iPhone 11 hits 5000 yuan file, iPad entry model welcomes update


Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “AppSo” (ID: appsolution), author: Xiao Qin Peng, mousse, 36 krypton release authorized.Before the start of the iPhone conference, I noticed that the number of photographers who were invited to the Jobs Theatre was significantly more – this meant that the new iPhone might make a big fuss on the camera.The iPhone’s first big leap forward was in 2016.At the time, the iPhone 7 Plus introduced two cameras and a self-developed image chip for the first time, achieving a 2x optical zoom and a portrait blur that mimics a SLR camera.In the following years, Apple continued to polish the “wide-angle + telephoto” lens combination. Until today, the iPhone 11 series came, and things began to change.The iPhone 11 series released: 3 new phones, starting at 5,499 yuan. This year’s new iPhone is named the iPhone 11 series and still has three different sizes.The three new products basically continued the comprehensive screen design of last year, at least the front is completely consistent.In order to let you better understand the high and low positioning of these three new products, we compare them with the three iPhones of last year: iPhone XR → iPhone 11 (6.1 inches) iPhone XS → iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inches) iPhoneXS Max → iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5 inches) In addition to re-using the digital name, the iPhone also introduced a Pro suffix to emphasize the “high end” and “professional” of the two flagship phones – further open with the mid-end iPhone 11The gap, which is the same as the way iPad and Mac are named.Among them, the iPhone 11 fuselage is still the same, but Apple’s LOGO moved down to the middle of the fuselage, looks a lot of harmony.This time, the iPhone 11 adds green and purple while retaining the four colors of black, white, red and yellow. A total of 6 color combinations are available (blue and coral are eliminated).As for the iPhone 11 Pro, both the screen resolution and the color are much better. This is one of the few 2K OLED screen phones that are currently available on the market.In addition to the display effect, the back design of the iPhone 11 Pro model is quite different.The iPhone 11 Pro features a matte-finished glass back cover that adds a high-grade dark night green on a gold, silver, and deep gray basis. Overall, the iPhone 11 Pro series has a better texture and no fingerprints.tough.Of course, the iPhone 11 Pro has also become thicker and heavier. It seems that the hat of “fitness equipment” seems to be lingering.Compared with the previous generation, the design and screen changes of the iPhone 11 series are not large. Obviously, the camera is the biggest upgrade point for the three new iPhone 11 series.The dual-camera structure of the two cameras used in the iPhone 11 is completely different from the “wide-angle + telephoto” combination of the XS series – this time the iPhone 11 uses a “wide-angle + super wide-angle” lens, giving a larger framingThe range is ideal for shooting large scenes with wide horizons.At the same time, whether it is a front lens, a wide-angle lens or a super wide-angle lens, the iPhone 11 is 12 million pixels, which can be smoothly switched between wide-angle and super wide-angle, and also supports 4K / 60 frame photography.As for the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max, the new “Telephoto + Wide Angle + Ultra Wide Angle” three-lens design is also used, which is also a 12-megapixel camera. In addition to supporting ultra wide-angle shooting, Apple also does this three-camera system.More exploration.In fact, the back design of the new iPhone is no longer a secret. Many people will ask the same question after seeing spy photos in the early days.Why do the three cameras have to be arranged in a triangle, but also to make a square protrusion like “Yuba”?Apple gave the answer at this conference because Apple has enabled a new camera system that allows the three lenses to better capture scene information from multiple angles, while adjusting each lens to make themMaintain the same color and sensitivity.At present, most of the models on the market are equipped with multi-lens system phones, which may cause stuttering or frame skipping when switching between different lenses, while the iPhone 11 does not have this problem, which is due to Apple’s fine-tuning of the photosensitive elements.With the A13 neural network engine, the iPhone Pro can also achieve Deep Fusion deep fusion technology for better photo taking.For example, in a night scene, when you press the shutter, the three cameras have instantly captured 9 photos—including samples of different states, such as long exposure and short exposure, and then fuse them, but the function will beIt will be updated to the iPhone 11 Pro later.In addition, if you press and hold the photo shutter, you can quickly switch to recording (the original continuous shooting becomes a slide-down to the left), enough to see the importance of the video.Obviously, this Yuba three-shot, like Apple’s practice of cutting out a screen area for Face ID, is an example of designing a functional concession.In the end, both the camera and the video, the iPhone 11 series has made great progress.But to support such a camera system, of course, the processor also put forward higher requirements.The iPhone 11 series of three new models are equipped with A13 bio-chips, continue to use 7nm process technology, but the number of transistors has further increased to 8.5 billion, compared to A12’s 20% performance improvement, Apple release Keynote has rarely joined the “A page of “Friends” is used to highlight the outstanding performance of the A13 bionics.However, the focus of this A13 upgrade is on machine learning and power design.The A13 Bionic uses a new machine learning accelerator that is up to 6x faster and can perform 1 trillion operations per second for image sorting, photo processing, and other scenes that require AI calls.Of course, for most people, you only need to know one thing – A13 Bionic is the most powerful mobile SoC chip.Thanks to the advancement of A13 bionics, Face ID has a much larger recognition range. Even if the iPhone is placed flat on the desktop, the phone can recognize your big face and unlock it automatically.By convention, the life of the new machine has also improved a lot. The iPhone 11 has an extra life of one hour longer than the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 Pro’s battery life is even more remarkable. It is 4 hours faster than the iPhone XS. