How much imagination does public welfare, retail, product propaganda, and small games to B have?


Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Dawn Program Observation” (ID: yinghoo-tech), author Miss Bean, 36, authorized to publish.He is a hair dryer on the surface. In fact, he is a razor———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–The thing is to listen to the guests while telling the anecdote while roasting fish… This is not the anime version of the “Deep Night Canteen”, but a United States, WeChat, Miss and Yonghui preferred joint release called “Animal Restaurant”WeChat game.Interestingly, this cooperation is not only a large number of producers, but from the perspective of product form, this small game is also like a full-fledged “hybrid.”Entering the homepage of the game, I saw a public interest introduction from the United Nations to donate meals for preschool children.Clicking on the post-donation page is a small game.When the user accumulates 50 small stars, they will get the beef noodles and rice fun rice balls that are recommended by Yonghui and Yonghui, and will be handed over to the children in the poverty-stricken mountain by the user. At this time, this product is like a love.activity.During the game, you will see some sponsor’s ads, which is like a commercial.99 Public Welfare Day, WFP and WeChat launched a charity event to connect the city’s players and children in the mountain village with small games.Up to now, a total of about 5.5 million users have participated in the event, giving out more than one billion worth of love.More than 60,000 people donated one (N) meal to the children on the World Food Program’s public welfare page, and donated a total of 125,000 nutritious meals.This is a new attempt at WeChat games. A small game that integrates official, developer, and merchants is expanding the new boundaries of small games.Li Qing, the person in charge of WeChat games, said that WeChat games are a classification of WeChat applets.In fact, there are a lot of small programs with a strong game form, such as: face value battle, mind king, etc… Remember that the definition of the game just released is: “small games are not just small games”, Zhang Xiaolong also said that smallThe game is more like a creative work.When very people don’t understand this sentence, the game has begun to “transform”.When the game was received by the United Nations, the two-mile technology Chengdu Co., Ltd. “Animal Restaurant” game developer Yu Bin found a team member and asked everyone how to see this project.At that time, the “Animal Restaurant” they developed has already been released, and has been loved by many users.If you want to pick up this project, you need to “move the knife” again for this game product.As a veteran of the game industry, the tour is very eager to make some innovations and expansions in small game products.”There are too many games, and users are also tired of aesthetics.” “This time, I added a charity element and believe that there will be better performance in communication.” A member of the team said.You Bin is also willing to try, not only for the sake of communication, after all, the data performance before “Animal Restaurant” has been very bright, “public interest is an area we have never tried, and this is a good thing.” Not long ago,Tencent also announced that “technology is good.””Good” is the most sincere part of everyone’s heart. In fact, the game has always been characterized by “indulgence” and “addiction”. You Bin also wants to explore, what is the goodwill of the game?The team decided to take over the project, and now he needs to work with the collaborators on the details and re-examine the product logic.Yonghui Preferred Marketing Leader, who is thousands of miles away, is also discussing the project with the team.Yonghui is the self-owned brand platform of Yonghui Supermarket. As the representative of the business cooperation of this charity project, Yonghui prefers to try a new and interesting marketing in the marketing channel of the previous single-line store.the way.After communicating with Wein, the initiator of the project, You Bin began to design the logic of this product.Since Animal Restaurant is an existing product, you can’t make too many changes considering the user experience and cost.They decided to first load the introduction page of the event on the homepage of the page, and then guide the user into the game. The gameplay is the same. The user needs to run the restaurant like a restaurant owner. After getting 50 stars, you can ignite love. Yonghui prefersAnd another loving company will donate about 500,000 nutritious meals to the poor preschool children in the local mountains.Two weeks later, the “Animal Restaurant” of “Transformation” was re-launched, and the data showed a bright eye. You Bin also found that the amount of product spread was qualitatively better than before.“We found that users are more willing to share content of public interest. Everyone wants to show their good and good side. In modern society, kindness is the highest quality.” You Bin said.Yonghui preferred also saw the role of “goodness.””The offline store will put the cooperation of Tianqu rice in the door store and display, and give warm service and conspicuous goods placement. On August 29, Tencent’s chairman of the board Ma Huateng participated in the 2019 world artificial intelligence in Shanghai.The meeting said this sentence: “We are also deepening our thinking on scientific and technological values,” and technology is good. “It is Tencent’s new vision and mission.As soon as the game 2B entered 2019, almost all Internet giants were turning to B.In the new competition of Internet company TO B, who can help B find more people, connect more, serve more people, whoever can win the last.This trend is also affecting the completion of the TO C game.Nike’s advertisement appeared