Is Apple’s mobile phone really going to be hanged by Huawei?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Cheetah Global Think Tank” (ID: CheetahGlobalLab), the author is careful, 36 is authorized to release.The annual Apple Autumn Conference is coming.To everyone’s surprise, this Apple’s autumn conference, CEO Cook actually “self-defeating”, comparing Apple’s latest products with Huawei phones.This year, Apple made the first comparison of the iPhone11 with the new chip A13 and the Huawei P30 Pro with the Kirin 980, the iPhone XR (A12 chip), and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Qualcomm 855) and Google Pixel (Qualcomm 845).In terms of GPU and CPU performance, the iPhone 11 is far above.People soon discovered that the Huawei chip that was compared by Apple was not the latest Kirin 990, which will be in the Huawei Mate30 series of mobile phones on September 19.Netizens also compare the performance of the iPhone 11 series with Huawei. Regardless of the chip, camera design, fast charging technology, and battery life, Apple is behind Huawei.This contrast has once again blasted the glory of all Chinese people.However, in terms of innovation ability, is Apple’s mobile phone really going to be hacked by Huawei?the answer is negative.Leading chip development and communication technology has made Huawei mobile phones a challenger for Apple’s mobile phones, but it is clear that Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem, self-developed technology and supply chain management are still mature. In many new technologies, Apple is not the first.A test of water, but the combination of hardware and software allows Apple’s experience to achieve an optimal solution.These are the places that Apple deserves to learn.From the camera technology, the technical solution redefined by Apple is the highlight of Apple’s mobile phone, whether it is the newly released three cameras, or the previous Airpods, face recognition, AR, NFC, wireless charging, voice assistant Siri, etc., AppleAll are optimized on the existing technical solutions to achieve the best experience of the product.1. Apple seems to be the first to propose a three-camera solution behind the seemingly ugly “Yuba” camera. A year ago, Huawei released the Huawei P20 Pro with three cameras. The Huawei P20 Pro has an 8 megapixel camera.Color telephoto, a 40 megapixel color lens and a 20 megapixel black and white lens, with a combination of three lenses, can achieve 3x optical zoom, 5x triple zoom and super night scene.The three-camera design released by Apple is optimized on the original technical solution to solve the phenomenon that the multi-lens system mobile phone will appear to be stuck or skipped when switching between different lenses.The iPhone11 Pro and Pro Max are like the Yuba’s bulging three-camera behind Apple’s new camera system.In order to make the three sets of photosensitive elements maintain consistent color and sensitivity when shooting telephoto, wide-angle and super wide-angle, Apple separately adjusts the parameters such as white balance and exposure of each camera separately, and then adjusts the whole to make differentThe module exhibits a consistent effect.The adjustments in the middle are all carried out in a fast time frame. The power of the A13 bionic chip on the iPhone 11 series can help to display telephoto, super wide-angle and wide-angle details quickly and accurately.The same applies to the early and late dual-shot.At that time, the dual camera of the Android machine used dual-camera earlier, but mainly based on the wide-angle camera, the sub-lens assisted the main lens, the overall effect was general, and the iPhone 7 Plus adopted the telephoto + wide-angle zoom dual-camera solution.The dual camera has more value, and once it is launched, it has also received the attention of mobile phone manufacturers.2. Airpods was initially seen as a ribbed new product launch in the fall of 2016. Apple and the iPhone 7 released a wireless headset, AirPods.Airpods was controversial at the beginning of the release. Many people spoke him up, it was expensive, and it was easy to lose. Moreover, as early as the beginning of 2015, Bragi, FreeWavz and HearNotes all showed their wireless headphones, and at the end of 2015.Shipped in succession.Apple is not the first.However, Airpods gives a good solution in terms of connectivity, ear comfort, support for Siri and wireless charging.Three years later, tens of millions of sales made AirPods easy to be a successful wireless headset.Although Apple did not announce Airpods sales, the research firm Counterpoint Research released a report saying that in 2018 Apple sold about 35 million AirPods wireless headsets.According to the agency, AirPods is now the most popular “Hearable” product.In a 200-person online survey, 19% of respondents said they were more interested in Apple’s ear-wearing devices, including Airpods, followed by Sony, Samsung and Bose.After Apple, other mobile phone manufacturers also began to release wireless headsets. In April 2018, Huawei released the first wireless Bluetooth headset FreeBuds.3, simple but complicated Animoji 2017, after the launch of iPhoneX’s face recognition technology, Apple also launched a very interesting dynamic emoji for face recognition – Animoji.Using the face