Logistics into the e-commerce throat, Amazon Ali Jingdong have increased the number of people who can take the lead in occupying the highlands?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “US Stock Research Institute” (ID: meigushe), 36 is authorized to publish.On September 10th, Jingdong Logistics announced that the Jingdong Cloud Box Platform was officially launched, and provided a logistics system solution for major businesses by establishing an intelligent logistics platform.This is conducive to Jingdong to improve logistics layout, reduce costs and increase revenue.At the same time, Jingdong’s latest financial report shows that due to the balance of logistics, the revenue and profits are developing rapidly.This shows that the importance of logistics for e-commerce is not only Jingdong, but other domestic e-commerce platforms are accelerating the construction of logistics systems.Foreign e-commerce is also accelerating logistics construction. For e-commerce, development logistics seems to have become a basic strategy to protect its own services.There are many e-commerce businesses and complex structures, but logistics is an important part of e-commerce that is difficult to circumvent. If enterprises do not have their own logistics services, they are easily controlled by their opponents.Moreover, in the face of new rivals, it is also possible to curb the development of rivals through logistics. The importance of logistics for e-commerce is self-evident.In addition, logistics itself is also a good business. In recent years, the logistics market has continued to expand, both domestically and abroad.Therefore, in addition to e-commerce, other companies are also accelerating the development of logistics freight.However, for the enterprises, technology is always the most important factor in the development of logistics. With the maturity of the Internet of Things and unmanned technologies, the future logistics will gradually develop intelligently.The US Stock Research Institute will continue to pay attention to the subsequent development of the logistics market.Jingdong Logistics achieves breakeven balance, and domestic e-commerce companies have accelerated their logistics layout. For, logistics has become the basis for the entire group to be profitable.From the personnel point of view, about half of the Jingdong Group’s personnel belong to Jingdong Logistics, so the cost is high and the profit is difficult.Through the reforms in the first half of this year, Jingdong handed over a good financial report in the second quarter, which is inseparable from logistics construction.Throughout the development of domestic e-commerce in recent years, logistics is a top priority, which may reveal the focus and concerns of e-commerce.(1) Jingdong self-built logistics platform, the key factor of logistics into profit and loss balance The importance of logistics to Jingdong is self-evident.Relevant data indicates that if the internal settlement is deducted, Jingdong Logistics will lose more than 2.8 billion in 2018.After the reform in the first half of the year, Jingdong’s Q2 revenue and profit increased in 2019. The financial report shows that Jingdong Group’s net income was 150.3 billion yuan, up 22.9% year-on-year, and non-GAAP net profit was 3.5589 billion yuan, a record high.At the same time, it surged by 644% year-on-All of this is related to the reform of logistics.Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong believes that with the gradual improvement of logistics construction, the effect of the reform mechanism will gradually become prominent, and Jingdong will be able to achieve growth.(2) Domestic e-commerce companies have increased their logistics construction. Logistics or becoming an e-commerce throat is not just Jingdong. Other domestic e-commerce companies are also building logistics.For example, Alibaba invested in Yuantong in 2015, invested in Zhongtong in 2018, invested in Shentong in March 2019, and coupled with the construction of the rookie station, Alibaba has formed its own internal e-commerce logistics network.The same is true for other e-commerce companies. For example, Vipshop also has self-built logistics. Many founders and CEO Huang Wei said in the earnings conference call that the company is developing a “new logistics” technology platform, which will adopt a light asset and open model.Focus on providing solutions for businesses and users through technology.The importance of logistics for e-commerce is not only to improve its own services, but also an important means to prevent the development of rivals.With the development of the fight, the contradiction between it and Alibaba is getting bigger and bigger, and there is no related logistics system. If Alibaba uses its own control power on the “three links”, it will lose more logistics.Support, then a lot of business will be greatly affected.Therefore, it is understandable to develop a logistics system.Foreign e-commerce also adds logistics construction, cross-border e-commerce relies on logistics system development In addition to domestic e-commerce, foreign e-commerce giants are also building their own logistics systems.On the one hand, we can get rid of the dependence on logistics, on the other hand, we can improve our control over logistics and reduce costs.From the growth of Jingdong’s revenue, we can see the importance of logistics for finance.Amazon has been developing its own logistics system recently, which will become an important layout for further reducing costs and improving distribution services.In addition, for cross-border e-commerce, logistics will also become an important factor in its overseas development.