Focus analysis, Musk’s ambition to stop Tesla, he also wants to “go to heaven”


The author, Qiu Xiaofen, editor Yang Lin mentioned Musk, the most direct association of everyone is Tesla running around the road.Tesla is not the first company to be a new energy vehicle, but it connects electric vehicles to the Internet, giving cars the ability to self-heise, and proves the possibility of low-cost mass production of electric vehicles.On the other hand, Tesla implemented the online sales + offline direct experience model, abolishing the sales channels of traditional 4S stores.It can be said that Tesla redefines the car, sales and experience.In the past decade, Tesla’s story has encouraged technology to join the car industry, but it has come to an end.The development of 5G and higher communication networks has brought great business opportunities to the communications industry.Today, Musk is also targeting the traditional communications industry. His space exploration company Space X has been busy “sending the sky” to seize the low-altitude communications satellite orbit.So, when the sky is full of Musk’s satellites, what will Chinese companies face?In 2015, the policy liberalization, China’s commercial aerospace field began to sprout. In the past four years, commercial aerospace has completed the industrial chain layout of satellite design and manufacturing, rocket development and launch, and satellite in orbit operation.In addition to the national team, this track has emerged in addition to a number of startups and listed companies.However, the satellites launched by domestic commercial companies are mainly narrow-band satellites of the Internet of Things. In the battle for low-altitude communication satellites in Musk, there are not many Chinese companies, and there is still much room for development in the commercialization of satellite communications.In addition to Tesla and Space X, Musk’s famous companies/projects include tunnel mining company The Boring Company and Hyperloop.If you want to use a word to summarize the characteristics of these companies, “subversion” may be suitable: Space X is a subversion of the way people travel, the chain is a subversion of the communications industry, Loop tunnel is a subversion of the public road, superThe high-speed rail is a subversion of the train.Musk, is defining the future lifestyle of mankind invisibly.God: Zhankeng low-altitude satellite orbit Musk’s initial heart for the establishment of Space X may be that humans can travel through different planets.This goal is still too long. With the advent of the 5G era, Musk’s chips are on the communications satellite.In 2013, Space X began testing commercial satellite launches, and until 2015, Musk announced the “Star Chain Program”.The plan is divided into three phases, which will eventually put 12,000 satellites on the track, providing a lower cost Internet connection service on a global scale.What is the concept of 12,000 satellites?This number has surpassed the sum of the number of satellites launched by human history.The satellites of the Star Chain are arranged in the Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceX official website SpaceX and OneWeb have joined each other, setting off a technical boom in the low-Earth orbit Internet satellite constellation. Due to the limited frequency resources of the low-orbit constellation, operators have alreadyStart “paying for the frequency”.Almost at the same time as the Star Chain Planner announced, Space X’s most powerful competitor, OneWeb, also proposed a satellite deployment plan to launch 650 satellites.In 2017, OneWeb has applied for priority frequency bands and available tracks than SpaceX.Later, when OneWeb discovered that Space X’s satellite orbit was highly coincident with its own orbit, it was in a hurry to submit a request to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to establish its own buffer zone.This is also OneWeb’s competitive strategy – once the FCC agrees, it is difficult for other companies to fight for the same level of satellite orbit.Therefore, in the face of fierce accusations, SpaceX had to make concessions and filed a modification request with the FCC at the end of 2018.In this game, Space X is not the fastest, but the largest number of single shots.In May of this year, the Space X’s Falcon 9 was equipped with 60 satellites at a time. The satellites reached the orbit and then launched in sequence, and OneWeb launched only six in February this year.Compared to other companies, Space X’s star chain advantage lies in cost and technology.Space X has developed products such as Falcon 1, Falcon 9, and Dragon Space. It has extensive commercial experience in commercial transportation services (astronauts, space capsules, replenishment), so it is used when the satellite is launched.It is also the Rocket Falcon 9 with sufficient capacity.In addition, Space X can already realize the recycling and reuse of rockets, and the overall cost is more controllable.Space X’s style is more daring in terms of the number and efficiency of satellites deployed: when the number of satellites applied by other companies is only in the hundred or thousands, the star chain plan has reached 10,000; to achieve at least the most basic broadband