In order to prove the “cool” of the iPhone 11, the Apple conference used these 8 routines.


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As early as the press conference, the information about Apple’s new products was shocked by the major media.To be honest, after seeing the various new pictures of the Yuba camera, the new color matching of the soil to the slag, and the invitation letter like the watermelon cream, the enthusiasm of staying up late at the press conference was ruined…
The picture comes from knowing the user @short press conference, but the mouth says no, the body is very honest.
I just want to see what Apple is doing to pay tribute to innovation.Frankly speaking, Apple’s release will be as shocking as ever, but it’s less calm and confident.Throughout the conference, Cook repeatedly emphasized that Apple’s mobile phone is the most professional and powerful in the world.
The most powerful, the coolest…
The mobile phone… Not long after the press conference, Weibo Hot Search was dominated by the related topics of the Apple conference.(
At this moment, an advertisement is out of place.)
Telling the truth, before I saw the press conference, I always felt that the new product is like this.
Camera, or camera, except that there is nothing… Yuba camera, 10,000 pieces of 4!Hey!But after reading the conference, what I want to say is that Apple doesn’t have anything but a camera. It has a routine.Cook tried to sell Apple’s appearance, like the old Luo of the year… Next, we will reveal one by one, Cook to prove that Apple has a bright spot, he used which routines.01 Naming strategy First of all, Apple learned to be smart this time, and finally did not “depreciate” his own products.You know, when Apple gave the iPhone a name, it was a miserable mid-range model.For example, when the iPhone 5c was introduced before, the original meaning of c might be colours.
But it makes many people subconsciously understand as cheap
For example, before the iPhone SE, the official explanation is Special Edition.
(special edition
), the result was ridiculed by the netizens into Sorry Everyone
(Sorry for the old iron)
For example, the iPhone XR released last year, the official does not have any specific meaning, but there has been a rumor that Cook has been interviewed and said that R is Regular.
So, the status of XR has dropped again.
When the new iPhone was released, the cheap version was simply called the iPhone 11 and the high-end version was added with Pro. When the official version of Pro was described, it was said that this is a device that professionals can rely on, or some non-professionals.Want the best product… By contrast, this iPhone 11 gives people a much cheaper feel, more like the flagship deity, and feels that if you don’t have a professional need, there is no need to buy a professional version.02 Contrast method comparison method is probably the most used display method at this Apple conference.For example, when displaying a wide-angle lens and a super wide-angle lens, compare the photos taken by the two, the wide-angle shot on the left and the super wide-angle on the right. The effect is clear at a glance.
(The scene even sounded applause)
For example, when the night mode is displayed, the photos after the brightening and noise reduction are directly compared with the photos without the night mode, and the left and right contrasts immediately highlight the powerful night mode.
In addition to the effect comparison,
Apple has also made a comparison with friends this time.And Apple is not directly comparing new products with Android phones, but first compare their products with Android phones last year.
For example, in the performance of the CPU, first show that last year’s iPhone XR has led the Android mobile phone.
Then put the CPU data of this year’s iPhone 11 out, not only surpassed the past, but also opened up a lot of friends.
For example, in order to show the iPad, compared with the best-selling Windows PC in the first half of this year, the pixel is 3.3 times more, the brightness is 2.5 times higher, and the viewing angle is 3.7 times wider.
It can be seen that if the product itself is strong enough,
The use of contrast methods allows users to quickly get to the product advantage.03 Scene Method In addition to the naming strategy and the comparison method, the conference also shows the product advantages for some key usage scenarios.Today, when the demand for shooting is getting stronger and stronger, it is necessary to say that the scene is used, and it is sure to blow a wave of shooting scenes. Otherwise, isn’t it a white “bathroom” camera?First of all, let’s talk about the use scene of landscape photography.
When we travel, we see spectacular scenery and want to get a shot in the lens, but if you want to do it, people
It is necessary to go backwards, but in fact the space for retreat is very limited, so the picture taken is very limited.
Now that I have a wide-angle lens, the shooting range is mostly, and the big scene is no longer afraid of shooting.
At the press conference, the difference in the effect of the non-wide-angle lens and the wide-angle lens to take a landscape shot was demonstrated, from which the capability of the wide-angle lens can be clearly seen.
The iPhone’s nighttime shooting noise has not been squandered for a long time, but this time the show showed a new selling point in the night scene, which is the AI ​​in the dark restaurant or the beach under the moon.Technology improves low-light shooting and reduces noise.At the press conference, in the function display of the iPhone 11 Pro, a drama director was also invited to show the effect of multi-lens simultaneous shooting.The three lenses can work together to collect different wide-angle, portrait and other shooting modes on the same mobile phone screen. That is to say, if you want to shoot video, you only need one station to capture four at the same time.Lens~
What’s even more shocking is that you can also take picture-in-picture, which is when two people interact, so that two people can be framed together. In official words, it is to capture the expression on the face of the interactor.
It seems that this is really a scene for professional users.
