What growth strategies are needed for WeChat reading?


Editor’s note: This article comes from “everyone is a product manager”, the author of a spoonful of mustard, 36 氪 authorized to release.Wechat reading entered the online reading market for nearly four years. According to the data of 2019, the monthly peak reached 1000w, and the daily steady was around 800w. This data is not wonderful. After all, the growth of WeChat reading in recent years is not obvious.Compared with other applications in the online reading industry, it is only the top ten.The story of WeChat reading and the user’s use path are not complicated. As a moderate user of WeChat reading, the individual analyzes from the perspective of product manager, which growth strategies have been used, and what growth points are worth trying.WeChat reading monthly growth strategy overview: growth strategy point one, get customers 1. Social slogan from WeChat reading – so that reading is no longer alone, has clearly revealed its goal of creating a reading community.Backed by WeChat’s powerful user base, social methods are undoubtedly the most easy way to get customers, and WeChat reading does rely on this to create a variety of gameplay.1.1 Friend recommendation sharing “Gift one get one” and “Invite new friend to get unlimited card” is a classic friend recommendation strategy. Both the sharer and the sharer have benefits, so the user is willing to forward it actively.The main promotion for the pull is: 1) rule restrictions.The de-duplication rule for the time + user dimension is increased by the new ratio.2) Good feelings.Friend recommendation/gift can increase the popularity of new users and increase the chances of new users getting started.1.2 Friends group team mode, five people team, after success, you can get unlimited cards.Laxin also has two elements: 1) rule restrictions.The size of the reward is tied to the newcomers in the team, increasing the chance of a new one.2) Social virus transmission.Observing the frequency of the formation of the circle of friends in the 2018 launch of this feature is extremely high.Friends team 1.3 Reading team reading team can be seen as an upgraded version of the team of friends, while pulling new, the greater use is to increase user activity and storage value, so put this in the second.4.3 reading teamPart of it.2. Other products Leverage the products here to cooperate mainly in the WeChat public account.The public article can be opened on WeChat, which is a playful combination.My considerations are: 1) increase the number of WeChat reading users and enhance the experience.WeChat reading is compatible with the article view of the public number dimension. The public number article can use WeChat to read the functions of listening, scribing, commenting, etc. Double kill allows the user experience to add.2) Complete the product integration plan of WeChat’s higher dimension.The public article is also a form of online reading, and we can think that WeChat integrates products in a higher level.At the same time, it made ample preparation for the appearance of the WeChat Reading 4.0 story module.Summary Advantage: WeChat reading fully uses social advantages for user acquisition, and at the same time leverages the powerful traffic of WeChat itself to open up with the reading function of the public article.Suggestion: Before writing the article, the author himself does not know that the public article has this operation, and can appropriately improve user perception.Second, conversion and retention 1. Path simplification, simple operation, user direct WeChat login, can be called a one-button operation.It is really not necessary to log in, and it will not affect the user’s fluency without over-representation unless the user wants to comment, purchase, etc.Regardless of whether you log in or not, the home page is found in search and bibliographic cards, which can be read at a glance and is easy to operate.Suggestion: For new users, you can increase the learning flow. After users enter, they can choose their own areas of interest and choose their own reading habits, so as to better guide and understand users.2. User achievement recognition 2.1 The book currency reading market is directly proportional to the book currency. Reading half an hour = 1 book currency, the book currency can be used to purchase books, thus forming a positive promotion for the user.By accumulating the value of the book currency for self-reading, it is like saving for the user, and the sense of accomplishment is self-evident.Recommendation: The current redemption rules are too simple and quantifiable, and combined with the book currency can have more gameplay to promote user use.1) Build a user growth system.User grades (such as bronze, silver, gold, etc.) can be divided by the number of books, allowing users to more intuitively perceive the value of the book currency and see the growth of their reading accumulation.2) User rating rights.After different levels, you can layer different interests, such as discounts on books, friends to exchange books, and books to other brothers’ software, so that the books can be fully utilized.From my current usage, I rely more on sharing unlimited cards, and the use of books is less frequent.Of course, this is also related to the current stage of the application.2.2 Reading data statistics Weekly dimension statistics user reading data, allowing users to visually see their reading time, reading the number of words, quantitative sense of achievement to enhance the user’s perception, while not giving the user a sense of pressure.2.3 The percentage of reading reminds the user to read a certain proportion, such as 30%, 70%, etc. There will be reminders to give the user recognition, and at the same time, there is psychological comfort to cheer up and reduce the proportion of users giving up.3. Activities/games 3.1 Unlimited card sharing The homepage “Discovery” can be found several times after sliding, the design of the traffic IP+ book cover, and the unlimited card after sharing.In addition to allowing users to obtain unlimited cards to use user retention, personal