Forefront | For beauty and night scenes, Google teamed up with OPPO to develop camera technology

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The user’s shooting needs are increasing, and the camera technology of mobile phone manufacturers naturally keeps up.On September 11th, at the Google Developer Day conference, Google introduced new developments in the previously released Camera X camera technology and announced a list of vendors to develop, OPPO, Samsung, LG and motorala.At the conference, OPPO demonstrated camera functions based on Camera X technology, including HDR, beauty, portrait and ultra clear night scenes, and these will be open to third-party applications.This means that even for Android mobile phone users other than OPPO, third-party camera apps can also mobilize functions such as HDR and beauty in the system.CameraX is Google’s new camera technology released in May this year.When users use third-party apps such as WeChat and Vibrato, they cannot adjust the image algorithm and some functions of the system camera, which will lead to a gap in the camera effect. Camera X is used to solve this problem.Google chose to cooperate with OPPO in China, or because of OPPO’s breakthrough in image algorithms.From the perspective of OPPO, camera technology has been further improved and compatibility has been improved.In the saturated smartphone market, mobile phone manufacturers are changing their minds to bring differentiated highlights to their products. Camera function is one of the highlights.Apple iPhone 11 Pro rarely uses rear three cameras, OPPO Reno2, Samsung Note 10+ four shots respectively add AI lens and 3D depth of field lens; Xiaomi released Redmi Note 8 Pro out of 64 million four shots, even 100 million pixelsAlso in research and development.From multiple rear cameras to high-pixel trends, each family is vying to be the “strongest camera phone.”Vendors are anxious, and Google hopes to improve the entire Android ecosystem. There are currently 2.5 billion Android devices in the world. The development of Camera X camera technology will help increase user retention and retention.