Carmen briefing | Female car owner rights violation Mercedes was fined 800,000; Ningde era overcharged 15 minutes charging 80%


Editor’s note: This article is from Krypton 36 “Future Automotive Daily” (micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: NIU Xiao Tong.Finishing | Niu Xiaotong headline Mercedes-Benz female car owner rights rights incident: Mercedes-Benz financial outsourcing violations were fined 800,000 September 11, Beijing Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau announced the administrative penalty information disclosure table shows that Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Co., Ltd. due to existenceThe illegal and irregular behavior of outsourcing activities management was severely punished by the Beijing Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau for a total fine of 800,000 yuan.It is worth noting that the punishment of the Beijing Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau for Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Company pointed to the previous rights of Shaanxi Mercedes-Benz car owners.(Tencent Finance) Guiyang officially canceled the shake number to buy a car on September 12, Guiyang Municipal People’s Government issued the No. 76 order, “Guiyang Municipal People’s Government’s decision on abolishing the “Interim Provisions on the Administration of Small Bus Numbers in Guiyang City” has been September 2019The 62nd executive meeting of the 10th Municipal People’s Government was passed and will be implemented from now on.(Guiyang) Select Musk: Tesla will launch Plaid mode, more fierce than violent mode. On September 12th, Tesla CEO Musk said on social media that Tesla will launch Plaid mode, than violent (Ludicrous) mode is more fierce.According to Musk, the only one that can surpass the violent mode is the Plaid mode. The Tesla car will accelerate faster in the violent mode, and the Model S Performance high-performance version will accelerate in 0-100km/h in just 2.6 seconds.According to Musk, the Plaid mode will be faster.(TechWeb) Didi will launch a taxi service in Japan. Didi Travel will launch a taxi service in Miyagi, Japan.(Nikkei News) Pacific Securities: passenger car recovery is clear. Pacific Securities pointed out that although the overall sales of passenger cars in August is still in a negative growth stage, but the decline has been greatly narrowed, the recovery is obvious, the “Golden September and Silver 10” peak season, passenger carsThe recovery is expected to be further confirmed.The RRR cut last weekend will add to the recovery of passenger cars, making the recovery cycle of passenger car fundamentals in the year after the third quarter.(Securities Times Network) Wang Binggang: Pure internal combustion engine car will be called off in 2035. Wang Binggang, head of the national new energy vehicle innovation project project team, said in an interview that by 2035, half of the Chinese auto market will be pure electric vehicles, and the other half isHybrid fuel vehicles, pure internal combustion engine vehicles will not exist, unless special vehicles and other vehicles have special requirements.(Sina Auto) Dongfeng Yueda Kia Beijing many dealers retired according to China Net reported that many Dongfeng Yueda Kia dealers in Beijing have retired.For example, Kia Motors Beijing Zhongqi Xinyuan 4S shop in the South Third Ring Road of Fengtai District is the first Kia Motors special sales service store in Beijing. The clerk said, “We have not sold Kia.”In addition, several Kia stores located in Chaoyang District and Tiantongyuan have also been adjusted.(Future Automotive Daily) Bosch: 2018 to date, electric vehicle business orders exceeded 100 billion yuan local time September 10, auto parts supplier Bosch announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show that since the beginning of 2018, Bosch has received a value of about 13 billion euros(about 102.1 billion yuan) of electric vehicle business orders.Bosch said that sales of the automotive and intelligent transportation technology business in 2019 will be slightly lower than the previous year, but the overall business growth rate is still higher than the global automotive industry.(Car home) Volvo acknowledges that Tesla is far ahead in terms of energy efficiency. According to electrek, Ian Collins, director of development at Polestar UK, commented on Tesla recently at a meeting in Norway.“Tesla is far ahead of everyone else in terms of energy efficiency, and they will have to work hard to catch up or find other ways to compete.”Polestar is an independent electric car brand launched by Volvo in 2017. It currently has two models, Pole Star 1 and Pole Star 2, the latter being the product of the Polar Star-Texas Model 3.(Future Auto Daily) Imported vehicles returned to the downward trend. Imported cars fell by 49% in July. After experiencing double-level growth in June, imported cars entered the downward range again in July.Recently, the China Automobile Dealers Association released data showing that 90,000 cars were imported in July, down 49% year-on-year; from January to July, the total number of imported cars was 620,000, a slight decrease of 1.6%.The association said that car imports in July were close to the waist, leading to a slight decline in cumulative imports in the first seven months.(China Economic Net) Lamborghini: optimistic about the Chinese market, cautious choice of electrification route Recently, Lamborghini car China and Hong Kong, Macao executive general manager Francesco Scardaoni said that the pure electric vehicle’s power system is not yet suitable for super-running, Lamborghini’s superRunning will still insist on using a naturally aspirated engine.(Gai Shi Automobile) New Technology Ningde era released super fast charging technology At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ningde era launched super fast charging technology, which can charge 80% in 15 minutes.For some customized needs, the Ningde era also developed an 80% turbine charging solution in 9 minutes.(Car home) —————————————— I am 36氪 Future Auto Daily author Niu Xiaotong, paying attention to the dynamics of the automotive field, welcome to communicate with me.My WeChat is NEXT0117, please add a note name, position, company..