analysis: 1) Currently recommending users for traffic IP to drive users to read, reducing user selection fees.2) Subsequent recommendations to launch the form of the book, and drive more ordinary users to participate.The book list can be better integrated and more structured, which is conducive to expanding the operating space of subsequent products.Book – book list – reading plan is a good development path.3.2 Turning over the interactive games that are also found in the game, users can get books randomly after sharing, and more can be obtained after sharing, including unlimited cards.The more people you share, the more rewards you get.Similar to the infinite card shared by 3.1, the two cultivate users to find the habit of finding out when they need rewards.Guide users to use more exploration, more discovery and more sharing.4. Stored value 4.1 Dash, comment, and praise the user’s interactions with the book during the reading process (dash, write ideas), and other user-generated interactions (likes, comments), will become value stored in the applicationstand up.Suggestion: WeChat reading is relatively weak social and heavy community in the reading process. The comments and praises usually received are from people who read the same book, and the more contradictory is that the comments will be visible to friends.To a large extent, this will actually make users hesitate to comment.The goal of WeChat is to make reading not alone, but this positioning should be more targeted at like-minded people, that is, people with similar reading interests, and the relationship between friends alone is largely out of this condition.Personally, I think that users should have the right to choose whether they are visible to their friends. I would rather not be visible to my friends. It is also visible to those who are reading this book.4.2 Leaderboard leaderboards are a common strategy and are not used for the first time in WeChat products.The leaderboard itself has an incentive effect on the user’s psychology, but it is better to combine the leaderboard with the actual interests of the user to give the user greater reading motivation.4.3 Reading Squad Reading Team is a long-term plan for users to keep.2018.11 WeChat reading has introduced a strategy of stratification of book currency, and the acquisition of book currency has been transformed from simple proportional to ladder.In short, as the length of reading becomes longer, the difficulty of acquiring a book currency increases.The user feedback obtained at the time was poor, and WeChat reading canceled this change in subsequent versions.Today’s reading team is quoting the strategy of obtaining the book currency at the time, and further upgrades, combining the book currency, the infinite card, and the mystery lottery, making the reward more diversified and increasing the user’s freshness.Under ideal conditions, after team formation, the players have common interests and will encourage each other to form an internal drive.5. Personalized recommendation Nowadays personalized recommendation is no longer a new function, and the data is continuously optimized, and the recommended content will become more and more in line with the user’s interest.The cost of reading a single book is relatively high. At the same time as recommending, you can guide users to express their areas of interest and join the recommendation algorithm.6. Privacy Border WeChat reading gives users sufficient privacy choices, such as whether the bookshelf is displayed or not, whether friends need to agree or not, whether to participate in the leaderboard, etc., and the control rights are all users.Summary There is still a lot of room for the conversion and retention of WeChat reading. The existing incentives and value storage can lead to more gameplay.The above has been elaborated in detail, and the three important points that are summarized are: 1) Growth level.The rules of the book currency can be richer, for example, into the growth level, different levels correspond to different interests, and enhance user perception.2) Structured recommendations.From the dimension of the book to the dimension of the book, and then to the reading plan, reducing the cost of thinking about the user, long-term operation.3) Social positioning.Socialization can be a way of getting customers, but in the process of reading, the concept of the content community should be more prominent.3. Realization 1. Purchase is almost the only way to purchase an infinite card without vigorous promotion.It is divided into purchases by reading the books, and purchases by recharge.2018.11 WeChat reading has been published according to the chapter, I was very impressed because this is a function that I had long expected.However, since the book currency obtained by reading can basically cover the money required to purchase the chapter, it is obviously not conducive to the user to develop the payment habits. Later, this function was cancelled… 2. The member is the content product, the most importantThere are still two points, one is to ensure that there is sufficient content library, and the other is to let users develop reading habits.From now on, as long as the user is willing to take a little trouble, the unlimited card and the book currency are basically enough, and the other rights paid are not attractive enough.The most important reason for members’ awareness of paying for video websites is that members can enjoy rich content, and skipping advertisements is only second to the user.Similarly, if you want users to have a sense of payment, they should first be separated from the content.The summary shows that it is not easy for WeChat reading to be realized.At the same time, it can be understood that at present it is mainly in the stage of acquisition, conversion and retention, with emphasis on the habit formation of users to pave the way for subsequent realization.The summary content is king, the social sharing is more than the customer, the rich recommendation promotes the transformation, the growth level helps to retain, and the long-term flow increases the income.The map is from Unsplash.