recognition function of iPhone X, iPhone X can convert the user’s facial expression into a 3D emoji expression in real time and with high precision, so that the expression has the same expression, the similarity is very high, and the details are grasped.Also very precise.At the same time, the sound is recorded with a microphone, and finally a cute 3D animated emoji is generated, and the user can share the generated emoji with friends through iMessage.The function of implementing Animoji is also not the first development of Apple.Apple acquired the technology layout by acquiring Perceptio, Metaio, Faceshift, and 3D sensor manufacturer PrimeSense a few years ago, and by combining the acquired technology company’s solutions, it has created a popular social network expression product.It can be seen that in many technical fields, Apple’s consistent approach is not early adopters, but to find the best solution to meet the user experience after the technology is mature.After the Apple conference, Cook said in an interview with Tencent Technology: Apple’s goal is never to grab the first, but to do the best. If it is the best, it needs the technical field to enter a stable period.Apple did not adopt 5G for the first time. It was also because after the market research, 5G was found to be ahead of schedule, and the existing infrastructure and chips were not mature enough. In contrast, 4G still has room for digging and upgrading.Ecologically, it is difficult for Apple to be hanged.

The important point that Apple is difficult to hang is the strong hardware and software support behind it, including products, content and developer ecology.1. Product Ecology: In addition to the iPhone series, Apple’s annual products include MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other products.MacBook series + iPhone series + Apple Watch + AirPods + iPad series has become a standard for many people, and the interconnection of social, work and life data makes it difficult to get rid of the ecosystem.2. Content Ecology: At this year’s conference, Apple announced new developments in Apple TV+ and the game subscription service Apple Arcade.On Apple TV+, Apple announced 14 original content, including “The Sea King” Jason Momoa starring in the fantasy show “See” and “Jennifer Aniston” starring The Morning Show.Apple Arcade is the first mobile device, desktop and living room game subscription service that Apple released this year at the spring conference.This time Apple also listed 15 new exclusive games that will be launched along with Apple Arcade, including works by well-known game companies such as Ubisoft, Wanda South Dream Palace, Sega, and Square Enix.Apple announced that Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade subscriptions are all $4.99/month.Although the content on these platforms is not comparable to the massive content on Netflix, Amazon, and Steam, they give consumers reasons to choose Apple on a hardware basis.3, developer ecology In addition to products and content, developer ecology is also an important advantage of Apple.At the WWDC conference in 2008, Apple released the App Store for the first time, unified distribution channels, no custodian fees, no credit card fees, developers decided to price and get 70% of revenue, and “can reach every user.”.Apple also provides one-stop services from development kits, documentation, UI resources, and promotional materials. Every developer who writes programming can face global users in the AppStore.A series of policies have greatly satisfied the pain points of small and medium developers.A year later, the number of apps on the Apple Store has exceeded 65,000.Ten years later at the 2018 WWDC, Apple CEO Cook announced that the App Store had more than 500 million weekly visits.In the nearly 10 years since the launch of the App Store, there have been more than 2 million applications and more than 20 million developers worldwide, with a cumulative revenue share of more than $100 billion.In contrast, Huawei started to develop rapidly in the late days. In 2018, the number of global registered developers of Huawei terminals exceeded 560,000, and the revenue of partners increased by more than 100%.In 2019, Huawei announced the largest developer conference, officially released its own operating system – Hongmeng.According to reports, Hongmeng OS is a full-scale distributed OS based on microkernel. This is the first time that distributed architecture is used for terminal OS, which can realize seamless collaborative experience across sum up
People’s high expectations for Apple’s mobile phones have made every Apple conference a demanding review and evaluation.From the comparison of the parameters of the iPhone 11 series, it is concluded that the Apple mobile phone has been hoisted.Apple has a lot to learn in terms of technology applications, product experience, and hardware and software.We look forward to the innovation and rapid growth of ethnic enterprises like Huawei in learning and learning.References: 1, simple but difficult: Animoji’s technical problems behind the decade, from re-defining the mobile phone to the decline of the iPhone with a decade of decline?Http://, in addition to AirPods, you can also choose these “true wireless headsets”, sales are hot!AirPods sales reached 35 million in 2018