in the “jumping” game last year, and users can jump up to +20 points. Nike was one of the first commercialized brands with WeChat.According to the data disclosed by the WeChat team, the number of people jumping online at the same time reached a maximum of 28 million people.This is a happy cooperation, the user is playing cool, the company has obtained the biggest exposure.However, after this cooperation, there are not many small games that have an influence on TO B cooperation like jumping.Some of these reasons may come from: the small game market has begun to enter a cooling-off period. Some people think that the traffic dividend has passed. Some people think that the approval of the game version is a big blow to the industry. Some people say that the game is too expensive to buy, and the user’s aesthetic is coming.The higher the rate, the harder it is to get traffic.More points are still focused on: As the nearest track to the money, small games become more and more difficult to realize.It can be seen that most of the problems faced by small games come from traffic. When the product does not attract users, it has to find another way.TO B is a path.”TO B is indeed a trend in small games.” You Bin said.In his view, 2B and 2C are fundamentally different.Due to different customers, 2B is relatively simple and specific, unlike the 2C user community is very complicated.Due to the complexity of 2C users, it is difficult to adjust and it is more costly for developers.What makes Yunbin more excited is the development of the 2B business model.For example, the deep cooperation of advertising, because small games and small programs can jump directly.Sponsors in small games can directly install product applets in the game, users can click to buy, companies can attract more online users through small games, can guide users to precipitate, and guide users to offline consumption, to achieveIntercommunication between online and offline.Another game worth exploring is the merchant’s custom game. The merchant tells the game developer about his marketing direction and product sales point. The developer designs the story, characters, UI and so on according to these elements.Develop a game just like the customized content that the media has made to merchants.The reason why such an idea comes from the change of the merchant’s output in the brand, the traditional enterprise has paid more attention to the offline, strong execution, and the interest point is very clear, but now it is more content sense, interaction, online and offline response.effect.“We are also very happy to explore marketing models like custom and small games with small game developers,” said Yonghui Preferred Marketing.What makes developers more excited is the expansion of business models.In the past, the business model of small games was limited to selling equipment and advertising. After the TO B, the cooperation model became more and more imaginative, such as the pre-paid charges for merchants. Of course, the commercial value will be more valuable.However, there is also a challenge for developers to enter 2B.Since small games used to achieve more brand effects, companies need to bring goods, and these require platform technical support and creative thinking from C to B.Gamification thinking will be a standard game for all products is becoming a new way of interacting with users.Unlike other game products, small games have the social communication of WeChat, and also have the casual interaction of the game itself, which can generate deeper interaction with users. Based on such attributes, the combination of small games and culture has more.More possibilities.For example, “Poetry PK” is a way of using games to let people accept and understand traditional culture in an entertaining way.In the past, the “painful” learning process was flexible by the way the game was played, and the resistance to learning was also weakened.Of course, this flexible way of dialogue also includes charity.In the small game “Happy Farmers”, users can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in their own fields, and even directly produce commercial foods, such as spicy strips, which are specialties of Pingjiang County, Hunan Province. At the top of the page,There is a fixed entrance, the user clicks to jump to the “Building Love Poverty Museum” small program, this small program is a poverty alleviation e-commerce platform for the national 832 national poverty-stricken counties, many of which are produced in poor counties.Imagine that if you use traditional thinking to sell products from poor counties, there may be several ways to open a public account for content e-commerce, but it requires personnel to operate.Opening a store on an e-commerce platform will also be a problem of how to attract traffic and operating platforms.And this way of working with mature small games, once the business is not required to do too much operation, only need to ensure product quality and supply.For game developers, there are many more promotion channels, such as the merchant’s own channels and users automatically forwarded because of public welfare projects.Not only small games, small programs are also gamification thinking, “Yan value big PK” is to let users try on the clothes of the merchants better, the system generates cartoon pictures after dressing up, and encourage users to send friends PK face value,After the system gives the score, it can also be forwarded to the circle of friends to show off.“Success and flaunting are the core of the game’s success. Now, porting this thinking to the business operation logic is equally effective. “The good-looking skin is the same, the interesting soul is one of the best, and gamification has become the underlying thinking of all products and operations.However, on the big social platform of WeChat, your fun can be known as soon as possible. Head map source: Pexels.