coverage in the world.For 360 satellites, the 60 satellites of Space X have already established contact with the ground, but have not yet had time to achieve interoperability between satellites, and there is no real communication function.Musk obviously will not fight the unprepared embarrassment.The aforementioned dispute with OneWeb illustrates one thing: the application does not mean nothing, only after the successful launch. With the addition of new satellites in the future, the satellites used to occupy the pits will be slowly replaced..The competition between Space X and OneWeb is still going on. On the other hand, many technology companies have put the low-altitude communication satellite program on the agenda.In 2015, Samsung also proposed a plan to release 4,600 satellites; in 2018, Facebook also joined the Internet satellite program; in 2019, Amazon proposed “Project Kuiper”, which plans to deploy 3,236 communications satellites by 2029.Back to automatic driving?The Star Chain Program is also paving the way for large-scale autopilots for Tesla and other car companies in the future.Although Tesla claims that the model already has the corresponding capabilities, this is not enough – in addition to policy coordination, L4/L5 level autopilot is used on a large scale, which places higher demands on high-precision positioning, communication speed and data storage capacity..Positioning, the currently widely adopted scheme is the “ground-based enhancement” scheme for ground station calibration of satellite measurement errors. However, due to the inability to build ground stations in some areas (sea/mountain), and the higher cost, there is a vacuum zone for user-side data distribution.”Star-based enhancement” can solve a wide range of high-precision positioning requirements – that is, ground station data is uploaded to the satellite and then distributed by satellite.At present, Space X has applied to the US Federal Communications Commission for more than 10,000 satellite orbit resources, and ground stations that receive satellite and user signals are also being applied for.In the high-level automatic driving situation, it is impossible to make a judgment based on the whole picture by relying solely on the radar, sensor, and camera system that the vehicle is equipped with.C-V2X (Cellular, V2X is vehicle-to-everything) is a cellular network-based car networking technology that helps vehicles share information through communication channels, increasing the range of autonomous driving, and realizing cars and cars, cars and people, and vehicles.Interconnection with infrastructure.As a result, 5G, and even higher-level cellular networks will have a greater role, which represents a higher-speed Internetworking service with lower latency.According to the Star Chain Program, Space X launches satellites at three different altitudes (340 km, 550 km, and 1150 km), which are much closer than the Earth’s relatively stationary satellites, so the time is extended and the propagation speed is already high.Beautiful.Data capacity is also an important factor affecting autonomous driving.Future autonomous vehicles can generate 40 terabytes of data in an hour, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said in a report that Tesla may use the broadband network developed by SpaceX to manage the company’s massive autonomous, the Space X star chain program is only just beginning. The total satellite bandwidth and the number of satellites are also limited. At the same time, there may be only one or a few satellites flying over the zenith. The number of users of the service is still limited.This situation will improve in the future. The cleverness of SpaceX is that the satellite’s orbit has been taken up and a set of future sustainable solutions has been formed.Landing: Public transport disruptors, space travel or automatic driving, are not the main contradiction of current travel.At present, the ground is the main scene of human travel, and road congestion is a problem that most countries face.In this regard, the research direction of some car companies and technology giants is to change the means of transportation, such as flying cars, and Musk’s idea is to subvert traditional public transportation.The first underground tunnel of the Mars Boring company is located under the ground of Space X.According to public sources, the first tunnel was a 2 km long cylinder, and the car was transported from the ground lift to the ground.Cars in the underground tunnel are not only one-way, Musk has said that the future underground tunnel network can reach 30 floors, can accommodate cars and trains, vehicles can also replace the line according to actual needs.Tesla’s tunnel in the loop from the TBC official website tunnel originally used an electric skateboard to transport the car.However, Musk does not allow his own innovation to be built on waste. For cost and adaptability considerations, Musk improved the scheme to install a “guide wheel” other than four wheels instead of a skateboard to maintain the vehicle’s direction of travel..Compared with traditional roads, the Loop tunnel is more time-efficient, with a top speed of 200-250 km/h and can only allow electric vehicles with automatic driving capability, so it can be said