Developers read: iOS 13 will be online soon, fully adapted before April 2020


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public number “Qimaiyanjiuyuan” (ID: Qimaiyanjiuyuan), author Shi Ye, 36氪 authorized to publish.At the early morning of September 11th, Beijing time, Apple’s autumn conference will be officially opened. With the appearance of new products and new features, developers will also welcome changes in the new iOS system.iOS 13 will be fully integrated by April 2020. Apple released iOS 13 adaptation time news: From April 2020, all iOS apps submitted to the App Store need to be built with iOS 13 SDK or higher.They must also support full-screen design of the iPhone XS Max or 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) or higher.Developers need to adapt to the iOS 13 system as soon as possible. It is recommended to complete the following requirements: All iOS apps require iOS 13 SDK or higher. iPhone XS Max, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) or higher must be upgraded for iOS.After 13 users can log in to the app and website products through Apple ID suggesting to adapt to Diablo mode, in order to show no problem to adapt to Diablo mode, at least provide a screenshot of the application mode in Diablo mode. Apple release timeline published in Apple ConferenceThe corresponding product ordering, publishing time, system update time, and seven wheat data will be summarized in all time for easy viewing.iOS 13 will be officially launched on September 20th. iOS 13 will be online. The developer will focus on the adaptation problem. iOS 13 does not mention the online time and related content at the press conference. Instead, it will post the update time on Apple’s official website.It was officially launched on September 20th, Beijing time.According to some of the features mentioned in the iOS 13 feature introduction page, iOS 13.1 will be updated on October 1.In terms of the iOS 13 adapters currently available on the official website, there are 15 models that can be adapted.Suggestion: For developers to update the relevant metadata content as soon as possible when designing or uploading screenshots and previewing videos, so as not to affect product display.After the conference, Apple updated the iOS 13 GM version and the iOS 13.1 beta 3 beta system. In addition to the regular content, the search interface currently displays “explore more” and “recommended for you” content.(Detailed interpretation of the stamp >>) Game subscriptions online in more than 150 countries, China Mobile Games can be used for reference. In the press conference, Apple has mentioned the game subscription of iOS 13 – Apple Arcade is a highlight, but also announced that it willIt will be launched in more than 150 countries on September 19th, but it is still a suspense to enter Arcade due to the issue of Chinese game version.According to the relevant information found, the current seven wheat data is less likely to enter the country.US Taiwan, China Currently in the relevant Arcade links, China, Hong Kong, China and Macau are not yet available.Searched, China Taiwan has a link.Suggestion: For Chinese sea-going games, you can pay attention to the content of Apple Arcade in the key areas of the sea, sort out the relevant game product types, and filter the local user preferences according to the popular games, and have strategies to launch the game products.Apple Watch highlights, need to increase the adaptation of the App following the WWDC conference, Apple’s autumn conference, Apple’s three aspects of Apple Watch “health research” – 1 hearing: noise decibel, 2 women’s health menstrual cycle, 3 heartsHeart rate monitoring was further explained.From the perspective of Apple Watch performance, multi-angle viewing (inconvenient), built-in compass and security (fall detection, emergency phone) are the highlights that Apple wants to highlight.And obviously feel this year Apple’s efforts on the Apple Watch.Recommendation: Developers should consider the combination of products and Apple Watch as much as possible, and develop an adapted Apple WatchApp as soon as possible to improve product availability.Users of mobile payment, traffic card and other product features have been looking forward to whether the QR code can be adapted to Apple Watch or can be operated through Apple WatchApp in the future. It is likely to be an effective means to improve product activity or usage..Three cameras can simultaneously record video three cameras: wide-angle camera, telephoto camera, super wide-angle camera. The iPhone11 Pro Max and iPhone11 Pro all have three photos, which also makes the camera and video of Apple mobile phones open a new professional height.The biggest highlight is that different video cameras can be used to record video content at different angles during the recording process, including the front camera.Suggestion: For Apple, this operation is very worthy of attention for video products, such as short video platform, camera app, etc., can consider adding related camera function to add more extensibility or playability.On the one hand, not only take advantage of Apple’s new features, but also increase product fun and interactivity, and enhance product activity.Tightly adapt, take the first wave of Apple dividends iPhone11, iPhone11 Pro, iPhone11ProMax, Apple Watch and other hardware is about to be pre-ordered, for developers to hurry up as soon as possible, catch up with the first wave of dividends, take advantage of Apple’s new iOS13 features, the product has a high probabilityRaising the possibility of being recommended by Apple, and using hotspots to promote, will also bring different results.Image source: Zealer China Conclusion Apple’s autumn conference is over. Apple’s focus is no longer just on Apple’s mobile phone. Apple’s development has more possibilities, and Apple developers are not only considering mobile phone mobile products, but then developing.Those will face more possibilities.Continuous breakthroughs in development, continuous discovery of opportunities in existing conditions, may be particularly important for developers to consider this year, and the seven wheat data will continue to pay attention to, explore as many possibilities as possible, and provide developers with more in-depth recommendations..