Blackberry, the hero of the 9/11 incident, has now become the student’s “roadless machine”.


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Game Research Society” (ID: yysaag), the author of the arrogant, 36 氪 authorized to release.Full keyboard, arkanoid, “punch flying machine”, in the Apple iPhone to more than a dozen generations today, the BlackBerry that has been defeated by it has become something that can expose the age.People’s communication systems are always vulnerable to disasters.On September 11th, 18 years ago, terrorists hijacked passenger planes and crashed into the World Trade Center. Large-scale telephone calls were immediately generated. This quickly smashed the communication network in New York City. People’s mobile phones became furnishings, and only BlackBerry (BlackBerry) was still in normal and receiving e-mail was a feature of the BlackBerry at that time. It was supported by a private network developed by the BlackBerry. Even in the case of channel congestion, text messages with a small bandwidth would only be delayed for a few seconds, and then sent immediately.The system showed its demeanor in the face of national disasters: officials used BlackBerry to issue instructions, ambulance personnel used BlackBerry to carry out rescue operations, and those trapped in the World Trade Center could contact them with their families at the last minute, only the BlackBerry issueds mail.Later in 2003, the US and Canada power outages, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the reliability of the BlackBerry was repeatedly verified, it is known as the “lifeline” of disaster.By this word of mouth, the BlackBerry has gradually become popular, and it has nearly 100 million users at its peak.Now, when you go online to search for BlackBerry, in addition to a few scattered business news, only the BlackBerry fans remember the past: know, “Why are you still using BlackBerry in 2019?” is the most relevant to BlackBerry.Asked questions When mobile phone manufacturers continue to innovate, BlackBerry’s latest mobile phone, BlackBerry KEY2, was released last June, more than a year ago.This is currently one of the few BlackBerry models still on sale, still retaining the iconic full keyboard, but the large touch screen and Android system make it no longer as special as it used to be.Even the ones that made it were not the BlackBerry itself, but the Chinese TCL.In 2016, Blackberry abandoned its mobile phone business and turned it to a third party.In another year, the market share of the BlackBerry has approached zero.To this day, these authorized manufacturers have turned a deaf ear to the “Blackberry”, a former gold-plated sign.The BlackBerry that no longer produces mobile phones is still alive, but for consumers, the BlackBerry may never have a new one. The elegant full keyboard will gradually disappear into people’s memory with the “Blackberry logo.”The small buttons on the full keyboard are like the particles on the surface of the blackberry. This is the origin of the “Blackberry” brand name. Some old BlackBerry models, because the call quality is solid, but no app is available, so it was posted “The label of the “network-removing machine” has been bought and used by some people, especially for the student party.Nowadays, these students’ party’s “retirement machine” is a famous “president-only machine” in the past.Ten years ago, Obama was probably the most famous “spokesperson” for BlackBerry.While still in the campaign, Obama’s assistants don’t have to prepare thick paper reports every day, but instead summarize some key messages and email them to his BlackBerry.On the day of the election, the group’s thank-you letter was also his BlackBerry.While Obama was preparing to enter the White House, the Secret Service asked him to hand over the BlackBerry for security reasons.But with Obama’s insistence, he eventually saved the BlackBerry’s access and got a custom BlackBerry.Prince Andrew sent her a BlackBerry at the age of 83, and set up a BlackBerry mail service throughout the royal family.Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy did some bad demonstrations. He couldn’t help but look at the blackberry when he met with the Pope. It is said that he was contacted by his young and beautiful model wife Bruni.This is how the BlackBerry started from the political and business stage, and then swept all the people.It allows users to communicate online and efficiently at all times.There is even a saying: “If a company doesn’t use BlackBerry, then their business is definitely not good.”At that time, a new term was also popularized to describe the impact of the BlackBerry on people – the crackberry.The broad social effects of the BlackBerry have made it a cultural symbol from a communication device.From the American drama “Prison Break” of the year’s fire, to the star of the BlackBerry, all of which constitute the initial memory of the BlackBerry.LeBron James, Leonardo DiCaprio, Edison Chen, I liked the BlackBerry after watching “In the Cloud”.In the movie, the BlackBerry is an important part of the image of the leading business elite.The BlackBerry helped him to handle the work efficiently, and also recorded his embarrassment with the heroine, the capable image of the characters in the play, and satisfied the initial embarrassment of many people in the workplace.The heroine on the left side of the “Cloud” poster uses the BlackBerry. Together with other TV productions, the audience is aware of such a unique full-keyboard phone.Many people are attracted and determined to want to own a BlackBerry.However, at the time, it was not easy to buy a BlackBerry.China Mobile has introduced licensed BlackBerry phones in 2006, and the terminal is bundled with mail services, mainly for foreign companies and large companies in China.Most people in the country do not use e-mail on weekdays, and it is easy to persuade people to pay thousands of dollars.Therefore, the licensed BlackBerry is hardly considered by people. The parallel blackberry has a relatively cheap price and is a priority for everyone.In 2010, China Mobile’s licensed BlackBerry price and package fee were available at the time, “Blackberry water is very deep”, and it was the most advised by the novice buyers.At that time, in the parallel market, there was a kind of “punch flying machine” flooding.As the name implies, “punch” refers to the hole that the BlackBerry foundry opens to the motherboard of the BlackBerry. These motherboards have been paralyzed in the production process and need to be compulsory, and the factory deliberately.The “flying line” refers to the repair of the punched main board with wire ends.This is how it works: the upstream punching board that was scrapped from the foundry was shipped to Shenzhen, and the seams were replenished into refurbished machines, shoddy and sold to consumers who did not know the truth.Later, this became a complete chain of interests, which is why the