04 User Witness In order to prove that Apple Watch is very powerful, it can bring more changes to users. Cook used the user’s witness to return to the many beneficiaries of Apple Watch.The live broadcast of the user’s return visit video can be said to be very warm.The video of the user feedback letter received by Apple consists of a touching story that allows the user to feel the changes that Apple Watch brings to everyone.For example, a pregnant woman tells the story of Apple Watch monitoring her arrhythmia, and then promptly seek medical treatment to give birth to a baby.It also tells the story of an old man who has accidentally contacted his family after he fell.The old man said excitedly: It is hard to imagine that there may be no Apple Watch, what may happen… There are many stories of successful weight loss under the supervision of Apple Watch.
More gratifying
In the video, the autistic boy, with the help of the Apple Watch, participated in the marathon, and let people see a completely different person, a athlete with a positive energy.This wave of Apple’s operation is constantly enhanced and user interaction is reflected.On the one hand, it enhances the user’s stickiness; on the other hand, it can also convince users that the product can really bring unintended changes to everyone.05 Increased Value of Value In addition to assisting individuals, Apple Watch also has a major impact on health research.Many of the features of the Apple Watch we saw earlier are related to scientific research and development.For example, the heart rate notification feature was used in a study of “atrial fibrillation” with 400,000 people participating in the study.At the press conference, Apple officially announced three new scientific studies, including the Apple Hearing Study, which focuses on the health effects of noise decibels.Apple Women’s Health Study focuses on the effects of menstrual cycles on female infertility and osteoporosis.The Apple Heart&Movement Study is designed to understand how to intervene in early heart problems with Apple Watch.In other words, when you use Apple Watch to monitor your health, you can also choose to join a health study.And these health research can not only promote our health, but also promote the health of future generations.Through this kind of public welfare activity, Apple Watch allows users to feel that they are participating in a great thing, satisfying the user’s altruistic appeal and enhancing the value of the user’s purchase of the product.06 Professional endorsement At this conference, many people should be like me. The most anticipated is the first introduction of the three-shot camera, which is the legendary “Yuba camera”. When a new thing appears, the user is often holdingKeep an attitude, not even optimistic.Before the press conference, the iPhone 11 Pro’s Yuba camera has been ridiculed by netizens, and I personally expressed ugly rejection!How do you enhance the trust of users when users don’t know if this thing is reliable?The most direct method is professional endorsement, for example: 1) Is there a media report 2) Is there a prize? 3) Is there a celebrity recommendation? 4) Is there a big platform endorsement? For example, as a technology idiot, professional data for Apple’s rear three shots.There is no sense at all.A 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with 120-degree field of view, 13 mm focal length, f/2.4 aperture, five-mirror lens solution, and four-fold viewing range.A 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, 26mm focal length, f/1.8 aperture, six-mirror lens solution, and optical image stabilization.A 12-megapixel telephoto lens, 52mm focal length, f/2.0 large aperture, six-mirror lens solution, also supports optical image stabilization.To highlight the professionalism of the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller showed samples from six professional photographers and emphasized that these photographers love the camera system.In addition, in terms of video, the iPhone 11 Pro can shoot 4k 60 frames / sec, as well as ultra-wide dynamic range of video, highlights, shadows and other rich details.Still the same routine, Phil Schiller showed a professional film director filming and editing with the iPhone 11 Pro, let us see that this is a camera system that even professionals like.Even the blogger @胡辛束侃, the iPhone 11 Pro once again used practical actions to encourage everyone to become a vlogger… After watching the videos taken by these professional photographers, I just want to release a true fragrance certification for the “Yuba camera”!07 There was a small climax at the anchoring conference, when Cook announced the Apple TV+ subscription fee.Each family only needs $4.99 a month, and Cook says: “All of these incredible shows, for the price is a single movie rental.” Renting a movie costs 4 dollars.It’s like an anchor, positioning everyone’s attention on the price, a family for a whole month of Apple TV+ service, the price is the same as renting a movie.Regardless of the service of Apple TV+, through the “anchoring method”, everyone recognizes the fact that Apple TV+ subscription fee is cheap and cost-effective.Because it includes Apple’s original programs, movies, comedy and documentaries in more than 100 countries, the price is much better than “renting a movie.”For example, “For All Mankind”, “Dickinson”, “The Morning Show”, “See” and “The Elephant Queen” and so on.08 What makes the sense of urgency even more surprising is that if you buy a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, IPod Touch or Mac, you can use the Apple TV+ service for free for a year.After the announcement of the news, the applause thundered.Starting from November 1st this year, Apple TV+ is open to services in more than 100 countries around the world. It is not a hungry marketing, but it tells you sincerely that you are now placing an order and will enjoy a full year of TV subscription.Apple has used the entire year of Apple TV+ subscription service to create the urgency of “why buy it now”.09 Conclusion Although the Apple conference this time did not satisfy everyone’s appetite, the routine of the conference was “progressive”.To sum up briefly, Apple used at least 8 routines to promote the product: 1) naming strategy 2) contrast method 3) scene method 4) user witness 5) value improvement 6) professional endorsement 7) anchoring method 8) manufacturingThe sense of urgency is just a few words. Good routines need good products to support. Although the iPhone 11 is not amazing enough, the cost performance is undoubted. This is a strong advantage that Apple has accumulated over the years of hardware, software and service.Therefore, I boldly predicted that this new product is still a true fragrance series.Will you buy a new iPhone?Welcome to share your message with us.