36氪Exclusive | Meituan explores the recruitment business, “Shantou directly hires” to do blue-collar business

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Wen/Yang Lin Qiao芊 36氪 learned through multiple sources that the US group is incubating a recruitment platform internally, and the team of Zhang Chuan, the president of the store business group, is in charge, and the team of the business has basically confirmed.What the US group wants to do is a product called “Shantou Direct Employment”. According to insiders, the platform is now in the internal testing stage, covering multiple life services such as restaurants, hotels, beauty, recreation, sports and fitness, and wedding industry.In the field, after the official release, job seekers can view related positions in the US group, the public comment app, and the “Shantou direct hire” WeChat applet.In this regard, the US Mission official response 36 氪, the rumors are true, the company to build this recruitment platform is mainly used to serve small and medium-sized cooperative merchants, to help them solve the problem of “recruiting people, difficult to use”.According to people familiar with the matter, Shantou Recruitment is a “blue-collar recruitment” platform.The main purpose of the initial stage was to help the US group merchants solve the blue-collar recruitment problem, such as helping the hotel recruiting waiters and chefs, and helping the gym recruiting coaches. “But the future will not rule out becoming a fully open recruitment platform.”The blue-collar recruitment market is fast-moving and has a large demand. Before that, there have been 58 recruiting, my job network, and some of the blue-collar recruitment platforms, and the business model has been relatively mature.At the moment, the US group cut into the blue-collar recruitment market. Its core advantage lies in the large number of merchants and large traffic. Once the merchants and job seekers are opened on the platform, the business requires almost no cost.It is still unclear what the US team is doing in the recruitment mode, but the huge blue-collar job market is likely to become the next profit growth point for the US team.For the small and medium-sized merchants who cooperate with the US group, the difficulty of the previous recruitment is that the demand for the users continues throughout the year but the demand is not high. They are often unwilling to pay high costs to recruit through the headhunting company, and find a small intermediary.Faced with the lack of standardization and control services, these have led to a very scarce recruitment channel at the merchant side and a very limited reach.After the US group launched its online recruitment business, it not only provided a recruitment platform for merchants, but also had a cooperation foundation before, and both parties had higher trust.Since last year, a trend of the US group has been to focus on the business of merchants. From the original help merchants to sell group purchase coupons, take delivery, and then to the fast business to help merchants get through the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and do saas system, and now do recruitment,Not surprising.“The future scenario will be that merchants want to open a store, from shop location selection, business establishment, material procurement, to payment, all of which can be completed under the ecosystem of Meituan, without the need for other external assistance.”As early as last September, when the US group went public, an internal employee told 36.Now it seems that if you want to build an ecological empire, the US group cannot give up the business of “people.”What’s more, the US group has always done the most tiring and horrible errands in the Chinese Internet industry, and not the high-tech drivers that many entrepreneurs admire. It is by no means small and beautiful, but because of the high-frequency nature of eating, drinking, and playing,Can bring huge traffic, this is the largest moat of the US group.