Sharing the charging treasure collective price increase, what happened behind the scenes?


Editor’s note: This article comes from the interface news technology channel, author Zheng Jieyao, editor Wen Qiqi, 36氪 authorized to publish.Last time I borrowed the treasure, how much did you deduct?Song Yuan picked up the mobile phone and opened a charging program. “On the first day, I forgot it after dinner. I have already deducted 36 when I went back the next day.” She was somewhat annoyed. “This is no longerThe first time. I will borrow the next time I go out, but there are always a few times I will forget it. I feel that I have enough to buy 10 charging treasures because I have forgotten the money.” In recent years, with the sharing of charging treasureThe points are gradually saturated, and young people in first- and second-tier cities are gradually becoming mentally dependent.”But you can’t raise the price when I can’t leave you alone.” Speaking of the recent news about the price increase of shared charging treasure, Song Wei was not worried. She looked back at her past orders and found that the price was indeedThere are fluctuations.”In the past, it was 2 yuan an hour, but now there are 1.5 yuan and half an hour, and there are 5 yuan an hour.” There are still many people who have the same feelings as Song Yuan.On August 22nd, a topic of “sharing the price of shared charging treasures” rushed to the hot search.Many people said that in some scenic spots, hospitals and other large traffic places, the amount of charging Bao can even reach 8 yuan / hour.It is reasonable to say that compared with the shared bicycle companies with high operating costs and eager to raise prices and narrow losses, it is not urgent to increase the price of the charging treasure enterprises.This industry has been flying in the gulf for a few months, although it has also fallen to the ground, but now only a few have maintained a stable profit model.Last year, a number of companies, including street and electricity, have already announced profits.Not long ago, the US Mission was also blasted to restart the shared charging treasure project.After the listing last year, the US Mission almost stopped all innovative projects that burned money, and now restarting the charging treasure, it also shows that it recognizes the business model of sharing charging treasure.Such an industry that is not difficult to achieve profitability, why should we collectively raise prices in the second half of this year?Some insiders told the interface news, “Compared with the price increase, it is more reasonable to say that the pricing of shared charging treasure has never been unified.” According to the person, in the shared charging treasure industry, the pricing power is not completely in the brand.Hands, scenes, businesses have the right to ask for price changes, just like a can of Coke, the brand guide price is 2.5 yuan, but the bar can sell for 25 yuan.“For a simpler understanding, the rental price of the charging treasure will be largely linked to the price of a bottle of mineral water within a few hundred meters of the scene. There may be some price increases in the scene, but it must not be a one-size-fits-all full-scale industry.The price does not rule out the possibility that some merchants will increase the pricing to obtain a higher share. But this is also the sinking of this industry. In the face of high-quality points, the charging treasure enterprises are often quite straightforward.”In front of the shared charging treasure company, the merchant has a very high voice.Unlike shared bicycles, sharing a charging treasure requires more than one round of merchants to reach the user, and the amount of merchant traffic directly affects the cost recovery cycle of each cabinet.Therefore, as early as 2017, there have been a lot of practices in the industry to divide or enter the merchants.Wu Shichun, the founding partner of Meihua Angel, invested in Hema charging at the end of 2016, but four months later, when the shared charging treasure came to the forefront because of Chen Ou and Wang Sicong’s gambling, Wu Shichun took the initiative to find the founder of Hema Charging to persuade him.Turn the direction.As for the reason, Wu Shichun told the interface news that sharing charging treasure itself is a low-margin business model. As more and more startups come in, merchants are beginning to charge high admission fees, and he has been able to foreseeThe appetite of the merchants is getting bigger and bigger, and the profit margin of the charging treasure will be squeezed smaller and smaller.This is true.Yu Tao (pseudonym) is a BD of a head sharing charging treasure company. Last year, he jumped from the daily fresh to the company’s BD responsible for the Wuhan area.But when he came to Wuhan, he discovered that although it was also pushed by the ground, the charging treasure had to face more situations than the unmanned shelves.In the past, Yu Tao only had to put the shelves on the doorstep of the company. Most of the company’s administrations were better at talking, but now, he not only has to face a variety of small traders, but also learn to bargain with them.