Has Apple lost its innovation?


This article comes from WeChat public account “Xiaozhi’s Internet Watch” (ID: hear_and_tell), author Tang Xiaozhi More than a decade ago, when Jobs took the first generation of MacBook Air from the file bag, the world was crazy.”This is the thinnest laptop in the world.” The first-generation MacBook AirMacBook can be said to really redefine the laptop.Today, you will find that the design of a MacBook can be extended for ten years.What’s even more frightening is that even if you look at the MacBook Air released ten years ago, its design, appearance and texture are still ahead of the times.The same thing can be interpreted in different angles.Some people think that this is the genius of Jobs and Apple.Others believe that the products of the decade are all a shell. Doesn’t it mean that Apple has not had a little innovation in ten years?1. What is innovation?If you are concerned about the Apple Autumn Conference from iPhone 6S, you will find that almost every session after the conference is overwhelmingly criticized on the Internet: Apple is not good, there is no innovation.This limelight, especially in the last two years, last year’s iPhone XR/Xs and this year’s iPhone 11/Pro.What was the biggest “innovation” last year?Added “Double card dual standby” function.What is the biggest “innovation” this year?The price did not rise for the first time in 12 years.What can be called “innovation”?According to the definition of encyclopedia, innovation refers to the creation or creation of new, two fingers first.Let’s take a look back, everyone in the workshop and the media, where does Diss focus on Apple’s innovation?I think it should refer to the “hardware aspect”: 5V1A unchanged for ten years; small-capacity batteries that have not changed over the years; photographs of mobile phones that are gradually “backward”; mobile phone designs that are contrary to the aesthetics of Jobs.If you look at it from this dimension, maybe Apple has lost its innovation.But if you look at it from another angle, the views may be different.2, Apple, the innovator’s dilemma “Innovator’s Dilemma” book, is said to be one of Jobs’s few recommended books in his lifetime.This book tells why big companies and mature companies turn a blind eye to emerging markets, so they miss the opportunity and even go straight to decline.The authors summarize two techniques for advancing progress: one is continuous technology; the other is destructive technology.As the name suggests, the so-called continuous technology is a technology that has already appeared before, and the subsequent technologies are optimized and improved on the basis of it.Many large companies have done a good job of continuous technology, and even these technologies are directly created by themselves.For example, Google’s search technology, all optimization of search speed, indexing, pageRank tuning, etc., are the embodiment of continuous technology.The so-called destructive technology is a complete and completely technological innovation.The representative is the MacBook and iPhone series that Apple has led to create and put into mass production.The launch of the MacBook directly led to a huge impact on IBM’s PCs, from the computer giant with the market share to the final sale of the entire personal computer division.The emergence of the iPhone directly led to the decline of Nokia, BlackBerry and other mobile phone manufacturers.The emergence of destructive technology can directly lead to the rapid decline of the best brands and companies in the past few years.This is one of the decisive factors that Apple can quickly emerge from Silicon Valley’s vast startups: Destructive technology is a fundamental change and the greatest degree of innovation.So in the long span of time, Apple has always been a representative of innovation, and has always been an innovator.Even after Steve Jobs’s dedication for many years, when Apple built Apple Park, it still described it as: “Apple Park is the place where Jobs dreams – Apple’s future innovation base and inspiration.” – Tim CookWhether it is fruit powder or passers-by, there are things that are heard, even as a few treasures.But why is Apple now being criticized for not being innovative enough to be cool?At the root, I think it is: Apple itself has encountered the dilemma of innovators.MacBook, iPhone series is because of the destructive technology, beyond the times, but also caused the whole industry to follow and follow, resulting in the follow-up for many years, Apple did not come up with more heavy products.When destructive technology becomes a continuous technology, innovation is less, and the speed of change is slower.So many people will feel that Apple has lost its innovation.3, change the angle, look at innovation If you look at Apple’s autumn conference, you will know that although hardware products such as MacBook, iPhone, iWatch, etc. are the highlights, but Apple’s software and service products account for the same weightThe more you come.Apple’s 2017 recruitment position classification Apple is a hardware product company?Yes.Is Apple just a hardware product company?of course not.According to Apple’s 2017 recruitment data, in more than 7,000 open recruitment lists, hardware engineering jobs accounted for 34%, and software engineering jobs accounted for 28%. The recruitment ratio of the two accounts for more than 60% of the total number of jobs.As you can see, hardware engineers are still the mainstream of Apple recruitment, but the proportion of software engineers’ recruitment is not much lower than the former.In fact, Apple has invested huge manpower, material resources and financial resources in AI, driverless, smart medical, 5G chips, etc., and these innovations may often be overlooked: in the AI ​​field, in the past few yearsApple is the second largest acquirer of AI startups. It also acquired a number of semiconductor companies and began designing its own machine learning GPU hardware for the iPhone. In the driverless field, Apple began preparations in 2014, of course.The latest news is that the project has failed.But Apple spokespersons believe they still have opportunities in the driverless world; in the smart healthcare sector, Cook has publicly declared that the company’s health care program is the key to future growth.In particular, the Apple Watch series is the carrier device for its medical technology; in the field of 5G chips, Apple has hesitated for a long time between self-developed and ordered.After Intel’s 5G modem lags too much, Apple directly acquired Intel’s 5G chip business, and set up an office at Qualcomm’s gate to dig the wall, and ironically decided to self-develop 5G chips with iPhone.This is why this generation of iPhone 11 does not come standard with 5G chips.A technology company that only “does hardware,” “no innovation,” and “ten years like a day” can achieve the world’s largest market capitalization, and even once broke the trillion dollar mark?The answer is obviously impossible.Last year, Apple announced that in the new fiscal year, it will launch a revenue and sales cost report for the overall product and overall service. It will no longer provide unit sales data for iPhone, iPad, and Mac separately, trying to focus on the market.From equipment sales to service business growth and hardware gross margin.From selling products to selling services, Apple has already initiated a transformation.The smart hardware market has become saturated. In the last one or two quarters, shipments of almost all brands of mobile phones have been declining, except for the Huawei bug.When the market has changed from the blue ocean to the Red Sea, innovation in hardware is no longer a weapon for harvesting the market.The future competition must be software and service, and I believe this is why Apple chose to transform.For many large companies, adjusting the strategic direction is often too big to end, whether Apple will be an exception, it will take time to witness.Going back to the original proposition: Do you think Apple has lost its innovation?Having a different perspective, hardware and software can give you two different perspectives.For Apple’s strategy, he needs a layout that is not a single head product, but an iOS-based ecosystem. Friends who have Apple’s three-piece suit must have a deep understanding.But would you like to ask me to buy a new iPhone 11 series?Sorry, I can still use it for two years last year..