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is even moreIt is 5 hours faster than the existing iPhone XS Max.When it comes to battery life, I also mention charging.The three new iPhones all retain the Lighting interface and support fast charging. The iPhone 11 Pro series comes standard with 18w USB-C fast charging head and USB-C to Lighting data cable. Unfortunately, the iPhone 11 is still the same, standard 5V1Acharger.Apple also built a new U1 chip in the new iPhone, which is mainly to bring the ultra-wideband technology (Ultra-Wide Band) called UWB.Unlike traditional narrow-wave signals, UWB uses a wide spectrum and is not easily interfered, so it can provide more accurate navigation and positioning than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.With the launch of this technology, the iPhone 11 Pro will be able to target other Apple devices that are also equipped with U1 chips.For example, when using airdrops, the system will allow you to share files more quickly.By the way, the three new iPhones have eliminated the 3D Touch interaction, and now Haptic Touch has become mainstream, but the usage is not much different, it is triggered by a long press.In terms of pricing, the three new iPhones are available in three storage versions. They are scheduled to open this Friday and will be officially released on September 20.iPhone 11 China price: 64GB version 5499 yuan 128GB version 5999 yuan 256GB version 6799 yuan iPhone 11 Pro China price: 64GB version 8699 yuan 256GB version 9999 yuan 512GB version 11799 yuan iPhone 11 Pro Max China is priced at:64GB version 9599 yuan 256GB version 10899 yuan 512GB version 12699 yuan in the Chinese market, the fastest way to buy a new iPhone is the cat.On September 13th, Apple’s official website and Tmall will start pre-sale at the same time.Users can purchase 12 iPhones through Tmall. In addition, some cities also support hummingbirds for one hour, and they can buy apples like a takeaway.As the most authorized dealer of Apple in mainland China, Staging Music Mall has once again become the first channel for Apple’s new products this year.The pre-sale period will be officially started after the press conference. The pre-order of 99 yuan will be eligible for the new 6-day interest-free and Iqiyi vip monthly card.It can be seen that the iPhone 11 is priced at a full price of 1,000 yuan compared to the iPhone XR (the starting price of the national bank is 6,499 yuan), which means that the threshold for starting a new iPhone is greatly reduced, but compared to the iPhone 11 Pro series.The iPhone XS series has risen by 500 blocks.In addition, iPhone XR and iPhone 8 also have different price cuts.This means that the iPhone’s product portfolio, especially on new models, has undergone significant stratification.In terms of performance, camera and other innovative selling points, there is not much difference between iPhone and iPhone Pro. The core experience of the two is close; instead, the design, screen and charging obviously affect the user experience, but the innovation space is limited.The gap between the iPhone flagship and the sub-flagship is getting bigger and bigger.The fifth generation Apple Watch is coming: support for constant brightness display, new titanium alloy case. After Apple adopted a new design on Apple Watch Series 4 last year, this year’s Apple watch has more material adjustments, and the appearance has not changed..In terms of shape, the Apple Watch Series 5 is designed and sized the same as the fourth generation last year. However, the original aluminum alloy and stainless steel have been added with titanium alloy and ceramic, and the latest 64-bit S5 is also equipped.The processor has twice the performance of S3.In addition, Apple also highlighted the Always-on feature of the Apple Watch Series 5, which is what we often call “always on” – you can see the time on the screen without lifting your wrist..The secret of Apple Watch Series 5’s constant brightness is that Apple uses the new LTPO low-temperature polysilicon screen to allow the watch to operate at lower power consumption while maintaining full-day life.In fact, the Apple Watch Series 4 screen has been used with LTPO technology, but perhaps the hardware technology is not mature, resulting in Apple did not add “always on” feature.Although the fifth-generation Apple Watch doesn’t have a big change in appearance, you can’t ignore the upgrade of the watchOS 6 system this year.In addition to a new set of dials, it also adds voice memos and calculators, as well as “menstrual tracking” and improved health apps.Importantly, watchOS 6 will also get a real app store.In other words, if you want to install a new app for Apple Watch in the future, you can operate it directly on the watch without having to browse the download on the iPhone and transfer it to your watch.In addition to releasing the product, Apple also used a promotional video to showcase the user stories of several Apple Watches to highlight the changes that this wearable device has brought to users’ lives.Apple also announced cooperation with several famous universities including Stanford to participate in research on hearing, menstrual cycle and heart.In terms of pricing, the Apple Watch Series 5 starts at 3,199 yuan in China, and the cellular network version starts at 3,499 yuan. It is expected to be officially released on September 20.Entry-level iPad upgrade: larger screen, support keyboard, basically no change in price. At this conference, Apple also released a new 10.2-inch iPad to replace the 2018 entry-level 9.7-inch iPad.According to previous