“Wuhan’s business has a big tone, and a very ordinary restaurant dares to divide it with you.” He has also encountered the practice of competitors in order to cut the machine and maliciously increase the business share.But a few weeks later, the merchant called back and said that the competitors used the old machines. The customer experience was not good, and they could not charge them. I wanted Yu Tao to come back and reinstall.”Who will do a loss-making business, but for their own KPI, some people will take the old machine and share it with you. Because of the other points, the company will have rewards, hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, even ifThese money will give some benefits to the merchants, and they still have to earn.” In the later period, in order to get rewards, Yu Tao often goes to the point of picking up other homes. “The basics will become yours, I will warn you.The following is a piece of information obtained by the interface journalist, which is mainly about the details of the entrance fee of the monster charging in several major cities.After Yu Tao read this material, the data is basically true.According to him, at present, for small businesses, the charging treasure enterprises take more of the split mode, which is divided into four to five percent of the merchants.However, for large chain points, an entry fee of at least five digits per year will be given.Moreover, since the admission fee is calculated on an annual basis, it is a big battle every year when the contract is renewed.CMO Renmu, who called the phone, once described such a scene to the interface news. Some merchants once called four people to charge the treasure company, let everyone sit in a small room, one by one, and finally announce everyone.Bid.After a meeting, it seems like a tender.But even then, a quality chain is still worth fighting for.Because of the number of such points, it also symbolizes how many rivers and lakes a company has.Ren Mu remembers that in August and September last year, Yunchong Bar, located behind the track, had done a major event – Haoquan 20 million in exchange for a chain of nightclubs for three years of exclusive access.”Since then, the status of the rivers and lakes has been laid. At least people will say later that charging treasures will not only know three electric beasts, but also a cloud charger.” From the perspective of Ren Mu, it is difficult for him to evaluate Yun Chong.Whether such investment is worthwhile, but he revealed that in the past three years, holding such a chain of nightclubs, Yunchong will not lose at least.However, the ability of companies to support such high entry fees does not mean that agents have such strength.Yunchong, a prefecture-level city agent, Chen Yu (pseudonym) calculated such an account with the interface journalist. The price of a general agent buying a machine is about 1200 to 1500. After the placement to the point, this machine eachThe monthly income must be 10% recycled to the headquarters, the remaining 16% for tax, and the remaining 4 to 50% to the merchant, and finally to the agent is less than 40%.”If you don’t have unique resources and don’t know how to operate, don’t do it.” The spoiler beauty group apparently, the high admission fee has already brought a shadow to the commercial model of shared charging treasure.So, what difference will the US group’s admission bring to the industry?On August 26th, the US group commentary was reported to be a large-scale restart of the shared charging treasure project nationwide.In fact, this is the second time the US Mission has tried the project.As early as 2017, the US Mission has already established a shared charging treasure. According to an internal staff member of the US Mission, at that time, the catering department and the liquor department of the US Mission allocated a number of people to race horses. The catering design was similar.The electric desktop charging treasure, while the wine brigade is designed to be a street-powered bread machine.Later, the desktop charging treasure of the food and beverage was produced first, and a small-scale test was carried out in some second-tier cities. However, due to the excessive number of new projects within the US group, the lack of energy and the test data were not ideal, the project was stranded.By 2018, the bread machine of the tourism department was also launched, but the project was also slow due to no one.Last year, the team even looked for a three-in-one beast to sell the business.Some time ago, the US Mission conducted an in-depth analysis of the industry.This time, the US Mission found that after eliminating the factors such as admission fees, the business model of sharing charging treasure can actually operate.Some people have high-quality points, and the monthly flow can even reach thousands of dollars. It is not a labor and maintenance cost. The payback