, it can also be applied to AI makeup, AI dressing, etc. It is also a useful exploration to solve some people’s daily needs.medical field.The computer vision technology behind face recognition technology continues to rise in value in the medical field, especially in the field of medical imaging.Wei Wuhui, an investment partner of Tianqi Amiba Fund, believes that tens of thousands of ophthalmologists in China are not enough in the context of an aging population and a major diabetes country (the eye complications of diabetes are more common).“There is no doctor to show you, or the doctor’s efficiency in reading the film is very low. It may be a week later to tell you the result.” Wei Wu said.For example, AI fundus screening, in the case of shortage of personnel, it will help doctors improve the efficiency of chronic disease management.Farming area.In the future, computer vision technology may also bring new industrial opportunities to the breeding field. Pig face recognition is one of the application directions, which will help to achieve pig inventory, disease warning, behavior analysis and other functions.In addition, recent facial recognition technologies for other animals have also made progress.According to the Asahi Shimbun news report on September 5, the AI ​​project jointly developed by Kyoto University and Oxford University has been able to perform facial recognition on more than a dozen animals.The researchers said: “When people buy chicken, you can use the App to know the birthplace of the chicken, what food to eat, how many steps it has taken in its lifetime.” Of course, we can’t because of the many benefits of face recognition technology.And ignore its dark side – as long as this technology exists for a day, it will follow the risk of privacy leaks.Today, the attributes of the double-edged sword are still in place.”Technology itself has no values, but when AI and many scenes are combined, it becomes a right or wrong.” Li Gen, co-founder of the technology media quiz, regards the face as the third generation ID of the person, the first twoThe generations are ID cards and fingerprints.”We have to avoid a one-size-fits-all mentality.” Li Gen said that it is not forbidden to use such technology, there is no such problem as privacy disclosure.”Face recognition is too convenient, and basically it won’t go back,” he added.Different from Li Gen’s optimistic attitude, Wei Wuhui has a negative attitude towards the current application of this technology.”I am very ‘cold’ to the camera on the road now, not to say that it is not needed, but to be excessive.” People get the convenience of technology by transferring some of their privacy.In his view, the price we pay for it is getting higher and higher.Take the entrepreneurial project of the smart community as an example, it will use face recognition technology to record your entry and exit.”But if the property company’s database is compromised or a security breach occurs?” Wei Wu waved.The transfer of personal information is subject to contractual constraints, such as the user agreement for various types of apps.However, it is not uncommon for users to drill down on user accounts and ambiguous terms.How to balance the boundaries between technology and privacy is a long-term problem with the development of AI.ZAO’s carnival in the circle of friends is no longer, and the brutal growth of face recognition technology has come to an end.Next, whether or not you can get along with privacy issues is the key to determining whether face recognition technology can usher in a breakthrough.Although the relevant regulatory laws or regulations have not yet been introduced, AI companies should be more cautious and self-disciplined in protecting user privacy.”PS: If you want to communicate with the editors of 36氪 “Observation +” and the tens of thousands of friends, welcome to add Junjun WeChat: hello36kr, join our community and learn to play together. 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