BlackBerry parallel market was called “water depth” by consumers.”Punch fly-line machine”, the picture comes from the blog “I haven’t bloomed before it will wither”. Even if it is so difficult to find a satisfactory BlackBerry, there are still countless fans coming.The biggest motivation for their purchase of BlackBerry is probably that it is different.One of the biggest features is its elegant and convenient full keyboard.At that time, Baidu and Xunfei in China had developed a dedicated full keyboard input method for BlackBerry.Under the operation of two thumbs, the speed of the blackberry is almost no loss to the computer, and even after a long time, you can naturally learn to play blindly.The number of parts used on a full keyboard of a BlackBerry may exceed that of a other phone. The full keyboard is not only fast, but the 26-letter button on it is equivalent to 26 shortcuts.For most BlackBerry users, using shortcut keys is a very easy habit to develop: you want to open “SMS”, press Alt and M (Message) on the line; if you want to respond quickly, press R (Reply).This pursuit of efficiency still cherishes many people who use touch screens.The BlackBerry OS was one of the earliest smartphone systems at the time, and it allowed BlackBerry users to enjoy the freedom to define mobile phones very early.At that time, there was a website called “Raspberry Park Wireless”, which allowed users to download applications directly from the mobile phone network without having to connect to the computer in a time-consuming and laborious manner. However, this website, which is equivalent to the current “mobile application market”, has long since been opened.At the time, BlackBerry’s available apps ranged from browsers to e-books, from weather apps to LED color-changing software.BlackBerry version of Opera Mini browser, once BlackBerry users may be familiar with the App interface Many programming enthusiasts will also gather in several BlackBerry forums such as “Blackberry Home” and “52BlackBerry”.They post a homemade BlackBerry theme and share a modified app – perhaps even better than the official version.Everyone exchanges experiences and shares results. These communities may be the earliest mobile application ecosystem at the time.The 52BB forum is still in operation, but there are few new posts in the BlackBerry-rich app, and of course the game.The built-in “Arkanoid” of the BlackBerry has made Wall Street’s business elites crazy: the CEO of an investment bank was over-indulged, and finally had to find a technical department to uninstall the game.Brick-blocking is not unusual, but using the BlackBerry to play “Arkanoid”, the experience is very different.This is related to another hardware design of the BlackBerry.Blackberry never uses the normal direction button as a navigation module, such as some mid-range BlackBerry models, its central design has a “trackball”, similar to the ball, the thumb can shake its universal scroll, use it accurately and smoothly, experience far betterPass the rigid direction button.The central white sphere is the “trackball”. There are also “Arkans” on the Nokia function machine. You need to press the left and right buttons to control the bottom baffle.But when you play “Arkanoid” with a blackberry, the technique you use is called “搓”.”Trackball” will directly feedback your power to the game, light, the baffle moves slowly; heavy, the baffle will fly out “snap”, you need to balance between back and forth,In order to freely block the ball.Blackberry “Arkanoid” level design is not bad, crushing capsules will also get a variety of powerful props. Obama is also a BlackBerry “Arkanoid” master, whenever he falls asleep, he will play a few discs to reduce the decompression, the White House has a reportSaid that the president can get up to 15,000 points in “Arkanoid”.Later, when the new BlackBerry announced that it would no longer have built-in “Arkanoid”, people on Wall Street once lamented “lost the pillar.”From the loss of the pillars to the collapse of the Blackberry Building, it was almost overnight.2007 is a year of change.Saipan was included in Nokia’s pocket, and Android’s secret research and development entered a crucial stage, and Jobs’s first-generation iPhone conference, which called “Change the World,” also happened that year.That day, Jobs boarded the center of the stage.When talking about the “iPhone revolutionary interaction” chapter, four mobile phones were lined up on the big screen, and there was a BlackBerry.”See the 40% button at the bottom of the screen? No matter what you don’t need, this keyboard will stay there. These plastic buttons won’t change with the program you use. And we have to doIt’s just throwing the keyboard all the time, leaving only a huge screen.” The ending of the story is like what you see right now. Apple has changed the way people think about the mobile phone with a new interactive way. The BlackBerry is deeply rooted in the keyboard, butAlso failed to stick to the full keyboard.It has been dragged down by its past achievements, that is, it can’t abandon the old corporate users, and can’t open new markets. It has become an impression of people.In 2011, the internal contradictions in the BlackBerry business broke out.The product department is struggling to cope with the ambiguous demand, the new open system is slow to develop, and due to financial pressure, the company has laid off employees on a large scale.At the end of the year, BlackBerry stocks have fallen by 75%.With the growing popularity of Apple and Android, BlackBerry users continue to lose, and some popular applications even choose to give up the BlackBerry OS.In the end, the BlackBerry became an “an attitude” that a few enthusiasts still insist on.”Blackberry is an attitude” – the most common saying of BlackBerry fans is the recognition of the quality of the BlackBerry, and the embarrassment of the rapid decline of the BlackBerry: “No longer, but can not forget”The true feelings that are revealed between the lines of the adherents, I believe that people who have never used the BlackBerry can feel it.”But the demise of the BlackBerry is, after all, the objective law that old things have been replaced by revolutionary new things. Like the Walkman and PSP, which are long gone, they are all worthy of recollection, but they are repeated all the time.Time has also passed quickly. Apple, which changed the world in 2007, just held another new product launch.While the BlackBerry model update has stalled, the iPhone that once defeated it has been unveiled for the tenth generation.My first BlackBerry 8310, after changing the touch screen, left it to the mother who was not very online. For ten years, every call with her was clear.If you are also a former BBer, it is better to turn over the old blackberry in your drawer, charge it, try it or not.I believe that at the moment when the BlackBerry logo reappears, you will remember its reliable companionship in the past..