that the pollution problem of urban traffic is solved.In practice, the cost of mining is less than 10% of the railway.An investor at Boring has asserted that tunnel design is a subversion of public transportation.In addition to several transportation renovation projects in the United States, Boring said that Musk will start Boring’s China project at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai.However, Musk’s tunnel encountered many difficulties in the actual implementation.First, there are inevitably conflicts in social relations in public transportation transformation programs. For example, in Los Angeles, construction projects most often encounter environmental litigation.In November 2018, Boring’s tunnel project suffered the first setback because of a California resident group that the company said the tunnel project circumvented certain environmental review processes.In the end, in order to reach a settlement, Musk had to give up some excavation plans for certain sections.Second is the problem of adaptation to the vehicle.In this transportation solution of Musk, the required guiding wheels can only be used on Tesla models for the time being. The owners need to purchase them separately. They need to be installed manually before entering the tunnel. Will Boring develop suitable in the future?It is not known whether to use the guide wheel scheme for all models or to reach an agreement with different auto companies.Super High Speed ​​Rail: The fifth mode of transportation has congestion solutions in the city. Musk also wants to solve the problem of long-term intercity traffic.In 2013, Musk proposed the “Hyperloop” program and published a sensational “Super High Rail Origin” white paper.This solution was inspired by the concept of “vacuum pipe transport” in the 1990s: the carriage was propelled by a magnetic levitation in a nearly vacuum-pipeline and launched like a bullet to its destination.Musk’s previous expectation is that the time limit of this super high-speed rail will reach 1200 kilometers near the speed of sound, which is equivalent to 30 minutes for passengers to arrive in San Francisco from Los Angeles in the future.The super high-speed rail diagram in the white paper of the “Music of High-Speed ​​Rail” from the Macroloop One official website Musk’s idea has also inspired many startups.The US company Hyperloop Transpotation Technologies (HTT) was formed two months after the release of the Musk white paper.In 2017, the company built the world’s first full-size super high-speed iron capsule.Hyperloop One is another high-speed high-speed rail development company that has tested the propulsion system and vacuum environment and is the first company to test a full-size hypercycle system.As a “fifth mode of transportation”, the super high-speed rail has no plan to land due to technical barriers.According to Guangming Daily, Zhao Yong, the chief professor of the Superconducting and New Energy Research and Development Center of Southwest Jiaotong University, believes that the vacuum pipeline technology used in “super high-speed rail” is difficult to realize. The problem that will be solved in the large-scale application in the future is how to solve the problem of maintaining large-area vacuum at low addition, the magnetic levitation or air suspension technology is still immature, and the linear traction technology required by the super high-speed rail can not meet the power needs.Still, the grab has started.Since 2017, HTT has signed super high-speed rail test/development agreements with Czech, Indonesia, South Korea, India, China and other countries; Hyperloop One focuses on the US market and has specific routes in Missouri and Ohio.And has begun testing, in the international market, the company also tried to enter Finland and Sweden.Unlike other projects, Musk is more of a proponent and promoter role – this project is only integrated into Space X and does not form an independent company; Musk said in his white paper, “OnlyThe outside world throws this concept and allows other parties to detect and research.”Compared with the two startups mentioned above, Musk is much slower.Every year, Space X holds a super high-speed rail competition, inviting college teams to participate in the competition around the design and speed of the super high-speed rail.It was not until 2018 that Musk was allowed to establish a super high-speed rail between New York and Washington, DC. In April of the same year, his “super high-speed rail passenger compartment” was tested.The purpose of the competition may be to contribute to the idea of ​​the Super High Speed ​​Rail, but there are also insiders who say that the event is also helping Space X to find engineers.Someone once commented on Musk: Musk wanted to drive an electric car, Tesla was founded; Musk wanted cheap space travel, SpaceX was founded; Musk wanted to travel faster, Super High Speed ​​Rail had it; Musk thoughtLet the commute go to work, the tunnel company Boring was established.These concepts of Musk’s future travels seem to be very unpredictable at first, but they have to admit that these visions are being realized step by step.As one netizen said, “Muske has never told others how bad the world is, but has been committed to changing the world.”