period is between one and two months.And the point of the difference, the monthly flow of water in the 200 yuan or so, as long as half a year or so will be able to return.It is also because of this, even with high admission fees, the current head players of the shared charging treasure are almost all profitable.The US group that has already held a large number of offline businesses obviously has no trouble with admission fees.In addition, the scene of eating, drinking and playing developed by the shared charging treasure is also a very important traffic entrance for the US Mission.According to Ren Mu, during the peak period of holidays, the daily order volume of the entire charging treasure industry can be about 8 million.At the time of the listing of the US group, the average order for the price of the Mobai was only 8.4 million.”In order to buy this 8.4 million single, the US group spent a total of 2.7 billion US dollars. In comparison, the investment of self-developed charging treasure is much smaller.” In addition, in the telephone conference after the second quarter of this year’s earnings report, Wang Xing revealed.The monthly active business covered by the US Mission to the store service is about 2 million, and the points announced by the three electric beasts are not as high as 2 million.In other words, even if the US group only digests the existing points, it can also make the industry pattern change dramatically.No one can relax in front of such a mass of opponents.Ren Mu has recently visited many friends in the supply chain, but no one has heard of anyone in the industry who has received orders from the US group.How does the channel want to get into the game?What rhythm will you play?Everything is a mist.But it is not without good news. At least, with the entry of the US group, the entire industry is also very likely to usher in the secondary attention of the capital market.At least as far as the interface news is concerned, the three powers and one beast have a willingness to open a new round of financing.After all, as of now, the entire industry has not had new financing news for nearly a year.Ren Mu told the interface news that in the past, many small companies got crazy when they got the money. They only valued the quantity and did not value the conversion. Finally, when the money was burned, they left the scene, which also caused many investors to lose the shared charging treasure industry.confidence.Fortunately, the shared charging treasure itself is a self-sufficient business, and several heads can survive well without financing.However, he also stressed that in order to gain greater advantages, financing is still very necessary.Is there still a variable in the industry?Two years ago, Yuan Bingsong, the founder of Calling Technology, made a judgment in an interview with a Chinese entrepreneur. “The war will wash off a batch, and the rest will be put together again. It is a battle from ‘100-power wars’ to ‘The chaos of the Seven Kingdoms, and the process of killing in the Three Kingdoms. This is not a blitzkrieg, it will be a protracted war, and it will be capital, resources, product operation and user experience.” Time has passed, look back, this grass-rooted entrepreneur is fighting against business.The judgment is accurate.Since 2017, this long-lasting war has been going on for three years. After the full reshuffle of the previous two years, there are only calls, street lights, small electric cars, monsters charging and clouds left in the market.Charge it.A brief review of the current situation.As the industry’s fifth, Yunchong has a market share of only one place. After the proxy mode is enabled, it can basically be self-sufficient.Street power is in a leading position in market share, but the Jumeiyou products behind it are facing the dilemma of continued decline in e-commerce business. If Jumei stops blood transfusion, street power may soon be insufficient.Small power and monsters have the same strength and have advantages in different cities. The only place that may create a gap lies in the next round of financing.The number of calls is weaker than the above two electric beasts, but because of the first layout of the big scene, at least the basic data is guaranteed.According to Ren Mu, in the future, incoming calls will also focus more on small scenes.From the perspective of competition, such a four-corner pattern has been very stable. If there is no financing, the industry pattern will not change much in the short term.However, the industry believes that after the US group enters the game, it will also drive another variable, Ali, to enter the market quickly.In fact, Ali is not completely uninterested in the industry.According to a person close to street power, last year, Alipay had decided to invest in street power, and the property rights lawsuit with the caller let Alipay finally give up.”But now, the situation has changed. If the US group enters the game, Alipay will definitely re-bet. It will be time to see who can successfully stand the team.”