(1) Amazon improves logistics construction and further enhances member service quality. Amazon, one of the representatives of foreign e-commerce, is also accelerating logistics construction.According to foreign media reports, in early August this year, FedEx announced in a statement that it will terminate the land express delivery contract with Amazon at the end of the month and will not renew the contract.Although this has had a negative impact on Amazon’s logistics, from the current performance of Amazon, the impact will not be too great.According to market research firm Rakuten Intelligence, nearly half of Amazon’s current order delivery is done by Amazon itself.This shows the strong anti-risk ability of its own logistics construction in response to external strikes.Logistics not only reduces risk, but also enhances sales capabilities.For Amazon, membership service is very important. In order to better serve members, Amazon promises to provide Prime members with free shipping service, and the transportation time is shortened from two days to one day.Although this has brought a lot of costs, Amazon invested more than 800 million US dollars in this project, and Amazon’s transportation cost increased by 36% compared with 2018.But it boosted Amazon’s revenue. In international business, Amazon’s second quarter net sales were $16.37 billion, a 12% increase from the same period in 2018.In addition, it can improve the quality of service.After taking control of logistics services, Amazon began a wide range of innovations. In early 2019, Amazon proposed a garage delivery service, and also tried drone distribution.In this way, the service level of logistics can be further improved.In fact, domestic e-commerce also has such problems. Due to logistics outsourcing, the transportation process often suffers from damage and loss, which affects word of mouth.If you establish your own logistics system, it will undoubtedly reduce these situations.(2) The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the importance of logistics will increase. As domestic enterprises accelerate to the sea, foreign companies accelerate international development, the cross-border e-commerce market continues to expand, and the development of cross-border e-commerce will enhance the importance of transportation.Sex.Tian Shu, a partner of Ernst & Young China, predicts that China’s cross-border e-commerce association will break through 10 trillion in 2019 and reach 12 trillion in 2020.It can be seen that the scale of cross-border e-commerce is large.In recent years, domestic enterprises are also accelerating overseas development. For example, in 2018, 90% of Russia’s 290 million cross-border parcels came from China, and Ali and VK parent companies cooperated again.Jingdong Global Sales announced that it has reached a cooperation with Google Shopping to launch a new e-commerce project targeting the North American market.The development of cross-border e-commerce will be more dependent on the improvement of the logistics system, especially when it comes to domestic and international transportation, taxation and other issues.Therefore, the construction of sound logistics and transportation is very important for the development of international undertakings.Recently, Jingdong Logistics’ first bonded bonded warehouse project was officially opened in Fuzhou Free Trade Zone International Logistics Park in Fuzhou Free Trade Zone.It is conceivable that after the scale of the major e-commerce platforms will expand in the future, it may be necessary to try to develop the sea. It is very important to build a complete logistics system in advance.The logistics market is expanding rapidly, and technology empowerment promotes the intelligent development of logistics. With the expansion of e-commerce scale, logistics and e-commerce have almost formed a binding relationship, and e-commerce development logistics services can also be understood.In fact, e-commerce development logistics may have more long-term considerations. From the perspective of market performance, logistics itself is a good business. It may be able to get more camps by using its own advantages in e-commerce logistics.Received.At the same time, it should be noted that technology will become the key to logistics development.Specifically, it includes artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other factors, which are worthy of continuous attention from e-commerce companies.(1) The scale of the logistics market has expanded rapidly, and the e-commerce layout in advance or the expansion of the revenue logistics market itself is attracting more and more enterprises to enter.For example, Uber said the company will spend at least $2 billion to expand its cargo operations in the next 10 years.According to forward-looking Economist data, the growth rate of China’s smart logistics market in 2013-2018 has remained above double digits. In 2018, the market scale has reached 4.8 billion yuan, an increase of 19.4%.It is estimated that by 2020, the market size will exceed 500 billion yuan, and by 2025 the market size will exceed one trillion yuan.Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Alibaba collects the “three links”. Through investment, Alibaba can not only improve its own services, but also lay out the logistics market.In the future, we can harvest the logistics market.(2) Unmanned delivery reduces logistics costs, technology becomes the direction of logistics development Although the logistics market is large, the cost is still a threshold.In order to reduce costs and increase profits, unmanned delivery may become the direction of future logistics development. In fact, unmanned technology has gradually matured in recent years, and unmanned delivery has gradually turned from imagination to reality. For example, Amazon is actively experimenting.According to media reports, Amazon has been testing its “scout” unmanned delivery vehicles near the headquarters in Snuohomish County, Washington, USA for several months.If it can achieve unmanned delivery, the logistics cost will be further reduced in the future, whether it is e-commerce or other enterprises will rush into this market.Not only unmanned delivery, Internet of Things, big data and other technologies will become the key to the development of intelligent logistics.This can be seen from the fact that Alibaba and SF have accused each other of stealing data. Prospective Economists believe that as new generation technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and blockchain mature, logistics personnel, equipment and goodsIt will be fully connected to the Internet, and all aspects of logistics will be intelligent, and the logistics industry will be transformed into an intelligent transformation.In summary, we can see from the Jingdong move that the logistics market is developing rapidly.On the one hand, e-commerce companies at home and abroad are actively developing logistics services. On the other hand, the market size of logistics itself is attracting more and more enterprises to enter, and e-commerce companies may be able to arrange in advance with their own links with logistics companies.With the development of technology, logistics costs are reduced, and more companies will enter the industry in the future. 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