The small program can also track checked baggage and finally know where your baggage is.


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Knowing Program” (ID: zxcx0101), the author is cold thinking, 36 is authorized to publish.Every time I take a baggage and wait for my baggage, I always wonder if my baggage has been lost or shipped to a black hole. Otherwise, why haven’t it been so long?If you can know where your luggage is, you may not be so anxious about your luggage.Shenzhen Airport recently launched a full-service location tracking service for luggage, letting you know where your baggage is and how long it will take.▲ Image from: unsplash From September 10th, passengers on the “Shenzhen-Shanghai Hongqiao” flight operated by Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines can check the transportation status of checked baggage in real time after completing the baggage check-in procedure.After the service is launched, it is expected that more than 2,000 passengers will try the service every day.Both the “Shenzhen Airport” and “China Eastern Airlines” WeChat applets can support the real-time query of the checked baggage status.Shenzhen Airport said it will join forces with other airlines to gradually introduce more routes to support RFID baggage positioning and tracking, and continue to expand service coverage.▲ Image from: unsplashRFID is radio frequency identification technology, which is considered to be one of the most promising information technologies in the 21st century.The non-contact two-way data communication is performed by the radio frequency method, and the recording medium (electronic tag or radio frequency card) is read and written by using the radio frequency method, thereby achieving the purpose of identifying the target and exchanging data.Before the new electronic luggage tag of China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines, the built-in RFID identification chip was used to track the location. After the passenger changed the flight, the baggage check information could be updated in real time.▲ Image from: China Civil Aviation Network compared to 688 yuan for an electronic boarding pass, the use of small procedures to confirm the location cost of luggage is even lower.However, the RFID identification chip is an essential part of this baggage tracking process.Before using the small program for baggage tracking, the airport ground staff will hang the RFID baggage for your baggage.In this way, the subsequent consignment, sorting, loading, loading and arrival of the baggage can be sensed and matched in real time, so that the person bag can quickly respond and the information is transmitted in the second order, so as to realize the whole process positioning and tracking of the baggage.Baggage check-in and pick-up are only part of the flight process, and the remaining steps are ticketing, security and other offline steps.Recently, we have also found that the role of small programs in aviation services is slowly becoming more prominent.The “Civil Aviation Temporary Flight Confirmation” procedure on the same day will help users who have forgotten or lost their ID cards to carry out “real human body verification” verification and efficiently issue temporary flight certificates to further promote the “paperless” travel of civil aviation passengers.Process.Related reading: I forgot to bring my ID card by plane?The newly-launched “Airport Proof” applet will help you solve the urgent need to have four or five airline apps in the mobile phone of the passengers who are on the plane, but for those who take the plane once in three or four months, there are so many apps.It is a waste of resources.Small programs are such a medium- and low-frequency user would be a better choice.China Southern regards the small program as one of the means to enhance the offline service experience of passengers: to enhance the service experience of offline scenes, and to combine the service functions of the scenes, so that passengers can quickly self-service the required services.As the first developer of WeChat small program, Spring Airlines has provided users with convenient services for checking flight dynamics.In addition, they will use small programs to host new, tentative services.For example, the “WeChat Pay” that was created in conjunction with WeChat Pay is used as a bearer.Users with a WeChat payment score of 550 or higher can enter the “Spring Airlines” applet before boarding the plane and pay the first time on the 10,000-meter high-altitude experience machine.For such airlines, the user’s small threshold is an experimental soil for new service attempts.Track your baggage dynamics, help you with temporary flight proofs, and get service in flight mode… What other airline’s small program features make you feel good or new?Header Source: Unsplash