years, this device should have been updated at the beginning of this year. Who knows that Apple has restarted the iPad Air and iPad mini, so that they alternately make up for the blank of the iPad product line at the price range of 3000-5000 yuan, but the price is 3,000 yuan and below.The big screen iPad is still the first choice for entry-level users and student parties.The change in the new iPad is mainly reflected in the screen size, which is to upgrade the screen from the original 9.7 inches to 10.2 inches. The larger screen also brings a better visual impression, and the shape is closer to the current 10.5 inch iPad Air.Another big upgrade is the support of the SmartKeyboard external keyboard, which means that the entry-level iPad can also use the iPadOS, and it has become a good productivity tool.Of course, compared with the new iPad Air, the 2019 entry-level iPad is still slightly inferior. For example, the 10.2-inch iPad processor still stays in the A10 era, and does not use a fully-fit screen and anti-reflective coating. It does not support P3 color.The domain and the original color display, these are missing from the entry-level product.Finally, pricing, the new 10.2-inch iPad has 32GB and 128GB versions, the starting price in China is 2699 yuan and 3499 yuan.Considering that Apple introduced a better-used iPadOS system this year, it should make the iPad more competitive.Apple’s machine-playing service is on-line: The family’s $5 service business per month has become an important part of Apple’s current revenue. Following Apple’s early launch of a conference to introduce video, games and news subscription services.This time we waited for the specific launch time and price.One is the Apple Arcade game subscription service. On the spot, the game makers including KONAMI and CAPCOM showcased several new good quality games. After the official launch, Apple will provide more than 100 exclusive games for you to play.In terms of online time, Apple Arcade will be officially launched on September 19th at a price of $4.99 per month to support family sharing and free for the first month.Then came Apple’s Apple TV+ TV service, which featured the episode “SEE” starred by “Sea King” Jason Mouma. Cook also said that Apple TV+ will have a new episode every month.Specific to the price, Apple TV+ service is expected to be available in more than 100 countries around the world on November 1st, and the price is also 4.99 US dollars / month, supporting family sharing.In addition, Apple also stressed that in the future, as long as the purchase of Apple’s new equipment, you can get a free TV + service for one year, which is equivalent to “buy hardware to send members.”Less than $5 a month, you can have fun with the whole family. No matter how you look at it, it’s a good deal. It’s also a reflection of Apple’s determination to promote these two services.However, for the majority of domestic users, when can these two new services be used, is the biggest problem.Phone is still seeking self-breakthrough, but will 5G be the next big problem?A less than two-hour press conference, starting with Apple’s games and video services, to the iPad and Apple Watch, and finally to the iPhone, is the full content of this year’s Apple Fall conference.Compared to the past, Apple will allocate more time and priority to businesses outside the iPhone, and it has done a good job in these matters.For example, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade subscriptions will be online as scheduled, and the two will provide a content-like content experience similar to the platform. With the competitive monthly price, I believe it will inspire many people to pay.For Apple Watch, this year’s small upgrade is also expected.At present, the hardware and software improvements of this device have been relatively perfect, you can think that it is enjoying the same treatment as the iPhone 4 period.In fact, for a device with a market share of 50%, Apple’s consideration of Apple Watch is not to compete with a certain manufacturer, but how to attract a large number of users.However, even if wearables and services have become Apple’s two growth drivers, people’s concerns will still be placed on three new iPhones.Compared to last year, the iPhone X’s screen was only bigger, and this year’s three new iPhones clearly have more upgrade points.Especially the iPhone Pro series has a commendable improvement in screen quality, body material and even battery life and Face ID.Of course, innovation in mobile imaging systems is the key.Undoubtedly, Apple is accelerating the development of iPhone imaging technology, which is a significant signal revealed by this year’s conference.As mentioned at the beginning, in the face of differentiated competition in the entire industry, this is Apple’s choice.In addition, for Apple, deep-rooted camera structure and machine algorithms are not only to make the camera look better, but also to enhance the ability of the device to obtain real-world information, and to find more use scenarios for the arrival of the AR wave in the future.But the problem facing the iPhone is still unresolved.Especially with the price keeping in line with the previous generation, with the example of the loose pricing of channel vendors last year, consumers will become more cautious about the purchase of this new iPhone this year.In addition, the promotion of 5G can not be ignored.According to the plan, Apple’s first 5G iPhone will not wait until 2020, which means that the three new iPhones will be Apple’s last generation of 4G mobile phones. Is it a new machine to enter this year, or will it be one step next year?I believe that there are not a few people who are entangled.Although Apple has never been a pioneer in mobile communications, the 5G commercial speed and market popularity in the Chinese market is beyond imagination.It is expected that by the end of 2019, the 5G mobile phone product line of domestic mobile phone manufacturers will be rolled out. Under this 5G attack, how does the iPhone hold the Chinese market?Now, the iPhone 1 of the 5000 yuan file is the first shot..