Going to the sea daily | Jingdong invested in Thai fashion e-commerce Pomelo completed $ 52 million C round; fast Brazilian DAU broke through 3 million, restarted overseas recruitment


Southeast Asian Indonesian e-commerce unicorn Bukalapak fired hundreds of employees.According to TechinAsia, Budlapak Chief Strategy Officer Teddy Oetomo said that because the smart retail and IoT sectors are not at the core of their business, the company is withdrawing the two divisions, causing engineers to be laid off.It is reported that the company has 2,500 employees, of which less than 10% are affected by layoffs.Thai fashion e-commerce Pomelo completed a $52 million Series C financing.According to e27, Pomelo has raised more than $83 million so far.It is reported that Jingdong had invested in Pomelo’s $19 million Series B financing in 2017.Pomelo said that the funds raised will be used for further development of its “omnichannel” model to meet customers’ various shopping needs and habits.The Vietnamese startup HeyU hopes to become the “Vietnamed version of Gojek”.According to the 36-inch English-language station KrASIA, HeyU, a startup from Vietnam, announced that it has already started operations in Ho Chi Minh City and hopes to become a Vietnamese super-application, just like Gojek in Indonesia.It is reported that HeyU plans to launch an on-demand errands service this month, and users can help them shop through their designated personnel on the platform.Founded in 2017, HeyU, formerly known as San Ship, is a platform for providing instant delivery services in the suburbs of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.HeyU is currently raising $3 million in funding.India’s OYO is advancing into the high-end market and plans to have more high-end hotels.According to Livemint, OYO is working with the hotel company Mountainia Developers in Goulgram and plans to transform its hotel into a superior hotel by the end of the year.OYO said that the global high-end and luxury hotel market will see tremendous growth.It is reported that OYO is currently making its four-star hotel and plans to have five-star and seven-star hotels.Indian software tycoon Azim Premji sold about $1 billion worth of shares in a repurchase program by Indian outsourcing giant Wipro.According to ET Tech, KR Lakshminarayana, chief donation officer of the Azim Premji Foundation, said that as the founder and chairman of Wipro, Premji promised that all funds would be used for charity.India’s pet products retailer Heads Up for Tails (HUFT) announced that it has completed a $10 million Pre-A round of financing.According to Yourstory, HUFT raised funds through two rounds of seed round financing in February 2016 and January 2017, respectively.It is reported that HUFT was established in 2008 and currently has 28 stores in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.In addition, HUFT will use the newly raised funds to expand its retail and e-commerce businesses.Indian mobile operator Reliance Jio has invested more than $19 million in its music streaming platform, Jio Saavn.According to ET Tech, in December last year, Reliance Jio announced that its two music streaming platforms, JioMusic and Saavn, had been merged. The new streaming media was named JioSaavn Music and Radio, or JioSaavn.It is reported that Reliance has previously invested $124 million in Saavn.Latin American fast-handed Brazilian DAU broke through 3 million, and overseas recruitment restarted.According to a report by the 36-member Financial Association, many people familiar with the matter said that Kwai, the fast-moving overseas product, broke through 3 million in Brazil.Recently, fast-handedly restarted overseas business and began to recruit a large number of overseas technology, products, design, auditors and other personnel.For the above news, the fast-hand side said that it would not comment.Earlier, the fast-handed reporter told reporters about overseas business that overseas business is an important strategy at the company level and will not give up.Kuda, a Nigerian digital banking startup, raised $1.6 million in Pre-seed rounds of financing.According to Disrupt Africa, Kuda is currently creating a purely digital banking platform, and the funds raised will be used for the launch of the platform’s beta.It is reported that Kuda’s predecessor was the loan platform Kudimoney, which participated in the Startupbootcamp AfriTech Accelerator program last year.In June of this year, Kudimoney changed its name to Kuda and obtained a banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).In addition, Kuda beta features include a free banking platform and debit card, an app that tracks expenditures in real time (the program is available on iOS and Android systems) and more.Other Yahoo Japan will acquire the fashion e-commerce Zozo.According to a 36-year-old Tencent Technology report, foreign media said that Yahoo Japan said in a statement that it would seek a 50.1% stake in the company with the support of Zozo founder Yuzawa.Masahiro Maeto will sell some of its shares. Yahoo Japan’s offer is 2620 yen per share, a 21% premium to yesterday’s closing price.Starting Thursday, Masahiro Maesa will resign as CEO of Zozo and will be replaced by its director Kotaro Sawada.文 | 云晞@36氪出海编 | Zhao Xiaochun @36氪出海图 |