Can I really make a good movie with an iPhone11?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Cinema Intelligence Department” (ID: dianyingqingbaochu), the author circle circle pill, 36 氪 authorized to release.This morning’s Apple conference announced the latest iPhone11, we saw it more color, the camera is more convex, the appearance is more ugly (mistakes).The new iPhone is the most emphasized feature, just like its powerful “Bathroom Camera”.Apple released a bunch of data that ordinary users can’t understand and two videos, just to illustrate the same thing – the iPhone11’s camera function is so powerful that it can shoot top-level photos and even movie-quality footage.However, Apple has “stolen the concept” here.Indeed, just as the material announced at the press conference, those stunning photos are comparable to movie-quality videos that were shot with the iPhone 11.It gives viewers a way to take photos and videos with the iPhone11.In reality, however, the iPhone 11 is just one of the tools for completing these works.Photographs taken by iPhone11 Pro Apple and the videographers and directors who invited them to test the phone will not tell the user: How long did they take the photo and how long it took to find a suitable sun angle; they were shootingHow much light was played during the video, how many minutes were drawn in advance, how many compositions were designed and where the actors were walking, and how difficult the late coloring was.Whether it’s taking photos or movies, it’s a “composite” art creation, and “high-end shooting hardware” is just one part of it.While Apple has infinitely magnified the importance of camera performance in propaganda, it ignores and avoids other links. This is undoubtedly a marketing gimmick that steals the concept.A picture explains the camera and camera. It’s just one of the loops in the movie. We won’t deny that Apple’s mobile phone camera function has always been strong. The photos taken by all the cameras in the mobile phone industry are all beautiful. Today, only Apple is still on the phone.The pursuit of color reproduction on the camera gives the user a real picture.Therefore, many people in the film circle have begun to shoot cinema-level movies on Apple phones.The most famous is the Oscar director Steven Soderberg (representatives “Sex, Lies and Videotapes”, “Drug Network”, “The Sky” series), which was shot with the iPhone7 Plus last year.It can be seen from the “Soul of the Heart” movie that the film industry has given great respect and tribute to Apple and the technology industry with its own behavior.For the ever-changing technological advancement, people in many industries are worried about whether humans are going too fast.People in the film industry are willing to use their actions and works to support these technology products, telling viewers the value of technological advancement.But the technology industry has not in turn respected the film circle.More than Apple, many mobile phone brands now like to emphasize their powerful camera functions at the press conference, so that users can easily take “professional” photos and videos.The tech circle always tells users in a high-level attitude that “professional film and television” is a very simple thing.It is true that the powerful camera function of the mobile phone deserves to be shown off, but the movie should not be the “background board” against it.The film is a complex industry, one of the most popular art forms of the moment.I hope that all of you will let it go, don’t just treat it as an “entertainment”.