Apple, which is more “traveling” in hardware, has to work hard


Source: New Business Intelligence NBT (ID: newbusinesstrend) Cook continues to emphasize the “soft and hard, focus on service” strategy.Author | Li Meng嫡 At 1 am on the 11th Beijing time, Apple held the 2019 autumn conference, launching five new hardware products, including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, new Apple Watch S5 watch, and new iPad.Game and original TV drama subscription service.From the outside reaction, the new products did not bring too much surprise to the fruit powder.At the scene, Apple CEO Cook did not repeat the data and concepts too much, but continued the logic of the developer conference this year, further emphasizing Apple’s concept of “soft and hard, focus on service”, trying to use “soft” outside the hardware.The service creates a new user glue and growth engine.01 Hardware more “market” Apple officially released three new mobile phones: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, respectively, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max.In line with the various forecasting information before, the new product does not have much revolutionary innovation, nor does it support 5G networks.In terms of design, the iPhone 11 uses a 6.1-inch display and is extended to the previous generation of bangs.But the body color has more color options, including purple, white, green, yellow, black and red.The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro MAX are 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch, respectively, with midnight green, space gray, silver white and gold.The camera function is the highlight of the iPhone 11 series.The iPhone 11 is configured with 12 megapixel dual camera, wide-angle main camera with 26mm f/1.8, optical image stabilization and 2x optical zoom, and ultra wide-angle lens 13mm f/2.4. Although there is no optical image stabilization, the viewing angle can reach 120.°.At the same time, the iPhone 11’s front camera supports 4K / 60 frame video recording while also allowing users to shoot 120 frames of slow motion video.And from the shooting samples given in the scene, the super wide-angle lens’s super-large angle of view impact, becoming a highlight of this iPhone.The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are upgraded to a “bathroom” type of three-camera combination: 13mm front wide-angle lens + 52mm telephoto lens + 26mm super wide-angle lens, also 12 million pixels.In fact, the domestic 48 million pixel camera is very common, Apple’s 12 million pixels, although it can guarantee better shooting quality, but the resolution is still lower.Compared to the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro will also update the Deep Fusion feature, which is deep neural processing.Its feature is to take photos by machine learning, that is, to take 8 photos in succession, including 4 main photos, 4 secondary photos, and then use neural network processing, and later synthesize a 24 million pixel photo to achieve photo quality.Upgrade.The iPhone 11 Pro also upgrades the shooting and processing capabilities of video.The staff from FiLMic demonstrated the use of some lenses. The lens can be switched to a super wide-angle field of view during the shooting process, supporting simultaneous multi-lens viewfinder recording.In terms of performance configuration, the iPhone 11 series is equipped with an A13 biochip.The staff said at the press conference that the chip has a powerful processor that can significantly improve the performance and battery life of the phone, and can handle 1 billion operations in one second.In order to prove this ability, Apple not only compared the iPhone XR launched last year, but also pulled Samsung (Galaxy S10+ with Snapdragon 855), Huawei (P30 Pro with Kirin 980) and Google (Pixel3 with Snapdragon 845).Three “friends” are compared.In contrast, the iPhone 11 Pro is a breakthrough in terms of charging technology and endurance.The iPhone 11 lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 Pro lasts four hours longer than the iPhone XS, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max lasts five hours longer than the iPhone XS Max.At the same time, the iPhone 11 Pro replaces the traditional 5 watt charger with 18W fast charge, which is the first time the iPhone has been upgraded for 12 years since the iPhone was introduced.However, in China, it is only to tie the industry standard. At present, domestic high-end mobile phones generally use 18W or 27W fast charge chargers, and even support 40W super fast charge.The new machine has also been adjusted in terms of selling price.Compared with the listing price of the National Bank iPhone XR last year, the iPhone 11 has been reduced by about 1,000 yuan, starting at 5,499 yuan, the iPhone 11 Pro is starting at 8699 yuan, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is starting at 9599 yuan.At the same time, Apple retail stores launched 17, 25, 29 months of installment plans for the iPhone 11 series.Friendly prices and installment payments have lowered the threshold for consumers to start, and Apple may be able to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.The new product will be pre-ordered at 8pm on September 13th and will be on sale on September 20.At the press conference, Apple also launched an iPad with a larger 10.2-inch display with an A10 chip, an iPad OS system and an 8 megapixel rear camera.The new iPad version is priced at 2,699 yuan for the 32GB version and 3,499 yuan for the 128GB version.Also released is a new generation of AppleWatch 5, which has a built-in compass and international emergency call function, and uses LTPO technology to guarantee 18 hours of battery life, starting at $399.02 Plus code service At this stage, 5G is accelerating into commercialization, major mobile phone manufacturers are rushing to run 5G outlets, but the iPhone temporarily missed the game.This is in fact consistent with Apple’s consistently stable style, and Apple CEO Cook has clearly stated that 5G technology is still in its infancy, and the new iPhone 2019 will miss the 5G network.Some media reports said that the 5G version of the iPhone will not be listed until 2020 at the earliest.Since the autonomy product line iPhone has fallen into the growth bottleneck, Apple has set its sights on the second revenue growth point of “services” and announced “easy to use, attention to detail, privacy protection,” at the 2019 spring conference held in March.The six “services” principles of personalization and family sharing.At the Global Developers Conference in June this year, Apple released four major systems for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS updates, as well as the Apple App’s exclusive App Store and an independent operating system for the iPad, iPadOS.This system has also been applied to the new iPad released this time.In addition, after the press conference, Apple’s official website announced that the official version of iOS 13 will be pushed to users around the world on September 20.Moreover, for a long time, Apple has been interested in providing content to its growing user base and devices.Apple’s content distribution department offers hundreds of millions of users and more than one billion devices with all types of content, including music, TV shows/movies, apps, podcasts, news, magazines, and books.At the press conference, Cook continued to emphasize the strategy of “soft and hard, focus on service”.The first product to be launched is the Apple Arcade subscription service, which will be available in more than 150 countries and regions around the world on September 19.The first batch will be online with more than 100 games, which will be used on multiple platforms such as Apple’s mobile phones, computers, and tablets. The monthly fee is only $4.99.Prior to this, these games were difficult for European and American users to experience because of the price and other reasons.Another service is the Apple TV Plus service, the first original TV series will be launched on November 1st, and the monthly fee is $4.99.And if users buy an iPhone11 series, iPad or Apple TV, they can also get a free 1-year Apple TV+ subscription service.The launch of the Apple Arcade and Apple TV Plus services is also an important thrust for users to enter the Apple ecosystem.When Apple faces a decline in mobile phone sales, the overweight service will probably inject new energy into its ecosystem..